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Adrenaline Software Launches Company and First Product at MacWorld Expo; Component Software Pioneer Soon to Ship Fast, Flexible Spreadsheet and Charting Application.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 7, 1997--The global software development community gained a promising new addition today, as Adrenaline Software Inc. disclosed its corporate mission and strategy at MacWorld Expo San Francisco.

Adrenaline also debuted its first product -- Adrenaline Numbers & Charts(TM) -- a fast, flexible spreadsheet and graphics application scheduled to ship in February. Numbers & Charts is featured at Adrenaline's MacWorld Expo Booth No. 4374 Moscone Center North, adjacent to the Power Computing exhibit; and in the Component 100 Booth No. 3261 Moscone Center North, adjacent to Apple Computer's pavilion.

Adrenaline is a software technology innovator, focused on developing next-generation productivity applications that enable computer users to maximize the benefits of Internet interactivity and multimedia-rich content. The company plans to sustain a competitive advantage by continuously leveraging its key strengths: relationships with leading technology vendors; a talented and dedicated employee base; a highly efficient, responsive R&D process and products that bridge today's standards with next-generation technology.

"Studies show that software customers consistently rate ease-of-use the single most important factor influencing their software purchase decisions, yet today's productivity software is unnecessarily complex and cumbersome," said Martin Bigonesse, Adrenaline president and CEO.

"Adrenaline relies on the inherent advantages of component software to achieve the simplicity customers desire. Component architectures enable us to provide applications that feature a smaller footprint, faster performance, interoperability with other components, Internet readiness and a smooth upgrade path."

"Adrenaline is an excellent example of a young Macintosh-first developer: bold, creative, and highly committed to meeting the needs of its markets with leading-edge technology," said Heidi Roizen, vice president, Apple Developer Relations.

"Apple is wholly supportive of Adrenaline's mission. We believe there is a strong business proposition for developers who embrace component technology and Apple intends to lead market momentum for next-generation applications built on this model."

Product Overview

As the "first fruit" of Adrenaline's vision, Numbers & Charts embodies the innovation and elegance the company plans to integrate into its entire product family. Compact yet powerful, Adrenaline Numbers & Charts is a Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet with easy-to-use charting capabilities that overcome the problems associated with traditional spreadsheet and charting software.

The application's advanced features let users transform raw numerical data into stunning, high-impact graphics in a fraction of the time other applications typically require.

Numbers & Charts currently is based on OpenDoc(R), a multiple-platform component software architecture that enables applications, utilities and tools to interoperate seamlessly under a consistent interface. Scheduled to ship this month with the latest version of the Macintosh(R) operating system (Mac OS(R) 7.6), OpenDoc is expected to ship for other major platforms later this year.

A Windows 95 version of Numbers & Charts is under development.

Because Adrenaline Numbers & Charts is OpenDoc-based, it can be used alone, or in combination with any other OpenDoc-based software to create custom business and publishing solutions.

The application has particular appeal among those who seek an alternative to Excel's intimidating learning curve, or who wish to extend Excel's functionality by importing legacy spreadsheet data into a more user-friendly graphing and charting environment.

Features and Specifications

With 149 of the most popular business, statistical and logical functions, Numbers & Charts provides more sophisticated capabilities than spreadsheets in basic integrated software packages. All functions are easily accessed through an intuitive, on-screen editing palette. Other advancements include easy data and cell formatting, TrueDimensioning(TM) of spreadsheet/work size (in inches, centimeters, pixels, points or picas) and snap-to-grid capabilities that simplify table creation.

The charting editor lets users create and update eye-catching 2D and 3D graphics from spreadsheet data with drag-and-drop ease. A special set of on-screen palettes accompanies each chart, making it possible to instantly change visual attributes such as the chart type (e.g. bar, pie, ribbon) colors and typefaces. In addition, users can directly manipulate a chart to dynamically alter visual characteristics such as size, position and arrangement of individual elements; or to add special textures, backgrounds and lighting effects.

Adrenaline Numbers & Charts ships ready-to-run on any Power Macintosh(R)-compatible computer with System 7.5.3. or higher, 16MB of RAM, and at least 5MB of available hard disk space. The CD-ROM includes OpenDoc, QuickDraw 3D(TM) and QuickTime(R) software, along with utilities and documentation needed for a successful user experience.

The spreadsheet component accepts data from Microsoft Excel 5.0 files and other formats, and saves them as HTML, DIF, SYLK or tab-separated text. The charting component imports data from Adrenaline Numbers or any tab-separated text files, and saves them in PICT, QuickTime(TM) or 3DMF format. EPS, TIFF and other import/export formats are planned for future versions.

Availability and Price

Expected to ship in February, Adrenaline Numbers & Charts will be available as a standalone application through retail outlets, computer catalogs, Internet software resellers and directly from the company. The application also will be incorporated into bundles, the first of which -- Component Essentials -- was announced separately today. The suite includes Numbers & Charts, Digital Harbor WAV(TM), Apple Cyberdog(TM) and other OpenDoc-based software.

When Numbers & Charts ships, aggressive retail promotions are expected to establish an early street price of about $99 for the standalone version, and less than $150 for the Component Essentials suite.

Adrenaline Software Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to designing and delivering next-generation productivity software that helps users maximize the benefits of Internet and multimedia technology. Based in Quebec City, Canada, Adrenaline's home page is located on the World Wide Web at -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: Electronic images of the Adrenaline company logo, its founders, and product screen shots are available for downloading from the company's Web site at

Adrenaline, Adrenaline Numbers & Charts and TrueDimensioning are trademarks of Adrenaline Software Inc. Component 100 is a trademark of Digital Harbor, L.C. Apple, the Apple Logo, Mac OS, Macintosh, OpenDoc, Power Macintosh, QuickTime are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc.

Cyberdog and QuickDraw are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. All other brand names and companies mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.

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Date:Jan 7, 1997
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