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Advanced Research Systems, Inc. Announces ATLANTES Messenger Integration Tool Kit.

SEATTLE--(BW HealthWire)--July 2, 1999--

New Tool Delivers Integration Solution Maintainable

by Non-technical Staff, Accommodates

Organizational Changes and Industry Growth

Advanced Research Systems, Inc. (ARS), a company offering care management software for clinical management, today announced the introduction of ATLANTES Messenger(tm), an integration tool kit to enable healthcare organizations to seamlessly interface between ARS' software and other applications such as claims and authorizations software.

"Critical to the success of managed care organizations is the ability to integrate vast amounts of data from a myriad of disparate systems," said Robert Nakahara, president of Advanced Research Systems. "Also essential is that business users, in addition to information systems personnel, can manage the majority of integration tasks in a timely, cost effective manner. ATLANTES Messenger provides healthcare organizations with the tools to seamlessly interface to other software applications and gives users the tools to manage the process."

An Integration Tool Maintainable by Non-technical Staff

ATLANTES Messenger can be configured and maintained by non-technical business analysts and care managers to use on a daily basis to manage information exchange. This new product offers significant advantages over traditional interface engines that are expensive and technically complex for day-to-day system users to manage. ATLANTES Messenger supports batch and real-time data exchange, and supports both initial conversion and ongoing data exchange.

Accommodates Organizational and Industry Growth

ATLANTES Messenger accommodates growth and technology expansion in client organizations for rapid response to new marketplace demands, incorporation of other software products and compliance with industry mandates. The system is designed to minimize rework as new data standards and mandates go into effect. The integration tool allows for rapid extension to support additional transport mechanisms, formats and transformation tools and supports ANSI, HL7 as well as other standards as they go into effect. It also supports HIPAA mandates allowing organizations to create changes without costly interface development.

An Advanced Integration System

ATLANTES Messenger provides a framework to facilitate data and business process integration between the ATLANTES Care Management System and other information systems.

ATLANTES Messenger is based on Microsoft technologies including Windows NT, SQL Server and Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) a message queuing technology that makes it easy to integrate applications, implement a push-style business event delivery environment between applications, and build reliable applications that work over unreliable but cost-effective networks. The system also incorporates ActiveX component architecture that breaks down traditional barriers that make it difficult for information systems to communicate. This object-oriented technology allows for information or messages from one software application to plug into other applications and update them appropriately for immediate use.

ATLANTES Messenger supports fixed-width and Extensible Markup Language (XML) data formats. XML is the universal format for data on the Web. It allows developers to easily describe and deliver rich, structured data from any application in a standard, consistent way.

ATLANTES Messenger is also scalable to handle high-volume transactions and the processing can be distributed across multiple servers.

About ARS

Seattle-based ARS, developer of the ATLANTES Care Management System, was founded in 1989 by CEO Tracy Maxwell. ARS provides healthcare organizations with a solution for improving patient outcomes while effectively managing the delivery and cost of care. The company has experienced rapid growth in both revenue and employees during the last 18 months. Today, the ATLANTES Care Management System is being used by premier healthcare organizations across the country such as Regence BlueShield of Washington, General American Insurance and the State of Maryland Medicaid program under the University of Maryland in Baltimore County. ARS has strategic alliances with Resource Information Management Systems (RIMS) and Microsoft Corp. The company can be found on the World Wide Web at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 2, 1999
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