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Advanced Reality Transforms Web Browser into Collaboration Room for Businesses and Consumers.

HOUSTON -- Free JYBE Co-Browser Allows Users to Make SKYPE Calls, Share Documents, and Send Invitations from Internet Explorer and Firefox

Advanced Reality(TM), the company that makes applications collaborative, today announced version 2.0 of its free JYBE product which converts standard web browsers into real-time collaboration rooms. Using JYBE 2.0 multiple people can browse web pages together, share documents, make VoIP calls using SKYPE, and send join-me invitations via e-mail and instant message. The company also announced the JYBE Server for organizations that want to unlock the power of browser-based collaboration for presentations, training, team projects, and virtual reference. The JYBE 2.0 plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox is available at

Collaboration Room in a Browser

In addition to allowing multiple users to browse web sites together, JYBE 2.0 enables users to create password protected collaboration sessions and send invitations with a "join session" link via e-mail or instant message. JYBE sessions provide users real-time collaboration and communications tools from within their web browser including:

--The ability to speak with other participants using the free SKYPE Internet phone service (additional VoIP providers will be supported in the future)

--A utility that allows users to convert Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word documents into HTML so they can be viewed and navigated in real time

--An instant message window that lists participants in the session, as well as whether a web page is fully loaded on each participant's computer

--The option to designate a session owner who can control the content being presented, and settings for securing HTML documents added to a JYBE session

"JYBE is allowing us to expand our existing virtual research service, which is one of our top priorities," said TJ Lusher, Assistant Dean, Automated Library Systems at Northern Illinois University. "The JYBE product from Advanced Reality was easy to deploy, consumes very little bandwidth, and requires almost no end-user training. We are excited by the possibilities JYBE offers us."

No Training Required

JYBE 2.0 transforms the ubiquitous web browser into a real-time collaboration room for interacting with the world's largest content management system: the World Wide Web. It is easy-to-use and requires no training. Upon installation JYBE adds a discrete toolbar to the familiar IE and Firefox user interface. The toolbar buttons allow users to create and join a collaboration session. When the "create session" button is clicked the user is prompted to enter their name, a session name, and an optional password. Once a session is established, "invite user", "share documents", and "end session" buttons are displayed. The person who created the session, known as the session owner, also sees an "open browsing/restricted browsing" button. This button is used for assigning browsing rights to the group (open) or the session owner (restricted).

"The web browser is the simplest and easiest way for users to communicate and collaborate with others on web-based content," said Brian Hoogendam, president of Advanced Reality. "JYBE has taken the web browser to the next level by integrating real-time collaboration tools - instant messaging, VoIP, HTML rendering of files - that enable business users and consumers to accomplish more without having to move into a separate software application."

JYBE Server for Enterprises

For organizations that want to replace expensive web conferencing services and proprietary collaboration systems, or add collaboration capabilities to document management systems like Microsoft SharePoint, Advanced Reality is offering the JYBE Server. The JYBE Server can be centrally installed by IT staff to manage and log all collaboration sessions. The JYBE server can also be configured to comply with corporate security policies and integrates with LDAP directory services such as Active Directory to enforce role-based access control rules and file permissions.


JYBE 2.0 and the JYBE Server are available immediately. JYBE 2.0 is free for businesses and consumers.

Company Background

Advanced Reality develops software that makes existing and new applications collaborative without the need for complex programming or expensive infrastructure. The company's flagship technology, Presence-AR, enables real-time collaboration across any computing platform, operating system, application, and access device. Advanced Reality offers productivity tools for making Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox collaborative. The company also provides professional services for adding collaboration capabilities to existing software applications. Advanced Reality is privately held and headquartered in Houston, Texas. To contact Advanced Reality call 713.533.5839, visit us on the Web at, or write to
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