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Ads-N-Motion: advertising concept new, unique--and cost effective.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to display your business' brand messages more than a million times per year--just to the people you're targeting--for a cost much lower than TV, radio or newspaper. Now, this is possible for advertisers both large and small.

With offices in Little Rock and northwest Arkansas, enVision Marketing Group has launched a new marketing concept called Ads-N-Motion. The company offers a new advertising medium which, until now, could not effectively be used for advertising--product conveyors at high-traffic grocery stores' check-out stations.

The concept is now a reality due to a new conveyor material and digital printing process, patented by enVision, which accepts digitally printed color images to virtual photo quality on the conveyors. Currently, the Ads-N-Motion conveyors are displayed in 21 Kroger stores, located in Little Rock, Hot Springs, Conway, Benton, Jacksonville and Cabot. These stores are located to serve their respective neighborhoods within each community. In addition to the central Arkansas Kroger stores, enVision will be selling this advertising into the well-established Harps chain of grocery stores, located throughout northwest Arkansas. Ads-N-Motion will be launched in other, larger U.S. markets during the coming months.

EnVision President and CEO Frank Cox was formerly president and CEO of Little Rock-based CJRW, the largest advertising agency in the mid-South. "The Ads-N-Motion medium is powerful because it allows all sizes of businesses to tap into this new advertising channel," he said. "Some customers choose to be in only one store, while others have purchased space in five or six stores in different parts of town. It's a matter of knowing where the advertiser's customers live so there can be a smart allocation of the advertiser's ad dollars."

In addition to being able to target customers at the neighborhood level, the cost per thousand for advertising impressions is typically only a fraction of the cost of other, traditional advertising media.

A second, unique application of this technology isn't concerned with advertising. Instead, it can be used to extend a store's image and brand inside the store itself. "Retail stores can look at our product as a way to showcase their community service contributions or, for that matter, simply use the conveyer belt space to reinforce their stores' brand image by using proprietary graphics," Cox said. "We really have no limitations, graphically speaking."

For more information, contact Chance Schanzlin, vice president of sales, enVision Marketing Group in Little Rock, at (501) 661-8282.
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Date:Oct 24, 2005
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