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Advanced riding.

I AM writing with regard to the letter from DV of West Kirby (ECHO, Sep 10) regarding the need for motorcyclists to ride with their headlights on, and the intimidating manner in which they ride their motorcycles.

There will always be a minority of motorcyclists who give the rest a bad name by the manner of their riding, but for the information of DV riding motorcycles with the headlight on is actually recommended in rule 86 of The Highway Code, "Daylight riding. Make yourself as visible as possible .... dipped headlights, even in good daylight, may also make you more conspicuous."

In relation to the manner in which a motorcycle is ridden, passing through traffic is actually referred to as filtering, and is quite legal. It may be frustrating for a car driver stuck in a queue of traffic to see a motorcycle making progress in this manner, but that is one of the advantages of riding a bike.

In addition a rider may also move his machine about in its lane to avoid potholes, manhole covers and other hazards in the carriageway and also to help the rider get a better view of the road ahead. A sensible rider may also seek to make himself clearly visible and in the line of sight of the mirrors of a car he is approaching from behind.

in your article v Luciana" in 13, you state Liverpool".

In lines of her say that East to As far as I of these None of these actions is done with the intention of intimidating or bullying car drivers, they are recognised advanced riding techniques. May I respectfully suggest that DVtakes the time to perhaps brush up on the current edition of the Garston Highway Code, and perhaps invest in some refresher driving lessons to improve their standard of driving, particularly if they feel intimidated by the headlights on motorcycles and cars.

IB, L17
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 19, 2011
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