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Troublesome Teen? Try Changing Your Tone. Report Oct 4, 2019 310
Narcissism and body-esteem: Distinct motivations for selfie posting behavior among adolescents. Anjum, Ambreen; Kazmi, Rubab Report Jun 30, 2019 4879
Gender role attitudes and their psychological effects on Chinese youth. Gui, Yongxia Report May 1, 2019 5239
Teen Behavior: A Work in Progress. Yeats, Keli Apr 1, 2019 1406
Mental toughness development through adolescence: Effects of age group and community size. Zalewska, Anna M.; Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz, Beata; Clough, Peter J.; Dagnall, Neil Report Jan 1, 2019 3254
Drugs and the Teen Brain. Dec 10, 2018 483
Screening for Problematic Internet Use. Moreno, Megan A. Sep 1, 2018 937
Tattoos For Teens. Girone, Joseph A. Sep 1, 2018 622
Teen Attitudes Towards Tobacco. Brief article Sep 1, 2018 109
Online and Health Risk Behaviors In High School Students: An Examination of Bullying. Long, Meghan N.; Dowdell, Elizabeth B. Report Sep 1, 2018 4469
We Are ALL Beautiful Girls! May 1, 2018 5550
Overview of assessment and treatment of nonsuicidal self-injury among adolescents. Garisch, Jessica A.; Wilson, Marc S.; O'Connell, Angelique; Robinson, Kealagh Nov 1, 2017 7181
Non-suicidal self-injury: Suicide risk or social activity? Curtis, Cate Report Nov 1, 2017 8457
What's Keeping Teenagers Up? Hubbard, Emily; Bei, Bei Nov 1, 2017 930
Screening for Problematic Internet Use. Moreno, Megan A. Nov 1, 2017 937
Nonadherence to Hypertension Medications in African-American Adolescents. Moughrabi, Samira; Lopez, Jared Sep 1, 2017 5364
Associations between sedentary behaviors, sleep patterns, and BMI in young dancers attending a summer intensive dance training program. Stracciolini, Andrea; Stein, Cynthia J.; Kinney, Susan; McCrystal, Tara; Pepin, Michael J.; Meehan, Report Jul 1, 2017 4935
From conversation to relationships to great teen services. Braun, Linda W. Jun 1, 2017 1476
Sleep deprivation in adolescents--a cross-sectional study. Kulkarni, Namrata Vijay; Gupta, Vikram Kumar Report Nov 14, 2016 2056
'Mean girl' behavior. Brief article Aug 25, 2016 157
Contraceptive knowledge and perception among school going adolescent girls in Indore City. Jain, Vaishali; Jain, Sonal; Jain, Chandra Prabha Report Aug 22, 2016 2247
Exploring proenvironmental behavior of Serbian youth through environmental values, satisfaction, and responsibility. Jovanovic, Slavoljub; Gataric, Dragica; Prnjat, Zorica; Andjelkovic, Goran; Jovanovic, Jasmina M.; L Report Aug 1, 2016 4532
Hookah smoking in U.S. adolescents: implications for research and practice. Sharma, Manoj; Haider, Taj Editorial Aug 1, 2016 1761
A weighty matter: identification and management of overweight and obesity in adolescents. Peer, N.; Ganie, Y.N. Report Jul 1, 2016 3282
The promotion of wellbeing in adolescent middle school students: high intensity communication and self-esteem in school organized sports. Matteucci, Ivana Report Jun 15, 2016 5683
Management of implementation of water tourism for youth in the Czech Republic. Novakova, Svatava; Blahutkova, Marie; Lepkova, Hana Report Jun 15, 2016 4895
The Pittsburgh sleep quality index--a mean of sleep assessing. Sabau, Elena; Niculescu, Georgeta; Gevat, Cecilia Report Jun 15, 2016 3103
Determination of clinical and socio-demographical differences of adolescents applying to a treatment center with family encouragement or the decision of the probation office and determination of predictive factors in maintaining soberness among probation cases. Yuncu, Zeki; Aydin, Rezzan; Aydin, Cahide; Ozbaran, Burcu; Kose, Sezen Report Jun 1, 2016 6018
Intergenerational influence on adolescents' proenvironmental behavior. Li, Jianan; Liu, Chunlin Report May 1, 2016 5054
Reflections on using pinhole photography as a pedagogical and methodological tool with adolescents in wild nature. Socha, Teresa; Potter, Tom; Potter, Stephanie; Jickling, Bob Report Apr 1, 2016 7750
Exploring adventure therapy as an early intervention for struggling adolescents. Dobud, Will Report Apr 1, 2016 6145
Dependence on social networking sites in adolescents. Rajeev, Ranjith; Soans, Santosh; Aroor, Amita Rao; Shastry, Ramgopal; Shriyan, Ashvij Report Mar 17, 2016 2344
Adolescents' achievement beliefs and behaviors in sport, music, and reading domains. Phillips, Alison C.; Weiss, Maureen R. Report Feb 21, 2016 8045
A study on prevalence of tobacco consumption among school students studying from fifth to eighth standards and assessment of their risk behavior by studying their knowledge, attitude, and practices regarding tobacco consumption in Ahmedabad City, Gujarat, India. Hirani, Darshana R.; Balaramanamma, Dinavahi V. Report Feb 1, 2016 4179
An interventional study to assess the change in knowledge and attitude regarding health care of pregnant women among adolescents of Tribal Ashram Shala, Sakwar, Palghar, by four-pronged approach. Sadawarte, Mandar K.; Nandanwar, Deepika Y.; Siddiqui, Aftab; Wasnik, Sumit G.; Joshi, Abhishek U. Report Feb 1, 2016 4460
Shunning problem. Weston, Carol Brief article Feb 1, 2016 121
Brain development and teens. Ditter, Bob Sep 1, 2015 2013
ETHNIC IDENTITY AND SUBJECTIVE WELL-BEING OF BULLY PARTICIPANTS. Vera, Elizabeth M.; Kordesh, Kathy; Polanin, Megan; Adams, Kristen; Aydin, Fatma; Knoll, Mike; Oh, J Report Sep 1, 2015 7731
Generalizing the team identification: social psychological health model for adolescents. Wann, Daniel L.; Brasher, Matthew; Thomas, Danielle L.; Scheuchner, Holly L. Report Aug 28, 2015 6148
Anger in adolescent communities: how angry are they? Pullen, Lisa; Modrcin, Mary Anne; McGuire, Sandra L.; Lane, Karen; Keamely, Melissa; Engle, Sonya Report May 1, 2015 4696
Substance abuse in adolescents: implications for research and practice. Sharma, Manoj Apr 1, 2015 959
Social goal orientations, perceived beliefs of significant others, and adolescents' own beliefs about unsportspersonlike play. Stuntz, Cheryl P.; Weiss, Maureen R. Report Feb 26, 2015 6384
E-cigarette use near schools. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 126
Healthy internet use in young people. Day, Jeremy Nov 1, 2014 1852
Interpersonal influences on the asthma self-management skills of the rural adolescent. Quaranta, Judith; Wool, Mallory; Logvis, Kayla; Brown, Kimberly; Joshy, David Report Sep 22, 2014 7168
Factors associated with active commuting among a nationally representative sample of Canadian youth. Bookwala, Ammar; Elton-Marshall, Tara; Leatherdale, Scott T. Report Sep 1, 2014 5023
Student behavior management: school leader's role in the eyes of the teachers and students. Nooruddin, Shirin; Baig, Sharifullah Report Sep 1, 2014 8264
Study for adolescent problem and psychology. Kakkad, Astha; Trivedi, Monika; Trivedi, Gitika; Raichandani, Abhishek Report Aug 21, 2014 3252
Social adjustment of deaf early adolescents at the start of secondary school: the divergent role of withdrawn behavior in peer status. Wolters, Nina; Knoors, Harry; Cillessen, Antonius H.N.; Verhoeven, Ludo Report Jun 22, 2014 8460
Determining the behavioral components of physical environment and society in children and teenagers criminology (study of symptoms and norms). Jafarzadeh, Mehri; Es'haghi, Hamid Reza Report Jun 20, 2014 3050
Western Australian adolescents' reasons for infrequent engagement in recreational book reading. Merga, Margaret K. Report Jun 1, 2014 3346
Relation between spiritual intellect and exciting intellect with identity styles among teenagers of Ilam City. Mami, Shahram; Ghasemi, Safoora; Mehdizadeh, Khadijeh; Roozdar, Azadeh Report Jun 1, 2014 1729
The effect of recreational activities on emotional intelligence and psychological security level and their relationship to the level of academic achievement of the juvenile crime in the eastern region (Dammam) in Saudi Arabia. Nagla, Eltanahi; Kawther, Kassem Report Jun 1, 2014 4670
Teenage behavior online is nothing new, says researcher. McCarthy, Kathleen Excerpt Apr 1, 2014 256
Virtue development following spiritual transformation in adolescents attending evangelistic summer camp. Schnitker, Sarah A.; Felke, Thomas J.; Barrett, Justin L.; Emmons, Robert A. Report Mar 22, 2014 8029
Beatles reaction puzzles even psychologists. Brief article Mar 8, 2014 187
Deconstructing the Pyramid of Prejudice. Shields, David Light Mar 1, 2014 3295
Self-injury information on the internet. Lewis, Stephen P. Mar 1, 2014 1366
Teenage temper tantrums. Girone, Joseph A. Mar 1, 2014 991
On adolescence. Suarez, Alexa Column Feb 1, 2014 789
School-based drug abuse prevention programs in high school students. Sharma, Manoj; Branscum, Paul Report Dec 1, 2013 5115
Internal possession laws cut drinking. Tucker, Charlotte Brief article Aug 1, 2013 111
Nearly 20% of suicidal youths have guns in their home. Report Jun 1, 2013 579
The approaches of da'wah in developing personality of adolescents. Sham, Fariza Md Report Apr 1, 2013 3414
Kids are not adults: brain research is providing new insights into what drives teenage behavior, moving lawmakers to rethink policies that treat them like adults. Brown, Sarah Alice Apr 1, 2013 2630
Teen dating violence linked to long-term harm. Brief article Mar 22, 2013 159
MRI to help unlock mysteries of risky teen behavior: project is first to occur in new Cornell MRI Facility. Booker, Karene Mar 22, 2013 500
Self-esteem and the initiation of substance use among adolescents. Richardson, Chris G.; Kwon, Jae-Young; Ratner, Pamela A. Report Jan 1, 2013 2721
Predicting adolescent deviant behaviors through data mining techniques. Liu, Yu-Chin; Hsu, Yung-Chieh Report Jan 1, 2013 6754
Effects of loneliness on human development. Blossom, Paige; Apsche, Jack Report Jan 1, 2013 2380
Conduct symptoms and emotion recognition in adolescent boys with externalization problems. Aspan, Nikoletta; Vida, Peter; Gadoros, Julia; Halasz, Jozsef Report Jan 1, 2013 4038
Teens keep cool to win a reward: young people's brains take time for thoughtful choices. Sanders, Laura Nov 17, 2012 365
Gender differences in what works for boys and girls. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 292
Extension project guides teens to make wiser decisions about sex, diet, and exercise. Sep 22, 2012 342
Analyzing peer pressure and self-efficacy expectations among adolescents. Kiran-Esen, Binnaz Report Sep 1, 2012 3197
How healthy is the behavior of young athletes? A systematic literature review and meta-analyses. Diehl, Katharina; Thiel, Ansgar; Zipfel, Stephan; Mayer, Jochen; Litaker, David G.; Schneider, Sven Report Jun 1, 2012 13793
Seeing the court: a qualitative inquiry into youth basketball as a positive developmental context. Harrist, Christopher J.; Witt, Peter A. Report May 15, 2012 11104
On the care and feeding of adolescents at camp. Schafer, Ethan May 1, 2012 2360
Distracted driving. Brief article May 1, 2012 193
Increased stress puts more at risk. Apr 1, 2012 450
Girl wisdom. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 265
Crush pressure? Mar 1, 2012 422
Prosocial moral reasoning and prosocial behavior among Turkish and Spanish adolescents. Kumru, Asiye; Carlo, Gustavo; Mestre, Maria V.; Samper, Paula Report Mar 1, 2012 4373
Personality and parenting processes associated with problem behaviors: a study of adolescents in Santiago, Chile. Bares, Cristina B.; Delva, Jorge; Grogan-Kaylor, Andrew; Andrade, Fernando Report Dec 1, 2011 8849
Effect of Military Deployments on Adolescents. Sep 1, 2011 435
Pentimento. Lusk, Daniel Poem Jun 22, 2011 176
New-media generation: class of '11. Littleton, Cynthia Jun 13, 2011 358
Passing the test of the first tween crush. Ferullo, Joe May 27, 2011 756
Teens trust parents more than the Internet. Brief article May 1, 2011 137
Turned Off. Ingall, Marjorie Apr 27, 2011 1059
Nonshared environment and monozygotic adolescent twin differences in effortful control. Guo, Fei; Chen, Zhiyan; Li, Xinying; Yang, Xiaodong; Zhang, Jie; Ge, Xiaojia Report Apr 1, 2011 3516
Teenage bullies: might not right. Waters, Karen Mar 22, 2011 2523
Growing up digital: you're the first generation to be connected 24/7 to phones and computers. Are your brains being rewired? Richtel, Matt Feb 28, 2011 1006
Cyberbullying: technology is making bullying easier to do, and harder to escape. Wilmore, Kathy Cover story Nov 22, 2010 1042
Adolescent nonsuicidal self-injury: minimizing client and counselor risk and enhancing client care. Hoffman, Rachel M.; Kress, Victoria E. Report Oct 1, 2010 5050
Parenting your Catholic teen. Clarke, Cale Oct 1, 2010 2284
Health-risk behaviors among today's high school students. Statistical data Sep 1, 2010 462
Researchers suggest starting school day later to fit teens' development. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 264
Are you a go-getter? When it comes to competition, are you a could-care-less chica or a feisty fighter? Greenback, Laura Aug 1, 2010 1231
Get in the habit of creating good habits: help your teens form positive behaviors that serve them for a lifetime. Lee, David Column Jul 1, 2010 634
Children and Young People's Views on Web 2.0 Technologies. LGA Research Report. Rudd, Peter; Walker, Matthew Author abstract Jun 1, 2010 206
Breaking Barriers to Educational Opportunities: A Comparative Analysis of Adolescent Intervention Programs. Walsh, Rachael Mae Report May 1, 2010 192
Are Canadian Adolescents Happy? A Gender-Based Analysis of a Nationally Representative Survey. Weaver, Robert D.; Habibov, Nazim N. Author abstract Apr 1, 2010 204
Patriotic, active kids suffer less deployment stress. Sample, Doug Apr 1, 2010 268
Readers: characterized, implied, actual. Reimer, Mavis Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 4638
Sports machismo may be a cue to male teen violence. Dec 22, 2009 560
Keeping teens tip-top in the New Year. Dec 1, 2009 467
Spiral of Rebellion: Conflict Seeking of Democratic Adolescents in Republican Counties. CIRCLE Working Paper #68. McDevitt, Michael Author abstract Nov 1, 2009 369
Video games: rules required. Merlo, Lisa J. Nov 1, 2009 485
A week in the life of an unschooled teen. Strickland, Jim Nov 1, 2009 1403
Is 2 much txtng bad 4 u? Staying connected can take a tort--on your thumbs and on your mind. Hafner, Katie Oct 5, 2009 534
Determinants of online privacy concern and its influence on privacy protection behaviors among young adolescents. Youn, Seounmi Report Sep 22, 2009 12221
George and Mammy. Moses, Maranda Short story Sep 22, 2009 3182
Cross-domain generality of achievement motivation across sport and the classroom: the case of Spanish adolescents. Castillo, Isabel; Duda, Joan L.; Balaguer, Isabel; Tomas, Ines Report Sep 22, 2009 4079
The antecedents of e-learning outcome: an examination of system quality, technology readiness, and learning behavior. Ho, Li-An Report Sep 22, 2009 5580
Evaluation of a school-based internship program for Chinese immigrant adolescents in the United States. Ching, Alison M.; Yeh, Christine J.; Siu, Wing Yin; Wu, Katherine A.; Okubo, Yuki Report Sep 22, 2009 7589
Disorganized attachment relationships in infants of adolescent mothers and factors that may augment positive outcomes. Long, Melissa Slomski Report Sep 22, 2009 4819
Relationship between boys' normative beliefs about aggression and their physical, verbal, and indirect aggressive behaviors. Lim, Si Huan; Ang, Rebecca P. Report Sep 22, 2009 5310
The effects of learning goals on learning performance of field-dependent and field-independent late adolescents in a hypertext environment. Ku, David Tawei; Soulier, J. Steve Report Sep 22, 2009 4515
Family influence on volunteering intention and behavior among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong. Law, Ben M.F.; Shek, Daniel T.L. Report Sep 22, 2009 6382
Reducing the Teen Death Rate. KIDS COUNT Indicator Brief. Shore, Rima; Shore, Barbara Report Jul 1, 2009 346
Nielsen Study: Teens Still Rely Primarily on Traditional Media. Szalai, Georg; Uhl, Colbern Jun 25, 2009 636
The adolescent mattering experience gender variations in perceived mattering, anxiety, and depression. Dixon, Andrea L.; Scheidegger, Corey; McWhirter, J. Jeffries Report Jun 22, 2009 7121
Mexican American adolescents' academic achievement and aspirations: the role of perceived parental educational involvement, acculturation, and self-esteem. Carranza, Francisco D.; You, Sukkyung; Chhuon, Vichet; Hudley, Cynthia Report Jun 22, 2009 6961
Bully/victim problems in Northern Ireland's schools: data from the 2003 Young Persons' Behavior and Attitude Survey. Mc Guckin, Conor; Cummins, Pauline K.; Lewis, Christopher Alan Survey Jun 22, 2009 4441
Social problem solving, family functioning, and suicidal ideation among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong. Kwok, Sylvia Y.C. Lai; Shek, Daniel T.L. Survey Jun 22, 2009 5714
The role of sense of coherence and physical activity in positive and negative affect of Turkish adolescents. Oztekin, Ceyda; Tezer, Esin Report Jun 22, 2009 4552
Building mutual aid among young people with emotional and behavioral problems: the experiences of Hong Kong social workers. Ngai, Steven Sek-yum; Cheung, Chau-kiu; Ngai, Ngan-pun Report Jun 22, 2009 6803
The Effect of Interpersonal Relationships on Psychosomatic Symptoms: Moderating Role of Gender. Wang, Su-hsing; Luh, Wei-ming Author abstract Jun 1, 2009 191
The structure of problem behavior in a sample of maltreated youths. Culhane, Sara E.; Taussig, Heather N. Report Jun 1, 2009 5907
Adolescent risk behaviours and psychological distress across immigrant generations. Hamilton, Hayley A.; Noh, Samuel; Adlaf, Edward M. Clinical report May 1, 2009 3676
Bullies' brains empathize, sort of. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article Mar 14, 2009 192
Teen marijuana use. Mar 1, 2009 373
Hooked up or just hooked: teens spend four hours per day either watching television or online. Tucker, Patrick Mar 1, 2009 852
Hepatitis C and HIV prevalence using oral mucosal transudate, and reported drug use and sexual behaviours of youth in custody in British Columbia. Buxton, J.A.; Rothon, D.; Durigon, M.; Lem, M.; Tu, A.W.; Remple, V.P.; Cook, D.; Krajden, M. Report Mar 1, 2009 3336
Test anxiety, academic achievement, and self-esteem among Arab adolescents with and without learning disabilities. Peleg, Ora Report Jan 1, 2009 7263
Handbook to help youth in care. Phalen, Chris Jan 1, 2009 676
Community violence and psychological distress: the protective effects of emotional social support and sense of personal control among older adolescents. Rosenthal, Beth Spenciner; Wilson, W. Cody Author abstract Dec 22, 2008 6937
Early adolescents' conceptions of the good life and the good person. Bronk, Kendall Cotton Author abstract Dec 22, 2008 6966
Prevalence and psychosocial correlates of alcohol-related sexual assault among university students. Howard, Donna E.; Griffin, Melinda A.; Boekeloo, Bradley O. Author abstract Dec 22, 2008 7008
Turkish adolescents' conflict resolution strategies toward peers and parents as a function of loneliness. Ciftci, Ayse; Demir, Ayhan; Bikos, Lynette Heim Author abstract Dec 22, 2008 5599
Teenagers' Significant Experiences in Aesthetic Areas: Some Empirical Observations Regarding the Role of Dramatic Art. Finnas, Leif Author abstract Dec 15, 2008 344
Emo rescue. Riggs, Mike Brief article Nov 1, 2008 223
Millennials among us: are they taking over the world and are we ready? Ambardar, Rekha Nov 1, 2008 2659
Assessing the adaptive behavior of youths: multicultural responsivity. Allen-Meares, Paula Report Oct 1, 2008 6553
Change. Weston, Carol Brief article Oct 1, 2008 257
Too close for comfort? Are you and your BFF connected 24/7? Believe it or not, a little 'me time' can take your friendship from too tight to just right. McNamara, Patricia Oct 1, 2008 540
What's your secret learning style? Are you a show-me student or more of a listen-and-learn kind of gal? Knowing how your brain works best is the new, easy wag to an A! McNamara, Patricia Oct 1, 2008 1213
Straight-up? Are you and your buds always up-front with each other? Or do you stay tight-lipped about the truth? Take this quiz to find out! Mulcahy, Lisa Oct 1, 2008 1148
The relationship between the lunar cycle and adolescent misbehavior: fact or fiction? Wilde, Jerry Report Sep 22, 2008 2642
Adolescent stress through the eyes of high-risk teens. LaRue, Denise E.; Herrman, Judith Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 5797
Youth risk behaviors down over past 16 years. Schneider, Mary Ellen Report Jul 1, 2008 950
Sexual attitudes and behavior at four universities: do region, race, and/or religion matter? Davidson, J. Kenneth, Sr.; Moore, Nelwyn B.; Earle, John R.; Davis, Robert Report Jun 22, 2008 11402
Postformal thinking and creativity among late adolescents: a post-Piagetian approach. Wu, Pai-Lu; Chiou, Wen-Bin Report Jun 22, 2008 4792
Socialization agents and activities of young adolescents. Arnon, Sara; Shamai, Shmuel; Ilatov, Zinaida Report Jun 22, 2008 8824
An instuitive approach to risky decision making in adolescence. Reyna, Valerie May 1, 2008 836
Teens and decision making: what brain science reveals: do you ever act before thinking? Have you ever wondered why? Do you worry this might create problems? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, read on. Mar 31, 2008 990
Adolescents' perceptions of friends during substance abuse treatment: a qualitative study. Passetti, Lora L.; Godley, Susan H.; White, Michelle K. Mar 22, 2008 4850
Ask lucky. Sandler, Laura Feb 1, 2008 614
Decisions, decisions: believe it or not, you make thousands of 'em a day. Gazillions over a lifetime. And every decision matters. Barhyte, Dawn Marie Feb 1, 2008 622
Gossip, girl! When GL wants dish, we hit up the most dependable sources. That's why we asked real readers to spill on what it is to be tangled up in the land of gossip. Because we don't want to risk misinterpretation, we're giving it to you word for word. And to avoid schoolwide verbal outbreaks, these gals will remain anonymous (kinda like the one who narrates on--what else?--Gossip Girl). Here's the dirt, straight up.... White, Kelly Feb 1, 2008 1218
Excuse busters! Got a million reasons why you can't work out? Not anymore. Brief article Feb 1, 2008 297
Only skip deep: imagine if you weren't allowed to talk about your feelings. Ever. You could gossip, joke, discuss mundane things, like school assignments, but no feelings allowed! You'd probably explode, right? That's exactly how Chloe * felt ... before she began cutting herself. Ryan, Sandy Fertman Feb 1, 2008 1696
Adolescents' problem behaviors and parent-adolescent conflicts in Hmong immigrant families. Xiong, Zha Blong; Tuicomepee, Arunya; Rettig, Kathryn D. Report Jan 1, 2008 5362
Adolescents' perception of bullying: who is the victim? Who is the bully? What can be done to stop bullying? Frisen, Ann; Jonsson, Anna-karin; Persson, Camilla Survey Dec 22, 2007 3874
Adjustment problems in the family and school contexts, attitude towards authority, and violent behavior at school in adolescence. Ochoa, Gonzalo Musitu; Lopez, Estefania Estevez; Emler, Nicholas P. Report Dec 22, 2007 5337
The impact of individual ability, favorable team member scores, and student perception of course importance on student preference of team-based learning and grading methods. Su, Allan Yen-Lun Report Dec 22, 2007 6504
The effect of physical attractiveness of models on advertising effectiveness for male and female adolescents. Tsai, Chia-Ching; Chang, Chih-Hsiang Report Dec 22, 2007 2514
Similarities between Students Receiving Dress Code Violations and Discipline Referrals at Newport Junior High School. Nicholson, Nikki Author abstract Nov 29, 2007 220
Adolescent sleepwalkers are often agitated. Bates, Betsy Nov 1, 2007 1196
Evaluating personal construct group work with troubled adolescents. Truneckova, Deborah; Viney, Linda L. Report Sep 22, 2007 9371
Perceived parental behavioral control and psychological control in Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong: a replication. Shek, Daniel T.L. Report Sep 22, 2007 1662
Impetus for worship: an exploratory study of adolescents' idol adoration behaviors. Lin, Ying-Ching; Lin, Chien-Hsin Report Sep 22, 2007 4116
Boys in crisis? Australian adolescent males beyond the rhetoric. Singleton, Andrew Report Sep 22, 2007 5793
Adolescents' participation in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous: review, implications and future directions ([dagger]). Kelly, John F.; Myers, Mark G. Sep 1, 2007 9108
The adolescent quest for autonomy: renegotiating a cordial relationship. Omatseye, B.O.J. Sep 1, 2007 3735
A hideout all their own: the iPod didn't invent youthful alienation. It merely perfected it. Weinstock, Jeff Sep 1, 2007 426
Rates of student-reported antisocial behavior, school suspensions, and arrests in Victoria, Australia and Washington State, United States *. Hemphill, Sheryl A.; McMorris, Barbara J.; Toumbourou, John W.; Herrenkohl, Todd I.; Catalano, Richa Report Aug 1, 2007 7089
A national study of youth attitudes toward the inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities. Siperstein, Gary N.; Parker, Robin C.; Bardon, Jennifer Norins; Widaman, Keith F. Jun 22, 2007 11976
Self-mutilation and gifted children. Cross, Tracy L. Jun 22, 2007 1356
Validation of the Adolescent Concerns Measure (ACM): evidence from exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. Ang, Rebecca P.; Chong, Wan Har; Huan, Vivien S.; Yeo, Lay See Report Jun 22, 2007 6725
Peer group membership and a sense of belonging: their relationship to adolescent behavior problems. Newman, Barbara M.; Lohman, Brenda J.; Newman, Philip R. Report Jun 22, 2007 8498
Social isolation, psychological health, and protective factors in adolescence. Hall-Lande, Jennifer A.; Eisenberg, Marla E.; Christenson, Sandra L.; Neumark-Sztainer, Dianne Report Jun 22, 2007 8056
Psychosocial factors associated with reports of physical dating violence among U.S. adolescent females. Howard, Donna E.; Wang, Min Qi; Yan, Fang Report Jun 22, 2007 4999
Effects of appearance-related testing on ethnically diverse adolescent girls. Yoo, Jeong-Ju; Johnson, Kim K.P. Report Jun 22, 2007 6940
Understanding race and gender differences in delinquent acts and alcohol and marijuana use: a developmental analysis of initiation. Williams, James Herbert; Van Dorn, Richard A.; Ayers, Charles D.; Bright, Charlotte L.; Abbott, Robe Report Jun 1, 2007 7712
Youth Risk Taking Behavior: The Role of Schools. A Center Policy & Practice Analysis Brief. Report Jun 1, 2007 313
Times of turmoil. Farham, Bridget Editorial May 1, 2007 512
Managing suicidal adolescents: suicidal adolescents have a different set of problems than suicidal adults. Pillay, Anthony L.; Wassenaar, Douglas R. Clinical report May 1, 2007 2475
Psychiatric aspects of HIV/AIDS in adolescents: HIV infection will increasingly be seen in adolescents as more infected children receive treatment. Thom, Rita Report May 1, 2007 2655
A longitudinal study on transactional relations between parental marital distress and adolescent emotional adjustment. VanderValk, Inge; de Goede, Martijn; Spruijt, Ed; Meeus, Wim Mar 22, 2007 8016
Relations among weight control behaviors and eating attitudes, social physique anxiety, and fruit and vegetable consumption in Turkish adolescents. Bas, Murat; Kiziltan, Gul Mar 22, 2007 4876
An empirical study of experiential value and lifestyles and their effects on satisfaction in adolescents: an example using online gaming. Shieh, Kwei-Fen; Cheng, Ming-Sung Mar 22, 2007 4922
Hegemonic masculinity and pornography: young people's attitudes toward and relations to pornography. Johansson, Thomas; Hammaren, Nils Jan 1, 2007 5102
Doing an Apprenticeship: What Young People Think. Misko, Josie; Nguyen, Nhi; Saunders, John Report Jan 1, 2007 512
Does drug testing have a place in our schools? There are too many problems to ignore. Knight, John R. Dec 1, 2006 405
Teen suicide: a multifaceted problem. Mahoney, Diana Dec 1, 2006 1195
Drug bodies: relations with substance in the Wau Bulolo valley. Halvaksz, Jamon Nov 1, 2006 5923
Applying positive youth development and life-course research to the treatment of adolescents involved with the judicial system. Bradshaw, Catherine P.; Brown, Jennifer Southwick; Hamilton, Stephen F. Oct 1, 2006 6673
A critical analysis of the Child and Adolescent Wellness Scale (CAWS). Weller-Clarke, Alandra Report Sep 22, 2006 7204
Advances and challenges in preventing childhood and adolescent problem behavior. Jenson, Jeffrey M. Editorial Sep 1, 2006 2509
Science, social work, prevention: finding the intersections. Hawkins, J. David Report Sep 1, 2006 9612
Youths' risky behaviors vary by race, ethnicity: a survey of almost 14,000 students finds disparities in smoking, drinking, drug use, and sexual activity. Schneider, Mary Ellen Survey Jul 1, 2006 737
Peer groups and substance use: examining the direct and interactive effect of leisure activity. Thorlindsson, Thorolfur; Bernburg, Jon Gunnar Jun 22, 2006 6561
Adult helping qualities preferred by adolescents. Martin, June; Romas, Michael; Medford, Marsha; Leffert, Nancy; Hatcher, Sherry L. Mar 22, 2006 4715
Racial justice through resistance: important dimensions of youth development for African Americans. Ginwright, Shawn Mar 22, 2006 2953
The relationship of time perspective to age, gender, and academic achievement among academically talented adolescents. Mello, Zena R.; Worrell, Frank C. Report Mar 22, 2006 5434
Preferring late nights may affect preteen behavior. Mar 22, 2006 466
Children's self-esteem related to school- and sport-specific perceptions of self and others. Cassidy, Camille M.; Conroy, David E. Mar 1, 2006 2096
Labor-market consequences of poor attitude and low self-esteem in youth. Waddell, Glen R. Jan 1, 2006 18750
Determinants of Indoor Tanning Behavior among Adolescent Females: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Stellefson, Michael; Chaney, J. Don Report Jan 1, 2006 222
Sport, 'horseplay' and the liability of young persons. McArdle, David Jan 1, 2006 3107
High School Reform and High School Afterschool: A Common Purpose. Afterschool Alert. Issue Brief No. 23. Author abstract Nov 1, 2005 421
Participation and consumption of illegal drugs among adolescents. Duarte, Rosa; Escario, Jose Julian; Molina, Jose Alberto Nov 1, 2005 7898
A parent's guide to celebrating tattoos and piercings. Rotenberg, David Nov 1, 2005 785
Baggin' that naggin': feel like the rents are on your case 24/7? Here's how to deal--and get along with 'em way better. Mulcahy, Lisa Oct 1, 2005 1278
Don't get dissed! Nasty insults, cruel teasing, mega-burns--whatever the diss, you CAN dismiss it. Mulcahy, Lisa Oct 1, 2005 1363
The effect of individual differences on adolescents' impulsive buying behavior. Lin, Chien-Huang; Chuang, Shin-Chieh Sep 22, 2005 2529
An investigation of Taiwanese early adolescents' views about the nature of science. Huang, Chao-Ming; Tsai, Chin-Chung; Chang, Chun-Yen Sep 22, 2005 3101
Developmental trajectories of legal socialization among serious adolescent offenders. Piquero, Alex R.; Fagan, Jeffrey; Mulvey, Edward P.; Steinberg, Laurence; Odgers, Candice L. Sep 22, 2005 12307
Risky business: exploring adolescent risk-taking behavior. Wyatt, Tammy Jordan; Peterson, Fred L. Aug 1, 2005 1903
Water works. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 123
Teen suicide may leave unanswered questions. Jellinek, Michael S. Jul 1, 2005 1339
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