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Adults at play: grown-up gifts for the kid in you.

Functional gifts are great, but isn't it time to have a little fun? That's why EBONY magazine searched high and low for the best grown folks entertainment the world can (reasonably) offer for use in your own backyard, living room or basement. In the pages to follow, you will find that we've covered most tastes, from a boxed DVD set of The Wire to the perfect porch grill for you condo-loving city dwellers. Our list comes right on time for the long winter. Yet the silver lining is, for once, it's not about the kiddies, the nephews or the nieces. This list is about YOU!

Buy something for yourself. You deserve it.


1. Buell 1125CR, $11,695. Coming new for 2009 is the newest interpretation of the "cafe racer" bike. It's been geared down to improve acceleration while sporting old-school clubman bars and a 146 horsepower engine.

2. Cube World, $29.95 for two. Stack a few cubes together to create a world where the stick figures inside interact and visit each other. If you pull them apart, they'll play music, cook and clean solo.

3. Sopranos Boxed DVD Set, $399.99. This pricey DVD set includes outtakes, soundtracks, lost scenes and spoofs of this award-winning HBO series that details the lives and lifestyles of the mob. If you've been catching The Sopranos on non-HBO TV, this is a must-have, since it includes all the stuff too violent for PG-13 viewing.

4. Alpine PND-K3 navigation system, $550.00. The slim and sleek GPS device has a touchscreen that you can see even in direct sunlight, Bluetooth technology and the ability to play digital music files.


5. Sexy Slang board game, $29.99. The Sexy Slang board game is an adult party game that mixes charades and drawings that can be a little bit racy.

6. Flip Mino camcorder, $179.99. The Blackberry-sized camcorder makes it easy to upload video to your YouTube or Facebook page.

7. Fuego 02 Grill, $1,900. Got a balcony? Need a gas grill? Consider the ultra sleek, 36x27x33-inch Fuego. You can chat with your friends, have a place to sit your glass of wine and grill at the same time--without smoke wafting in your face.

8. Pleo, the robotic baby dinosaur, $349.00, Skip the live pet and get this robotic one. Pleo hatches, wants to be petted, sleeps, eats and learns from you. He's also moody and more interesting to watch than fish in a tank.

9. Sansa Fuze, $79.99-$119.99. This slender music player comes with up to 8 gigabytes of memory and a microSD card slot to aid with file transfer to your computer or cell phone. It doubles as a voice recorder and holds at least 2,000 MP3s.

10. The Wire boxed DVD Set, $59.99. This four-disc set includes the final year of the series, plus the 90-minute finale and bonus features.

11. PS3, $399. The Playstation 3 is a video game console that doubles as a Blu-Ray disc player.

12. GiiNii Ultra-Thin Digital Picture Frame, $119 On-screen programming makes it easy to operate, plus we like the 128MB of storage,

13. She- and He-mergency Survival Kits, $10. This cool stocking stuffer features everything a man or a woman needs for an emergency grooming session--deodorant towelettes, stain remover, a razor or nail polish remover, lip balm and earring backs.

14. Discovery Sky & Land Telescope, $149.95. This 70mm, refracting, short-barrel telescope is user-friendly for adults and kids.

15. Spy Video ATV-360, $99. This remote-controlled spy car offers full audio transmission, video goggles, spin control and the ability to roll over piles of dirty laundry or magazines strewn about your living room. It wirelessly transmits real-time audio and video back to you via goggles and an ear bud.
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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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