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Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies Inc.


Still In Development Stage

SPRINGDALE -- Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies Inc. had its initial public offering and implemented many of its plans during 1990.

The company has concentrated its efforts on commercializing its technologies to reclaim low-cost raw material sources from the waste stream and convert them into recycled products engineered for specific applications.

In addition to seven patents pending, AERT recently received approval for two patents. The company has developed and introduced a line of composite building materials and completed construction of its first plastic reclamation and composite manufacturing facilities at Rogers and Junction, Texas.

AERT entered into a secrecy and confidentiality agreement in late 1990 with Dow Chemical Co. Dow is a major producer of plastics. AERT officials believe a strategic alliance with a major petrochemical company will accelerate growth. Company management is negotiating a formal agreement.

With ongoing deliveries to its first customer, Peachtree Doors and Windows, the company is emerging from the development stage. In early 1991, AERT expanded its marketing focus. In addition to composite building materials, the company hopes to process and sell recycled resin back to the plastics industry. With patents now approved, AERT soon will be in a position to begin its technology licensing program.

Several unanticipated delays have slowed sales during the past year, however. In late 1990, the company initiated an additional cash formation effort. Additional capital has been needed to attract customers and move the company toward positive cash flows. These efforts should be completed by mid-1991, according to AERT officials.

Contact: Joe G. Brooks, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies Inc., 950 N. Second St., Rogers, 72756, 636-1552.
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Date:Aug 12, 1991
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