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Adoption of children from foreign lands pose TB problems.

The problem of adopting children from Third World countries, including Romania, is not being recognized for its potential health hazards.

Small children in these lands often carry the tubercle bacillus, Margaret K. Hostetler, M.D., recently informed the first World Congress on Lung Health.

That small children from Third World countries are at increased risk for tuberculosis is not surprising, the physician from University of Minnesota School of Medicine declared. The serious problem is that most pediatricians don't realize the potential dangers.

In a recently completed four-year study of 300 international adoptees, Dr. Hostetler found the prevalence of tubercular infection to be 100 times greater than in a comparable American-born population. The death rate from tB infection, she noted, was more than 500 times greater than the rate for all ages in Minnesota.

Nearly 8,000 children from abroad enter families in the United States each year, Hostetler says. Pediatricians usually do not screen these children for tuberculosis. They should.
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Title Annotation:Special Issue: Tuberculosis; children adopted from Third World countries should be screened for tuberculosis
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Jun 22, 1991
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