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Admiring Latinos.

Everybody needs someone to admire. It is part of our socializing process when we are young, and it is also part of maturing when we grow up. Our heroes inspire us, give us ideas about how to talk, what to do, how to develop our own style, etc. When we are kids we admire fictional characters, but then we admire our parents, maybe our grandfather, our history teacher, or a friend. Later on, we start identifying and admiring some other heroes, real-life heroes, perhaps leaders.

Real leaders are exceptional people and yet they are humans, like the rest of us. But there's always some aspect of their personality or work that astonishes and motivates us. And it is right there that we learn from them.

In a wonderful exercise of reader-publisher feedback, we dedicated almost all our year's questionnaires to get our readers' opinions. We also did fieldwork and carried out surveys and asked who were the most admirable Latinos and why.

Our conclusion makes this edition a perfect one to end a good year. On the following pages you'll find who we consider to be the most admired Latinos today. They are leaders, but above all, they are strong role models for thousands if not millions of people. There is something in everyone that inspires and astonishes others, maybe the professional face of Jorge Ramos at Univision, the years of hard work of La Raza's Raul Yzaguirre, the mix of beauty and intelligence of Salma Hayek at the Academy Awards, the bravery of Rosario Marin as former Treasurer of the US, the indisputable talent for telling stories of Sandra Cisneros, the never-ending fight of Edward James Olmos for the image of Latinos, the art and universality of Julio Iglesias and his unique style, the greatness and generosity of Sammy Sosa as the best baseball player, the dreams and innovation of Oscar de la Renta as the top designer, and the capability and wisdom of Kellogg's Carlos Gutierrez, the highest ranking Latino in corporate America. All of these people reflect some of those magical and yet very human virtues that make all of us admire them.

To our top ten: thank you for being you and for doing what you do, that is our fuel to go on. To ourselves: we need more like them.

We sincerely hope that this issue makes you reflect and be inspired for the biggest challenges we all face ahead of us.


Raul Ferraez CEO rferraez@latinoleaders.coms

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Title Annotation:Publishers' Letter
Author:Ferraez, Jorge; Ferraez, Raul
Publication:Latino Leaders
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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