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Adulteration in Urdu.

Byline: AAMIR AQIL - Lahore

Socrates said centuries back 'The misuse of language induces evil in the soul' and it stands true even today, but our electronic media is bend upon misusing the Urdu language, and every day be that a talk show or a drama we come across many such instances and words which brutally destroys the very fabric of the Urdu language about which famous Urdu poet Dagh Dhalvi had pronounced.

Urdu hai jis ka nam ham hain jantay hain Dagh

Hindustan main dhum hamari zaban ki hai. (only we know Dagh what the Urdu is, our language is famous all over Hindustan)

Urdu a very rich language is being treated as an alien language in the country of which it's the national language. Just a couple of days back in one talk show on one of the most popular private TV channel, one participant started reciting his poem in a regional language though the talk show was in Urdu, another guest responded than in Pashto, instantly, that was the most polite decent and courteous way of reminding the guest that the talk show in progress was in Urdu, and it's not essential that all the viewers understand his regional language and in case if they do than they must be familiar with other regional languages of the country also. It has become a routine that while talking in Urdu all of a sudden our anchors or one of the guests intentionally or unintentionally switch over to any regional language. Same goes to any regional language shows , in which the use of any Urdu word seems totally unfit. If we watch any world famous channels say in English we never find the guests or the anchors speaking few words in French, German or any other language, but why this trend has taken over not only on the electronic media but in the print media also, as many a places we find Pakistan as written as Bakistan, the advocates of this simply forget that in Arabic there is no 'Pay' (P) where as Urdu alphabets includes a proper 'P' for correctly pronouncing the name of our country.

The story doesn't end over here certain words which were considered as the words of spoken at streets and by the whores, indecent ridiculous and improper words are used not only in the drama but in the advertisements one such word is 'Yar' (Friend) which is most commonly and frequently used. I remember that during our child hood days if ever by mistake we utter the word 'Yar' we used to get quite a punishment from our elders, while now this practically forbidden and prohibited word is being used regularly without any remorse on the electronic media thus spoiling one of the most decent and sophisticated language of the world that is Urdu.

In the words of famous religious scholar Ahmed Deedat' Language is key to the heart of the people' so by spoiling and adulterating the Urdu language our media especially the electronic one is directly inflicting and striking the heart of the people of the land of pure.

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Author:AAMIR AQIL - Lahore
Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 26, 2019
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