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Advanced Biological acquires control of TherapyEdge.

Advanced Biological Laboratories SA (ABL) (Luxembourg) acquired majority control of TherapyEdge, Inc. (Durham, NC) and its strategic intellectual property, including seminal patents on computer decision support for treatment of complex diseases. Also acquired is the TherapyEdge-HIV Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and patient management software which offers guidance to physicians and care givers on complex therapies for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis and complex diseases. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

ABL has granted exclusive right to sublicense the intellectual property to Evidence Medical and has used the technology to update their widely used ViroScorer HIV resistance interpretation product suite.

Chairman of the Board, Arsene Kronshagen commented, "This first acquisition for ABL SA has already proven fruitful with the closing of a major licensing deal with a prominent diagnostic company. This will help drive revenue through licensing of the IP and through the sale of our ViroScore and TherapyEdge products which utilize the patented technology. These products help diagnostic companies differentiate their offerings by providing advanced online services that enable their customers to maximize the use of newly FDA approved genotype tests that are widely available."

ABL uses the technology in the acquired and updated TherapyEdge-HIV patient management system which is used by doctors at clinics supported by the United States President's Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to help manage their patient data and provide integrated reporting directly to USAID. TherapyEdge-HIV has a history of meeting the needs of the medical staff who are treating the disease on the ground while providing real time feedback to many of the donor stakeholders who want to track the effectiveness of their programs.

Hank Head, VP of Business Development, stated, "We see a great potential for the products to significantly improve the quality of care and uptake of HIV Anti-retroviral therapy at many clinics. We are expanding in the areas hardest hit by HIV/AIDS with local reseller partners because building small entrepreneurial businesses helps strengthen the local economies and helps to create a business chain that can stall and eventually reverse the global AIDS pandemic." ABL has signed on reseller partners in South Africa, and is in talks with partners around the globe. They are currently accepting applications for sales agents and reseller partners.

ABL's decision support and database products are used in 42 clinics across the globe. Sales include new server and user licenses and recurring product maintenance fees. They plan to complete product expansion this year into new disease areas and new product lines such as the PDA data collection system and additional data mining and analysis tools.

Evidence Medical


TherapyEdge, Inc.

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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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