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Adsorption and transport at the nanoscale.


Adsorption and transport at the nanoscale.

Ed. by Nick Quirke.

CRC / Taylor & Francis


186 pages




"Material with nanoporous materials," notes Quirke (chemistry, Imperial College, London, UK) in his preface, "are used widely in industry as adsorbents, particularly for applications where selective adsorption of one fluid component from a mixture is important." He further observes that nanostructured materials are interest for use in nanofluidics devices. Here he presents nine articles on computational methods and applications from the field. Specific topics include modeling gas adsorption in slit-pores using Monte Carlo simulation, effect of confinement on melting in slit-shaped pores, synthesis and characterization of templated mesoporous materials using molecular simulation, adsorption/condensation of xenon in mesopores having a microporous texture or a surface roughness, molecular dynamics simulations for 1:1 solvent primitive model electrolyte solutions, computer simulation of isothermal mass transport in graphite slit spores, and simulation study of sorption of CO2 and N2 with application to the characterization of carbon adsorbents.

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Date:Mar 1, 2006
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