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Advanced control technology for FES screw compressors.

GForce, a microprocessor control system that is a continuing evolution of FES screw compressor and refrigeration system control technology, has been introduced by FES Systems, Inc.

The GForce technology control panel features a 15-inch (380mm) diagonal LCD touch screen. A polyester overlay protects the 120[degrees] viewing angle display screen from chemical or weather damage. The display graphics are easy to read and allow "one-or-two" touch navigation through the control system operation.

The resistive technology touch screen can be operated with a gloved hand or stylus. The unit also has a low noise, high efficiency backlight inverter and a long-life LCD Backlight.

The panel can be controlled directly from the GForce touch-screen or via the built-in Ethernet connection. The operator can simply use a PC and a browser, such as Internet Explorer or VNC Viewer, allowing for 100% read and write monitoring and control.

The control hardware features an industrial computer with a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron M processor, and provides the operator with the latest technology for programming and data storage.

For more information, contact FES at 3475 Board Road, York, Pennsylvania 17406, USA; telephone: +1 717-767-6411; fax: +1 717-764-3627; website:
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Title Annotation:Equipment and Technology
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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