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Irish bill to help adoptees find birth information falls short, critics say. Venter, Sahm Jun 24, 2022 1494
Coded Messages (Architecture 2). Gallaher, John Poem Jul 1, 2020 438
Adopted at birth, 10-year-old boy already giving back to local pro-life effort. Irwin, Gayle Mar 1, 2017 738
"You Carried Me." Three words that mean the world. Ohden, Melissa Feb 1, 2017 581
"Balancing Two Worlds" Supporting Transracially Adopted Asian/American Students on the College Campus. Suda, Daniel K.; Hartlep, Nicholas D. Report Jan 1, 2016 6849
Asymptomatic malaria and other infections in children adopted from ethiopia, United States, 2006-2011. Adebo, Senait M.; Eckerle, Judith K.; Andrews, Mary E.; Howard, Cynthia R.; John, Chandy C. Report Jul 1, 2015 2042
Comparing the rights of adoptees and donor-conceived offspring in states granting access to original birth certificates and adoption records: an equal protection analysis. Sharp, Brittney N. Mar 22, 2013 11264
Between colourblindness and ethnicisation: transnational adoptees and race in a Swedish context. Hubinette, Tobias; Andersson, Malinda Report Sep 22, 2012 3850
Promoting sexual health with young people leaving care: a nurse practice model. Griffiths, Julie Report Mar 22, 2012 2303
Information about a deceased adopted person. Harris, Alexandra Conroy Mar 22, 2011 479
Research on Social Work Practice: 'Development of the ethnic and racial socialization of transracial adoptee scale'. Mohanty, Jayashree Reprint Mar 22, 2011 127
Healing. Rachlin, Nahid Short story Jan 1, 2011 4860
Children and Youth Services Review: 'A steady presence in the midst of change: non-kin natural mentors in the lives of older youth exiting foster care'. Munson, Michelle R.; Smalling, Susan E.; Spencer, Renee; Scott, Lionel D., Jr.; Tracy, Elizabeth Reprint Dec 22, 2010 194
Journal of Public Child Welfare: 'Improving social work practice with foster adolescents: examining readiness for independence'. Shin, Sunny Hyucksun Reprint Dec 22, 2010 206
Social Work: 'Mentoring for young people leaving foster care: promise and potential pitfalls'. Spencer, Renee; Collins, Mary Elizabeth; Ward, Rolanda; Smashnaya, Svetlana Reprint Dec 22, 2010 173
International Journal of Social Welfare: 'A longitudinal study of depressiveness in children in public care'. Bulat, Linda Rajhvajn Reprint Dec 22, 2010 162
Journal of Social Work: 'Contact with birth parents: differential psychological adjustment for adults adopted as infants'. Curtis, Reagan; Frances, Pearson Reprint Dec 22, 2010 154
International Social Work: 'School performance at age 16 among international adoptees: a Swedish national cohort study'. Vinnerljung, Bo Reprint Dec 22, 2010 163
Access to information progress and perils. Feast, Julia Essay Sep 22, 2010 3487
Thirty years on: the achievements of a voluntary membership organisation. Hall, Tony; Collier, Felicity; Holmes, David; Simmonds, John Report Sep 22, 2010 7392
Journal of Children's Services: 'access to post-adoption services when the child has substantial problems'. Elizabeth, Monck; Alan, Rushton Reprint Mar 22, 2010 154
Culturelessness and culture shock: an American-Asian experience. Cianfrocca, Tara Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 4922
The British Chinese Adoption Study (BCAS). Dec 22, 2009 1478
Adoption of family member from Pakistan. Harris, Alexandra Conroy Dec 22, 2009 795
Quinton David and Selwyn Julie: 'Adoption as a solution to intractable parenting problems: evidence from two English studies'. Davies, Miranda Dec 22, 2009 236
Palacios Jesus, Roman Maite, Moreno Carmen and Leon Esperanza: 'Family context for emotional recovery in internationally adopted children'. Davies, Miranda Dec 22, 2009 95
Wood Marsha: 'Mixed ethnicity, identity and adoption: research, policy and practice'. Davies, Miranda Dec 22, 2009 208
A second chance. Interview Dec 1, 2009 292
Maisha's story. Dec 1, 2009 470
Child adopted is returned after failed connection. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 158
Does the Hague Convention on intercountry adoption address the protection of adoptees' cultural identity? And should it? Hollingsworth, Leslie Doty Report Oct 1, 2008 1783
Degrading attitudes related to foreign appearance: interviews with Swedish female adoptees from Asia. Lindblad, Frank; Signell, Sonja Report Sep 22, 2008 7517
Premature making of placement order: too soon to decide whether children ought be placed for adoption. Harris, Alexandra Conroy Jun 22, 2008 821
Adopted youth more likely to have mental disorders. Keyes, Margaret Brief article Jun 1, 2008 169
Openness in adoption: what we know so far--a critical review of the literature. Wolfgram, Susan M. Report Apr 1, 2008 6404
Adoption, resilience and the importance of stories: the making of a film about teenage adoptees. Fitzhardinge, Helen Report Mar 22, 2008 6325
Article 9 of the Adoption (Northern Ireland) Order 1987 and the Adoption of Children from Overseas Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2002: the right of an applicant to adopt a non-resident child from a non-Convention country. O'Halloran, Kerry Case study Dec 22, 2007 2143
Juffer Femmie and van IJzendoorn Marinus H: 'Adoptees do not lack self-esteem: a meta-analysis of studies on self-esteem of transracial, international, and domestic adoptees'. Davies, Miranda Report Dec 22, 2007 246
Simmel Cassandra, Barth Richard P and Brooks Devon: 'Adopted foster youths' psychosocial functioning: a longitudinal perspective'. Davies, Miranda Abstract Dec 22, 2007 251
Parents' and mental health workers' perceptions of the therapeutic needs and experiences of services for Dutch children adopted from Romania. Rijk, Catharina; Hoksbergen, Rene; ter Laak, Jan Report Sep 22, 2007 6792
Obtaining children's health information. Kelly, Sarah Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2007 1664
Welsh Janet A, Viana Andres G, Petrill Stephen A and Mathis Matthew D: 'Interventions for internationally adopted children and families: a review of the literature'. Davies, Miranda Report Sep 22, 2007 155
Websites featuring children waiting for adoption: a cross-country review. Freundlich, Madelyn; Gerstenzang, Sarah; Holtan, Meredith Report Jun 22, 2007 6418
Theorising the racial identity development of transracial adoptees: a symbolic interactionist perspective. Patel, Tina Report Jun 22, 2007 7170
Pending proceedings: court's permission to advertise child for adoption. Cullen, Deborah Case study Jun 22, 2007 943
Berge Jerica M, Green Kevin M, Ruth, G. Grotevant Harold D and McRoy: 'Adolescent sibling narratives regarding contact in adoption'. Davies, Miranda Report Jun 22, 2007 175
An update on ICPC. Gross-Glaser, Sheryl Mar 1, 2007 674
Educational outcomes of children adopted from Eastern Europe, now Ages 8-12. Miller, Laurie C. Jun 22, 2006 4783
Form, politics, and the recent history of narrative theory. Editorial Jan 1, 2006 1038
Adoption narratives, trauma, and origins. Homans, Margaret. Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 12775
Family membership in post-reunion adoption narratives. Browning, Julee Nov 1, 2005 6586
Alberta opens all adoption records after Jan. 1. Brief Article Jul 12, 2004 177
Law to open adoption files in legislative process. Edmunds, Michelle May 17, 2004 447
Update: multistate investigation of measles among adoptees from China--April 16, 2004. Apr 23, 2004 416
Update: Measles among adoptees from China--April 14, 2004. Apr 16, 2004 318
Multistate investigation of measles among adoptees from China--April 9, 2004. Apr 16, 2004 978
International adoptees have host of infections: prepare for the unexpected. Wood, Debra Mar 1, 2004 834
Over 20,000 international adoptions annually spawn new specialty area; pre- and postadoption counseling. McNamara, Damian Aug 1, 2003 1184
Check foreign adoptees for behavioral delays, medical ills. (Prepare Parents for Behavior Problems). Worcester, Sharon May 1, 2002 677
BROKEN HOMEPAGE. Farber, Peggy J. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 928
Lost childhood found. McCONAHAY, MARY JO Jul 14, 2000 2584
Mothers who give up child find support. Staley, Tony Nov 1, 1996 750
... By any civilized standard. Ward, Ruth B. Sep 1, 1995 2826
... By any civilized standard. Ward, Ruth B. Aug 1, 1995 450
The lifelong impact of adoption. Russell, Marlou Jul 1, 1994 1087
Search for birth parents: disappointment ahead? Aug 1, 1993 490

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