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Xebec Adsorption reports Q1 EPS (C$0.12) vs. (C$0.07) last year. Financial report May 12, 2022 171
Copper Adsorption Using Hydroxyapatite Derived from Bovine Bone. Kong, Lingchang; Liu, Xin; Lv, Guocheng; Liu, Tianming; Zhang, Peijun; Li, Yuxin; Chen, Bin May 6, 2022 6172
Mathematical Model and Numerical Simulation of Coalbed Methane Migration Considering the Adsorption Expansion Effect. Xie, Jianlin; Yang, Shaoqiang; Li, Pengwei Apr 30, 2022 6470
Graphene Oxide Nanoadsorbent for the Removal of Fluoride Ion from Groundwater: Adsorbent Performance and Adsorption Mechanism. Chufa, Bayisa Meka; Gonfa, Bedasa Abdisa; Anshebo, Teketel Yohannes Apr 27, 2022 6624
Characterization of Ziziphus lotus' Activated Carbon and Evaluation of Its Adsorption Potential. Touzani, Ibrahim; Fikri-Benbrahim, Kawtar; Ahlafi, Hammou; Ihssane, Bouchaib; Boudouch, Otmane Apr 25, 2022 7524
Exclusion of Chromium(VI) Ion in Grueling Activated Carbon Fabricated from Manilkara zapota Tree Wood by Adsorption: Optimization by Response Surface Methodology. Sujatha, S.; Sivarethinamohan, R.; Oorkalan, A.; Senthilkumar, V.; Anuradha, B.; Veluchamy, B.; Prab Apr 23, 2022 5014
Synthesis, Characterization, and Evaluation of the Remediation Activity of Cissus quadrangularis Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle-Activated Carbon Composite on Dieldrin in Aqueous Solution. Ondijo, Calvince; Kengara, Fredrick; K'Owino, Isaac Apr 21, 2022 11141
Pore Structure and Multifractal Characteristics of Overmature Continental Shale: A Case Study from the Xujiaweizi Fault Depression, Songliao Basin, China. Lu, Jiamin; Yang, Liang; Zhu, Yingkang; Sun, Lidong; Lu, Shuangfang; Zhang, Pengfei; Zou, Nengwu Case study Apr 21, 2022 6804
Biogenic Synthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles Using Leaf Extract of Thymus schimperi and Their Application for Monocomponent Removal of Chromium and Mercury Ions from Aqueous Solution. Geneti, Sintayehu Tamenne; Mekonnen, Gemechis Asfaw; Murthy, H. C. Ananda; Mohammed, Endale Tsegaye; Apr 15, 2022 10207
Impact of Dynamic Elastic Modulus on Coal Permeability: Modeling and Analysis. Kong, Jia; Lin, Baiquan; Zhu, Chuanjie; Liu, Ting; Kong, Xiangguo Apr 13, 2022 6201
Adsorption of Water Molecule in Graphene/MoS[sub.2] Heterostructure with Vacancy Defects in Mo Sites. Neupane, Hari Krishna; Adhikari, Narayan Prasad Apr 11, 2022 5725
Single and multisite detailed kinetic models for the adsorption and desorption of N[O.sub.2] over Cu based N[H.sub.3]-SCR catalyst. Bozbag, Selmi Erim Apr 8, 2022 5052
Photoabsorption Enhancement in Synthetic-Natural Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Using Bilayer TiO[sub.2] Deposition and Separated Sensitization. Nakhaei, Roohollah; Razeghizadeh, Alireza; Shabani, Pejman; Ganji, Jabbar; Tabatabaee, Seyed Sajjad Apr 4, 2022 11339
Protein fractionation of pH-responsive brush-modified ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer membranes. Ye, Hui; Zhou, Yining; Yang, Guodong; Yu, Tengfei; Zhang, Yuzhong; Zhao, Lizhi; Xin, Qingping; Han, Apr 1, 2022 4681
Rational design of in-situ-modified resorcinol formaldehyde aerogels for removing Chlortetracycline antibiotics from aqueous solutions. Behzadi, Alireza; Motlagh, Ghodratollah Hashemi; Raef, Mohammad; Motahari, Siamak Apr 1, 2022 9216
Experimental Study on Reasonable Adsorption Time in Determination Coalbed Methane Content. Wang, Qiao; Wang, Zhaofeng; Yue, Jiwei; Wang, Liguo; Dong, Jiaxin; Tan, Ronghui Report Apr 1, 2022 8484
Defluoridation of Water Using Aluminum Hydroxide Activated Carbon Biosorbents. Gebremariam, Azmera Mezgebo; Asgedom, Abraha Gebrekidan; Mekonnen, Kebede Nigussie; Ashebir, Mengstu Mar 31, 2022 6721
Curcumin Is an Iconic Ligand for Detecting Environmental Pollutants. Devasena, T.; Balasubramanian, N.; Muninathan, Natarajan; Baskaran, Kuppusamy; John, Shani T. Mar 27, 2022 10724
Study on the Adsorption Characteristics of Mo-Doped Graphene on the Decomposition Products of SF[sub.6] Substitute Gas Based on First-Principle Calculations. Ding, Can; Hu, Xing; Feng, Lu Mar 27, 2022 6046
Decolourization of Reactive Red 120 Using Agro Waste-Derived Biochar. Krishnasamy, Srinivasan; Sai Atchyuth, Bobbili Aravind; Ravindiran, Gokulan; Chidambaram, Jodhi; Ram Mar 26, 2022 4285
Adsorptive Capacity of Calcinated Hen Eggshell Blended with Silica Gel for Removal of Lead II Ions from Aqueous Media: Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies. Bayu, Abreham Bekele; Abeto Amibo, Temesgen; Beyan, Surafel Mustefa Mar 25, 2022 10153
Characterization and Analysis of Argania spinosa Shells from Souss-Massa Area: Application in the Adsorption of Methylene Blue in Aqueous Solution. Ifguis, Ousama; Bouhdadi, Rachid; Ziat, Younes; George, Béatrice; Mbarki, Mohamed Mar 25, 2022 6449
Effective Removal of Reactive Yellow 145 (RY145) using Biochar Derived from Groundnut Shell. Krishnasamy, Srinivasan; SaiAtchyuth, Bobbili Aravind; Ravindiran, Gokulan; Subramaniyan, Balakumar; Mar 25, 2022 4090
Marine Shale Gas Occurrence and Its Influencing Factors: A Case Study from the Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, Northwestern Guizhou, China. Cao, Taotao; Liu, Hu; Pan, Anyang; Deng, Mo; Cao, Qinggu; Yu, Ye; Huang, Yanran Case study Mar 23, 2022 13990
Photocatalytic Activity of Ti-SBA-15/C3N4 for Degradation of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid in Water under Visible Light. Duong, Hoa T. T.; Duong, Mai T. P.; Nguyen, Oanh K.; Le, Son T.; Dang, Long V.; Nguyen, Binh T.; Do, Mar 22, 2022 4973
Column Study for Adsorption of Copper and Cadmium Using Activated Carbon Derived from Sewage Sludge. Al-mahbashi, Najib; Kutty, S.R.M; Jagaba, A.H.; Al-Nini, Ahmed; Ali, Mujahid; Saeed, A.A.H.; Ghaleb, Report Mar 22, 2022 5342
Adsorption of Malachite Green (MG) as a Cationic Dye on Amberlyst 15, an Ion-Exchange Resin. Nandoost, Amineh; Bahramifar, Nader; Moghadamnia, Ali Akbar; Kazemi, Sohrab Mar 21, 2022 4625
Removal of Doxycycline from Water using Dalbergia sissoo Waste Biomass Based Activated Carbon and Magnetic Oxide/Activated Bioinorganic Nanocomposite in Batch Adsorption and Adsorption/Membrane Hybrid Processes. Zahoor, Muhammad; Wahab, Muhammad; Salman, Syed Muhammad; Sohail, Aamir; Ali, Essam A.; Ullah, Riaz Mar 17, 2022 6878
Experimental Study on the Pore Structure of Middle- and Low-Rank Coal and Its Influence on Methane Adsorption. Jia, Gaini; Yang, Ming; Zhang, Xuebo; Liu, Lei Mar 17, 2022 6103
Analysis of Chitosan-Based Nanosilver Composites for the Repair of Umbilical Cord Wounds in Newborns. Peng, Xiaohui; Gong, Dai Mar 12, 2022 4492
Effect of Bacteriocin (ALC102) of Enterococcus faecium GRD AA on Biofilm Forming Listeria monocytogenes MTCC 657. Krishna, Arya Radhakrishnan; Jayalekshmi, Swathy Krishna; Antony, Trisha Mary Pandipilly; Ramasamy, Report Mar 1, 2022 6327
The Prognostic Importance of Neutrophil--to--Lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet--to--Lymphocyte Ratio in Adult Patients with Sepsis Who Underwent Hemoperfusion in General Intensive Care Unit. Koc, Suna; Ozer, Turkan; Dokur, Mehmet; Kucukcerit, Taner Serif; Karaoguz, Burcu; Celep, Yunus Emre; Report Mar 1, 2022 5269
Preparation of Pomelo Peel-Based Biomass Carbon Aerogel-MnO 2 Composite Electrode and its Adsorption Performance of Rb+ and Cs+. Yaoqiang Hu, Min Guo, Xiushen Ye, Quan Li, Haining Liu and Zhijian Wu Feb 28, 2022 4252
Boron Removal from Water and Wastewater using New Polystyrene-Based Resin Grafted with Trometamol and 3-Amino-1,2-propanediol. Huiling Liao, Yuli Fu, Haihua Hu, Meiling Zhu, Mancai Xu and Shihua Zhong Feb 28, 2022 2609
A Capillary Model for Predicting Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Ion-Adsorption Rare Earth Ore Based on Improved Kozeny-Carman Equation. Shi, Liang; Rao, Yun-zhang; Wang, Dan; Zhang, Mei-dao; Huang, Tao Feb 18, 2022 6128
Enhanced Bioactivity of Pomegranate Peel Extract following Controlled Release from CaCO[sub.3] Nanocrystals. Baldassarre, Francesca; Vergaro, Viviana; De Castro, Federica; Biondo, Francesca; Suranna, Gian Paol Feb 12, 2022 12037
Adsorptive Removal of Azo Dye New Coccine Using High-Performance Adsorbent-Based Polycation-Modified Nano-Alpha Alumina Particles. Doan, Thi Hai Yen; Pham, Hong Anh; Nguyen, Ngoc Huyen; Le, Thi Dung; Nguyen, Thanh Binh; Le, Thanh S Feb 7, 2022 7381
Influence of Organic Matter on Gas-Bearing Properties and Analysis of Sedimentary Mechanism of Organic Matter Enrichment: A Case Study on the Yangtze Region of Southern China during the Early Cambrian. Li, Qinyu; Zhang, Kun; Wei, Lin; Wang, Dahai; Chen, Zhiyuan; Yin, Xiangdong; Han, Fengli Case study Feb 4, 2022 7671
Study on Leaching of Phosphate from Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant's Sewage Sludge and Followed by Adsorption on Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxide. Phuong, Thao; Cong, Tien Dung; Ta, Van Thanh; Nguyen, Thu Hang Report Feb 2, 2022 5256
Modification of Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses for the Selective Adsorption of Ofloxacin. Xiao, Wenke; Zhang, Xiaojuan; Hao, Lingyun; Zhao, Yuan; Lin, Qing; Wang, Zhao; Song, Wenli Feb 1, 2022 5847
Facile Synthesis of Graphene Oxide/Titanate Nanotube Composites and Their Application for Cobalt(II) Removal. Xu, Min-Da; Jin, Zhen; Xie, Wen-Jie; Wang, De-Cai; Xu, Guang-Song; Wang, Ai-Jing; Zhang, Ran Jan 28, 2022 5433
Characteristics of Pore-Throat in Tight Sandstones of the Jurassic Ahe Formation in the Northern Tarim Basin. Lin, Tong; Tan, Cong; Zhang, Xing; Zhao, Lei; Wei, Hongxing; Wang, Lan; Nie, Xin Jan 28, 2022 9527
Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions Using Biowastes: Tella Residue and Pea (Pisum sativum) Seed Shell. Kebede, Abayneh; Kedir, Kassim; Melak, Fekadu; Asere, Tsegaye Girma Jan 28, 2022 6649
Utilization of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (SPIONs) Impregnated Activated Carbon for Removal of Hexavalent Chromium. Farhana, Aisha; Jenifer Selvarani, A.; Samrot, Antony V.; Alsrhani, Abdullah; Raji, P.; Sahithya, Ch Jan 18, 2022 7441
Study of Various Epoxy-Based Surface Coating Techniques for Anticorrosion Properties. Ramakrishnan, T; Raja Karthikeyan, K; Tamilselvan, V; Sivakumar, S; Gangodkar, Durgaprasad; Radha, H Jan 13, 2022 6029
Shale Heterogeneity in Western Hunan and Hubei: A Case Study from the Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in Well Laidi 1 in the Laifeng-Xianfeng Block, Hubei Province. Zhang, Peng; Yang, Junwei; Huang, Yuqi; Zhang, Jinchuan; Tang, Xuan; Liu, Chengwei Case study Jan 7, 2022 8462
The Performance of Different AgTiO[sub.2] Loading into Poly(3-Nitrothiophene) for Efficient Adsorption of Hazardous Brilliant Green and Crystal Violet Dyes. Alqarni, Sara A. Jan 5, 2022 10161
Recovery of Rare-Earth Elements from Brazilian Ion-Adsorption Clay: A Preliminary Study. de Souza, Ana Carolina S.P.; Giese, Ellen C. Jan 1, 2022 2695
Treatment of Sugarcane Industry Waste Water by Combination of Chemical Coagulation and Activated CarbonManufacturing of Small Scale Water Treatment Plant for Household. Panhwar, Aijaz; Faryal, Khalida; Kandhro, Aftab; Brohi, Nazir; Ahmed, Kamran; Iqbal, Mansoor Technical report Jan 1, 2022 2800
Hypoglycemic Potential of Basella alba Linn.--An In Vitro Study. Ahmed, Faiyaz Report Jan 1, 2022 4418
Preparation, Characterization and Adsorptive Application of Chemically Modified Chitosan. Samina Begum, Syed Nusrat Shah, Falak Naz and Khalid Saeed Dec 31, 2021 3266
Carbon Based Electrode Materials and their Architectures for Capacitive Deionization. Bakhtiar Samejo, Shagufta Gul, Suraya Samejo, Naveed Qasim Abro, Nilgun Yenil and Najma Memon Dec 31, 2021 13564
First-Principles Study on Adsorption and Decomposition of NO[sub.x] on Mo (110) Surface. Huang, Yunmi; Luo, Haijun; Dong, Changkun Dec 30, 2021 6223
Paleoenvironment, Geochemistry, and Pore Characteristics of the Postmature to Overmature Organic-Rich Devonian Shales in Guizhong Depression, Southwestern China. Zhang, Yanqi; Liu, Li; Geng, Changxi; Cheng, Zhuang; Fang, Xinxin Dec 30, 2021 7858
Characterization of Nanoscale Pores in Tight Gas Sandstones Using Complex Techniques: A Case Study of a Linxing Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoir. Lyu, Chaohui; Zhong, Liguo; Ning, Zhengfu; Wang, Qing; Cole, David R. Case study Dec 27, 2021 6818
Formulation of Microwave-Assisted Natural-Synthetic Polymer Composite Film and Its Physicochemical Characterization. Ullah, Aman; Khan, Nauman Rahim; Khan, Muaz Habib; Mehmood, Saima; Khan, Jahangir; Iftikhar, Tayyaba Dec 26, 2021 9263
A First-Principles Study of Gas Molecule Adsorption on Carbon-, Nitrogen-, and Oxygen-Doped Two-Dimensional Borophene. Qin, Xinmao; Yan, Wanjun; Li, Dongxiang; Zhang, Zhongzheng; Chen, Shaobo Dec 20, 2021 5989
Green Synthesis of Nanostructure CeO[sub.2] Using Tea Extract: Characterization and Adsorption of Dye from Aqueous Phase. Liu, Chengshun; Liu, Xiyao; Wu, Yilin; Chen, Zhuotong; Wu, Zhuanrong; Wang, Shumao; Han, Hua Dec 15, 2021 10207
VOLN27B: A New Head-Tailed Halovirus Isolated from an Underground Salt Crystal and Infecting Halorubrum. Chen, Shaoxing; Dai, Yongpei; Liu, Jingwen; Zhang, Shimin; Chen, Feilong; Jin, Fanjie; Ruan, Peiyao Dec 14, 2021 6193
Reservoir Characteristics of the Lower Permian Marine-Continental Transitional Shales: Example from the Shanxi Formation and Taiyuan Formation in the Ordos Basin. Wang, H.; Zhang, L.; Zhao, Q.; Qiu, Z.; Liu, D.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, Y. Dec 7, 2021 7873
Research on Organic Nanopore Adsorption Mechanism and Influencing Factors of Shale Oil Reservoirs. He, Yanfeng; Qi, Guodong; Dou, Xiangji; Duan, Run; Pan, Nan; Guo, Luyao; Tao, Zhengwu Dec 1, 2021 6583
Predisposition of Blood Group Non-secretors to Urinary Tract Infection with Escherichia coli Anti-microbial Resistance and Acute Kidney Injury. Thiagarajan, Shanmugapriya; Stephen, Selvaraj; Kanagamuthu, Sarangapani; Ambroise, Stanley; Viswanat Dec 1, 2021 7405
A New Measure for Active Clay in Green Sand: An alternative approach to measure active clay in green sand allows direct CEC measurement by adsorption of highly selective Cu(II)-Triethylenetetramine dye and subsequent quantification in a spectrophotometer. Decher, Andreas; Ramrattan, Sam Dec 1, 2021 2187
Nano fibrillated cellulose-based foam by Pickering emulsion: Preparation, characterizations, and application as dye adsorbent. Purkayastha, Srijita; Ghosh, Anup K.; Saha, Sampa Report Nov 1, 2021 6342
Adsorption of toxic organophosphorus pesticides from aqueous medium using dextrin-graft-poly(2-acrylamido-2-methyl propane sulfonic acid-co-acrylic acid) copolymer: Studies on equilibrium kinetics, isotherms, and thermodynamics of interactions. Ray, Jagabandhu; Samanta, Santu Kumar; Tripathy, Tridib Report Nov 1, 2021 9538
Adsorption of the Orange Methyl Dye and Lead (II) by the Cationic Resin AmberliteA(r)IRC-50: Kinetic Study and Modeling of Experimental Data. Jaouad Bensalah, Mohamed Berradi, Amar Habsaoui, Omar Dagdag, Adblhay El Amri, Omar El Khattabi, Ahm Oct 30, 2021 4142
One-Pot Synthesis of Magnetic Polypyrrole Nanotubes for Adsorption of Cr(VI) in Aqueous Solution. Zhang, Wenjuan; Wang, Yaxian; Fei, Yulong; Wang, Youliang; Zhang, Zhaoxiong; Kou, Miao; Feng, Qianch Oct 26, 2021 8610
No Local Findings after Subclavian Catheter Removal. Is Everything Alright? Case Report. Kihtir, Hasan Serdar; Basaran, Abdurrahman Erdem; Eroglu, Hatice Nur; Kadem, Naz Clinical report Oct 1, 2021 2017
A Semianalytical Production Prediction Model and Dynamics Performance Analysis for Shale Gas Wells. Xu, Yingying; Liu, Xiangui; Hu, Zhiming; Duan, Xianggang; Chang, Jin Sep 24, 2021 7330
Novel Lanthanum Doped Magnetic Teff Straw Biochar Nanocomposite and Optimization Its Efficacy of Defluoridation of Groundwater Using RSM: A Case Study of Hawassa City, Ethiopia. Amibo, Temesgen Abeto; Beyan, Surafel Mustafa; Damite, Tsegaye Markos Case study Sep 22, 2021 9610
Experimental Study on the Characteristics of Adsorbed Gas and Gas Production in Shale Formations. Hu, Zhiming; Duan, Xianggang; Shao, Nan; Xu, Yingying; Chang, Jin; Shen, Rui; Chen, Xueke Report Sep 6, 2021 6885
Central Composite Design Based Adsorption Study of Malachite Green Dye Using Reduced Graphene Oxide Nano-Adsorbent. Shah, Abdul Rauf; Tahir, Hajira; Kifayatullah, Hafiz Muhammad Sep 1, 2021 4576
Evaluation of Enhancement Factor for Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Water through Adsorption by Non-Activated and Activated Carbon Prepared from Rice Husk. Irfan, Muhammad; Shafeeq, Amir; Nasir, Tahir Saleem; Bashir, Farzana; Ahmad, Tausif; Abbas, Naeem; B Sep 1, 2021 4356
Synthesis Processing Condition Optimization of Citrate Stabilized Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles using Direct Co-Precipitation Method. Yusuf, Mubarika Sekarsari; Sutriyo; Rahmasari, Ratika Report Sep 1, 2021 4474
Lithium Recovery from Water Resources by Ion Exchange and Sorption Method. Murodjon Samadiy and Tianlong Deng Aug 31, 2021 6612
Selective Removal of Hg2+ Ions from Water Using New Functionalized Silica Resin: Equilibrium, Thermodynamics and Kinetic Modeling Studies. Nida Shams Jalbani, Amber R Solangi, Shahabuddin Memon, Ranjhan Junejo and Asif Ali Bhatti Aug 31, 2021 5629
Study on the Permeability Evolution Model of Mining-Disturbed Coal. Jia, Hengyi; Zou, Delong Report Aug 26, 2021 4729
Nanopore Confinement Effect on the Phase Behavior of CO[sub.2]/Hydrocarbons in Tight Oil Reservoirs considering Capillary Pressure, Fluid-Wall Interaction, and Molecule Adsorption. Zheng, Zhixue; Di, Yuan; Wu, Yu-Shu Aug 21, 2021 10067
Evaluation of [sub.NH][sup.4+] Adsorption Capacity in Water of Coffee Husk-Derived Biochar at Different Pyrolysis Temperatures. Phuong, Nguyen Van; Hoang, Nguyen Khanh; Luan, Le Van; Tan, L. V. Aug 13, 2021 5999
Xebec Adsorption reports Q2 EPS (C$0.05) vs. (C$0.01) last year. Financial report Aug 12, 2021 280
Preparation and Characterization of Mucoadhesive Loratadine Nanoliposomes for Intranasal Administration/Intranazal Uygulama icin Mukoadhesif Loratadin Nanolipozomlarinin Hazirlanmasi ve Karakterizasyonu. Tamaddon, Lena; Mohamadi, Negar; Bavarsad, Neda Report Aug 1, 2021 4161
Fluoride and Arsenite Removal by Adsorption on La[sub.2]O[sub.3]-CeO[sub.2]/Laterite. Lim, Duong Thi; Tuyen, Trinh Ngoc; Nhiem, Dao Ngoc; Duc, Dao Hong; Chuc, Pham Ngoc; Bac, Nguyen Quan Jul 21, 2021 6912
Xebec Adsorption announces Master Service Agreement for BGX Biostream units. Jul 6, 2021 168
Synthesis, characterization, and adsorption properties of collagen and attapulgite-filled copolymer biocomposites: Batch and column studies. Choudhury, Swastika; Ray, Samit Kumar Report Jul 1, 2021 8537
Poly(ether-block-amide) membrane with deformability and adjustable surface hydrophilicity for water purification. Ge, Chengbiao; Wang, Guilong; Zhao, Jinchuan; Zhao, Guoqun Report Jul 1, 2021 5207
Comparison of Adsorption Models for Determining Potassium Behavior in of Some Selected Soil Series. Nabeel Rizwan and Qudrat Ullah Khan Jun 30, 2021 3377
Adsorption Equilibrium, Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Dynamic Separation of Magnesium and Calcium Ions from Industrial Wastewater by New Strong Acid Cation Resin of SPVC. Dilfuza Nuriddinova, Farkhod Yusupov, Elyor Berdimurodov, Normahmat Yodgorov and Murod Mamanazarov Jun 30, 2021 4448
4-Aminoacetophenone Intercalated CoAl Layered Double Hydroxides: Synthesis, Characterization and Adsorptive Removal of Cd(II) ions from Water Samples. Abdul Rafay Bhatti, Ali Nawaz Siyal, Qadeer Khan Panhwar, Abdul Majid Channa, Muhammad Hassan Agheem Jun 30, 2021 3598
Organo-Clay as Adsorbent for Removal of Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl from Water Samples; A Statistical Approach. Jasmin Shah, Muhammad Rasul Jan, Mian Muhammad, Behisht Ara and Changeez Ahmad Jun 30, 2021 5526
Adsorptive Removal of Cd(II) Ions from Wastewater Using Maleic Anhydride Nanocellulose. Kara, Hizkeal Tsade; Anshebo, Sisay Tadesse; Sabir, Fedlu Kedir Jun 18, 2021 9451
Alternative Treatment Method for Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019: Coupled Plasma Filtration Adsorption. Ciftci, Bahadir; Erdogan, Cem; Kizilaslan, Deniz; Ekinci, Mursel; Olmuscelik, Oktay; Atalay, Yunus O Jun 1, 2021 986
UV-Mediated Photofunctionalization of Indirect Restorative Materials Enhances Bonding to a Resin-Based Luting Agent. Ishikawa, Kyoko; Yamauti, Monica; Tichy, Antonin; Ikeda, Masaomi; Ueno, Takeshi; Wakabayashi, Noriyu Report May 30, 2021 5591
Influence of Effective Pressure on Percolation Rate of Coal. Xiao, Fukun; Xu, Wenhai; Li, Renhe; Zhang, Fengrui; Xu, Lei; Xing, Le; Hou, Zhiyuan May 24, 2021 5231
Quantitative Method for Evaluating Shale Oil Resources Based on Movable Oil Content. Xianzheng, Zhao; Xiugang, Pu; Fengming, Jin; Wenzhong, Han; Zhannan, Shi; Wei, Zhang; Xiongying, Don May 18, 2021 5005
Investigation of Corrosion Protection of Austenitic Stainless Steel in 5.5M Polluted Phosphoric Acid Using 5-Azidomethyl-7-morpholinomethyl-8-hydroxyquinoline as an Ecofriendly Inhibitor. Mazkour, Aimad; El Hajjaji, Souad; Labjar, Najoua; Lotfi, El Mostapha; El Mahi, Mohammed May 15, 2021 9265
Photo-Fenton Process Using Fe(III) Ions from Modified Sugarcane Bagasse for Reactive Black 5 Dye (RB5) Removal. de Almeida, Aline Rafaela; Pessoa, Christiana Andrade; Tiburtius, Elaine Regina Lopes; Fujiwara, Ser Report May 15, 2021 6082
Inhibition Efficiency of Goji Berry Extract Against the Corrosion of Carbon Steel SAE 1045. Oliszeski, Danielle Cristina Silva; Borges, Danielle; Turcatel, Guilherme Jose; Vieira, Carine; da C May 15, 2021 2589
Xebec Adsorption reports Q1 EPS (C$0.06) vs. (C$0.01) last year. Financial report May 13, 2021 326
Physicochemical Characterization of Regional Clay: Application to Phenol Adsorption. Amar, Abdelouahed; Loulidi, Ilyasse; Kali, Abderrahim; Boukhlifi, Fatima; Hadey, Chaimaa; Jabri, Mar May 4, 2021 4791
Warpage Reduction for Power MOSFET Wafers. Yeap, Kim Ho; Nisar, Humaira; Dakulag, Veerendra Report May 1, 2021 4292
Use of Bioballs as an Adsorbent for the Removal of Copper. Hakan Celebi Apr 30, 2021 4633
Study of the Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(acrylic acid-co-acrylamide)-kaolinite Composite Reference to Adsorption of Cd and Pb from Aqueous Solutions. Munazzah Saeed, Manzoor Iqbal, Mahmood Iqbal, Sayed Muhammad Salman and Sadiq Afridi Apr 30, 2021 5473
Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Functionalized Activated Carbon and Its Applications in Arsenic Adsorption. Ha, Hoang Thu; Phong, Pham Tuan; Minh, Tran Dinh Apr 28, 2021 5856
On the Evaluation of Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant Adsorption Performance on Amberlite XAD-2 Using Machine Learning Techniques. Chen, Fengqin; Huang, Jinbo; Wu, Xianjun; Wu, Xiaoli; Arabmarkadeh, Arash Report Apr 27, 2021 3721
Andromeda Metals research JV shows halloysite-derived carbon nanomaterials have strong adsorption potential and recyclability for carbon capture and conversion. Apr 13, 2021 765
Xebec Adsorption reports Q4 EPS (C$0.26) vs. (C$0.01) last year. Financial report Mar 25, 2021 370
Effect of Surface Type on the Flow Characteristics in Shale Nanopores. Zhan, Shiyuan; Su, Yuliang; Lu, Mingjing; Cai, Mingyu; Fu, Jingang; Liu, Zupeng; Wang, Kaiyu Mar 10, 2021 8082
Application of a Modified Low-Field NMR Method on Methane Adsorption of Medium-Rank Coals. Chen, Xiaozhen; Yan, Taotao; Zeng, Fangui; Meng, Yanjun; Liu, Jinhua Mar 5, 2021 7073
Facile synthesis of highly porous hyper-cross-linked polymer for light hydrocarbon separation. Chen, Jinghu; Jiang, Lingchang; Li, Chengyun; Fu, Wenying; Xia, Qineng; Wang, Yangang; Huang, Yuando Report Mar 1, 2021 3973
Assessment of the use of tropical peats as local alternative materials for the adsorption of Pb, Zn and Cd: An equilibrium study/Evaluation del uso de turbas tropicales como materiales altemativos locales para la adsorcion de Pb, Zn y Cd: Un estudio de equilibrio. Raimondi, Isabela Monici; Rodrigues, Valeria Guimaraes Silvestre; Lima, Jacqueline Zanin; Marques, J Mar 1, 2021 10476
A Laboratory Approach to Measure Carbonate Rocks' Adsorption Density by Surfactant and Polymer. Esfandyari, Hamid; Moghani, Abdorrahman; Esmaeilzadeh, Feridun; Davarpanah, Afshin Report Feb 18, 2021 4390
Guest-Host Interactions in Symmetrical Carboxy Heptamethine Cyanine Dyes-Titanium Dioxide Systems: Synthesis, Theoretical Calculations, Aggregation Properties, and Application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. da Costa Duarte, Rodrigo; de Oliveira, Matheus Costa; Toldo, Josene Maria; Gonçalves, Paulo Fernando Jan 27, 2021 9775
Pore Structure and Connectivity of Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Tight Reservoirs in the Palaeogene from Qaidam Basin, NW China. Wang, Xin; Zeng, Jianhui; Wu, Kunyu; Gao, Xiangcheng; Qiu, Yibo; Lu, Tongzhi; Jia, Kunkun Jan 1, 2021 8645
A Multiscale Structural Analysis of Soft and Hard Coal Deposits in Deep High-Gas Coal Seams. Yuan, Anying; Fu, Guangsheng; Hou, Junling Jan 1, 2021 6278
Characteristics of Stress, Crack Evolution, and Energy Conversion of Gas-Containing Coal under Different Gas Pressures. Zhang, Zhizhen; Niu, Yixin; Shang, Xiaoji; Liu, Xingguang; Gao, Feng Jan 1, 2021 7751
Experimental Research on Permeability of Coal and Rock Mass considering Postpeak Failure. Cao, Zhiguo; Zhang, Hualei; Yin, Jiadi; Fu, Baojie Jan 1, 2021 4672
A Comparative Study of the Micropore Structure between the Transitional and Marine Shales in China. Jiao, Pengfei; Yao, Genshun; Zhou, Shangwen; Yu, Zhe; Wang, Shiluo Jan 1, 2021 7817
Pore Structure and Fractal Characteristics of Shale under the Control of Bedding and Size: A Case Study of Shale from the Longmaxi Formation in China. Cheng, Yao; Xie, Yifeng; Ma, Yulin; Zhao, Yanlin Case study Jan 1, 2021 7638
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Xebec Adsorption reaffirms FY20 revenue view C$80M-C$90M, consensus C$80.59M. May 27, 2020 151
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Xebec Adsorption reports Q4 EPS (C$0.01), consensus C$0.01. Financial report Apr 15, 2020 187
Xebec Adsorption says Quebec office deemed 'essential business'. Apr 15, 2020 186
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