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FROM THE ARCHIVES. Feb 1, 2021 720
From Business Articles to Young Adult Literature: A Journalist Pens a Novel That Explores Bullying, Juvenile Justice and Shakespeare Rehab. Dorbian, Iris Apr 1, 2020 1729
Sustaining PBIS in Secure Care for Juveniles. Scheuermann, Brenda K.; Nelson, C. Michael Report Nov 1, 2019 6902
Juvenile Justice Administration in a Nutshell, 4th Edition. Brief article Jun 1, 2019 110
Policies and Resolutions. May 1, 2019 6782
Cases and Materials on Juvenile Justice Administration, 5th Edition. Book review May 1, 2019 125
New matrix, new phase: The role of disposition in Louisiana's reforms. Bueche, James K.; Graham, Paul; Herbert, Shawn; Touchet-Morgan, Elizabeth Beth Sep 1, 2018 2324
NEW APPROACHES, CHANGING LIVES: Juvenile justice reform is improving the odds that at-risk youth become productive adults. Teigen, Anne Jun 1, 2018 2503
Wiping the Slate Clean. Teigen, Anne Brief article Apr 1, 2018 308
Arts/Creative Writing/Poetry Programs on the Inside: Inside the Juvenile Justice System. Snow, Jessica Apr 1, 2018 1817
Juvenile Court Rules Committee regular-cycle report. Mar 1, 2018 1700
DECRIMINALIZING CHILDHOOD. Dennis, Andrea L. Dec 1, 2017 17251
Getting smart: Kentucky's "Smart on Juvenile Justice" initiative shows early success. Lachman, Pamela; Upin, Tessa; Pierce, Barbara May 1, 2017 1903
Managing solitude: reducing the use of isolation in secure juvenile confinement facilities. Dempsey, Michael Mar 1, 2017 1532
A "Mom and Pop" confinement: how families can and must get involved in the juvenile justice system. Hedger, Joey Mar 1, 2017 2582
Every hand's a loser: the intersection of zero-tolerance policies, mental illness in children and adolescents, and the juvenile justice system. Monterastelli, Shandra Jan 1, 2017 8284
The case for a radical moral communitarian youth justice. Burke, Roger Hopkins Essay Jan 1, 2017 9238
Psychopathology in juvenile justice youths: demographic, psychological, and contextual elements that are related to violent offending and nonviolent delinquency among adolescents. Radulescu, Adina Report Jan 1, 2017 2569
Gendered due process of juvenile justice. Appell, Annette R. Jan 1, 2017 5009
Minor threats: why thousands of girls have been jailed for talking back, staying out late, or skipping school. Levintova, Hannah Sep 1, 2016 3530
Using Bayesian Networks to understand representative bureaucracy in juvenile detention facilities. Silvera, Ginger; Smail, Linda Report Jun 22, 2016 7117
Whitney Untiedt's 'Big Idea': Leadership Academy graduate organizes statewide juvenile defense effort. Pudlow, Jan Jun 15, 2016 1382
So the juvenile justice reform legislation has passed--now what? Parker, Barbara Pierce; Upin, Tessa May 1, 2016 2459
Promoting zero tolerance of sexual abuse in juvenile facilities. Garrity, Rita; Klepin, Yvette; Sayasane, Robert May 1, 2016 359
The utility of a multi-tiered behavioral system in juvenile justice: the positive behavioral interventions and supports framework. Jolivette, Kristine; Kimball, Kathleen A.; Boden, Lauren J.; Sprague, Jeffrey R. May 1, 2016 3292
Juvenile Court and CTE: partnering for education and justice. Calloway, Sheila D.J. Mar 1, 2016 1968
Oil Diplomacy At Work As Oman & Russia Propose Iran-Saudi Deal To End Price War. Feb 1, 2016 933
Reducing use of restrictive housing in juvenile facilities through a change in staff culture. Stickrath, Thomas; Blessinger, Christine Editorial Jan 1, 2016 689
The value of alternative therapies in mental health treatment for incarcerated youths. Williams, Lynn Jan 1, 2016 2779
The Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice's service coordination model. Holderman, Courtney Jan 1, 2016 858
Annual youth justice statistics collated by the Youth Justice Board. Dec 22, 2015 403
Review of the youth justice system: interim report of emerging findings. Dec 22, 2015 601
"Keep local kids local": departed capital, derelict land, and (Neo)Liberal Detention. Schept, Judah Report Dec 22, 2015 10022
Pyrrhic Victory? Social Justice Organizations as service providers in neoliberal times. Myers, Randolph R.; Goddard, Tim Essay Sep 30, 2015 7908
Building, staffing, and insulating: An architecture of criminological complicity in the school-to-prison pipeline. Schept, Judah; Wall, Tyler; Brisman, Avi Report Sep 30, 2015 8954
Being young in the age of globalization: a look at recent literature on neoliberalism's effects on youth. Turner, Justin Essay Sep 30, 2015 6313
Responsible submission: the racialized consequences of neoliberal juvenile justice practices. Cox, Alexandra Essay Sep 30, 2015 7290
Managing disruptive and violent juvenile offenders in the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. Fernandez, Miguel A.; Doyle, Christine; Koon, Ron; McClain, Denise Sep 1, 2015 1891
Community courts to address youth offending: a lost opportunity? Atherton, Susie Report Jun 22, 2015 5984
Youth justice: past, present and future. Case, Stephen; Creaney, Sean; Deakin, Jo; Haines, Kevin Report Jun 22, 2015 5013
Strategy proposed to help keep children out of prison. Brief article Jun 22, 2015 185
Harris Review: Changing Prisons, Saving Lives. Jun 22, 2015 417
Local authority duties to receive children transferred from police custody. Brief article Jun 22, 2015 121
Youth Justice, participation and radical moral communitarianism. Creaney, Sean; Burke, Roger Hopkins Report Jun 22, 2015 6257
Taking Stock of Youth Justice. Hine, Jean Editorial Jun 22, 2015 1928
Law and order conservatism and youth justice: outcomes and effects in Canada and England and Wales. Fox, Darrell; Arnull, Elaine Report Jun 22, 2015 9415
'Youth justice practice is just messy' youth offending team practitioners: culture and identity. Morris, Rachel Report Jun 22, 2015 4918
Still working with "involuntary clients" in youth justice. Creaney, Sean Report Mar 22, 2015 4922
Implementation of a wellness program in a juvenile justice setting. Staples-Horne, Michelle Jan 1, 2015 940
Highlights of the 2012 National Youth Gang Survey. Juvenile Justice Fact Sheet. Egley, Arlen, Jr.; Howell, James C.; Harris, Meena Report Dec 1, 2014 275
Standards of children criminal justice in convention on the right of the child. Khazai, Ahad; Afrasyabi, Saber; Emarati, Abedin Darabi Report Nov 1, 2014 2676
Bus driver goes home to Iran after beating in New Zealand. Aug 15, 2014 450
Georgia's juvenile justice system applies new framework to modify youth behavior trends. Fernandez, Miguel; McClain, Denise Jul 1, 2014 1580
Special interest group influences juvenile justice in Oregon: state bears one of the worst juvenile arrest rates in U.S. Marquis, Joshua Jul 1, 2014 1180
Breaking free of the prison paradigm: integrating restorative justice techniques into Chicago's juvenile justice system. Tsui, Judy C. Jun 22, 2014 13667
Locating the community in restorative justice for young people in Australia. Richards, Kelly Report Jun 22, 2014 5865
Responding to antisocial behaviour in New South Wales: youth conduct orders. Stanculescu, Anca; Stout, Brian Report Jun 22, 2014 6322
Idaho's: implementation of substance Use Disorder Sercives for juvenile Jusstce Populations. Riley, Frank May 1, 2014 2812
Is life without parole for juveniles just or unjust? Ross, James D., II; Friedman, Gary May 1, 2014 1337
Misconstruing Graham & Miller. Drinan, Cara H. Apr 1, 2014 4589
Framing education and learning in youth justice in England and Wales: some outcomes for young offender intervention. Knight, Victoria Report Mar 22, 2014 8288
Juvenile justice in belligerent occupation regimes: comparing the coalition provisional authority administration in Iraq with the Israeli military government in the territories administered by Israel. Khen, Hilly Moodrick-Even Jan 1, 2014 22872
Female juvenile offenders: a forgotten population. Selph, Mykel; Ast, Amy L.; Dolan, Laura Jan 1, 2014 1536
Rethinking juvenile justice: after years of moving in the opposite direction, many states are now making it harder to try teen offenders in the adult justice system. Schwartz, John Dec 9, 2013 2090
Locking up racial bias: States continue to look for ways to reduce disparities in the juvenile justice system. Brown, Sarah Oct 1, 2013 1108
Symposium foreword. Litton, Paul Sep 22, 2013 4872
Juvenile lifers and judicial overreach: a curmudgeonly meditation on Miller v. Alabama. Bowman, Frank O., III Sep 22, 2013 13112
Miller v. Alabama: what it is, what it may be, and what it is not. Gertner, Nancy Sep 22, 2013 5431
Eighth Amendment differentness. Berry, William W., III Sep 22, 2013 15393
Precedent as a policy map: what Miller v. Alabama tells us about emerging adults and the direction of contemporary youth services. Peters, Clark Sep 22, 2013 4029
The other "Missouri Model": systemic juvenile injustice in the Show-Me State. Quinn, Mae C. Sep 22, 2013 5633
The other "Missouri Model": systemic juvenile injustice in the Show-Me State. Quinn, Mae C. Sep 22, 2013 19293
Where the judiciary prosecutes in front of itself: Missouri's unconstitutional juvenile court structure. Gupta-Kagan, Josh Sep 22, 2013 7973
Where the judiciary prosecutes in front of itself: Missouri's unconstitutional juvenile court structure. Gupta-Kagan, Josh Sep 22, 2013 18596
OJJDP Family Listening Sessions. Executive Summary. Report Jul 1, 2013 320
Juvenile justice in Namibia: a country and system in transition. Winterdyk, John May 1, 2013 1777
Keeping youths out of adult jails and prisons. Ryan, Liz May 1, 2013 1190
Gendered decision-making practices in the juvenile justice system. Paraschiv, Gavril Report Jan 1, 2013 2182
Resource Brief: Gangs. Inquiry Response. Johnston, Howard Report Jan 1, 2013 382
Women in juvenile justice: leadership advice from professionals. Townsend, Cherie Dec 1, 2012 2864
But are we really any safer? Kelly, Kimbriell Nov 1, 2012 630
An exploratory view of the juvenile arbitration program of Aiken County, South Carolina. Hazen, Nina Report Sep 22, 2012 12438
Crime & punishment: the Supreme Court recently struck down mandatory sentences of life without parole for juveniles. The ruling signals a shift in how the law treats young offenders. Smith, Patricia Cover story Sep 17, 2012 2335
Juvenile justice administration. Book review Aug 1, 2012 111
Strategies for controlling children's crimes. Arhire, Diana-Elena Report Jul 1, 2012 2572
Juvenile rehabilitation versus incarceration. Levin, Marc A.; Lubow, Bart Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2012 938
Louisiana among leaders in aiding juveniles. Shaw, Kate Brief article Jun 1, 2012 194
Making a difference: when it comes to teens in trouble, girls need a place of their own. Teigen, Anne; Brown, Sarah Alice Jun 1, 2012 1278
Washington's journey with evidence-based and research-based programs in juvenile justice. Clayton, John Jun 1, 2012 1202
Stopping the madness: a new reentry system for juvenile corrections. Sells, Scott; Sullivan, Irene; DeVore, Donald Report Apr 1, 2012 4040
The Louisiana office of juvenile justice's reentry programming works. Melancon, Girard; Graham, Paul Apr 1, 2012 1781
US Supreme Court should give juveniles the chance to prove they've changed. Boyle, Gregory J. Viewpoint essay Mar 30, 2012 613
Unraveling probation officers' practices with youths with histories of trauma and stressful life events. Maschi, Tina; Schwalbe, Craig S. Report Mar 1, 2012 5850
Congressional action leads to better ACA standards. Rogers, Jeff Feb 1, 2012 1031
Locked away forever: the Supreme Court is considering whether life without parole for teens who've committed murder is a "cruel and unusual" punishment. Smith, Patricia Jan 2, 2012 1328
Child pirates from Somalia: a call for the international community to support the further development of juvenile justice systems in Puntland and Somaliland. Fritz, Danielle Jan 1, 2012 13033
Outside the police station: dealing with the potential for self- incrimination in juvenile court. Rosado, Lourdes M. Jan 1, 2012 14643
The Brian Williams memorial prize 2010-winning paper: what do 'they' think? Young offenders' views of Youth Offender Panels: a case study in one youth offending team. Suthers, Alison Case study Dec 22, 2011 9320
Involving the community in youth justice: "naming and shaming" and the role of local citizen courts in Britain and in the former GDR. Krause, Michael Report Dec 22, 2011 7209
Bob Dylan's lawyers, a dark day in Luzerne County, and learning to take legal ethics seriously. Lee, Randy Oct 1, 2011 16922
Social work and juvenile probation: historical tensions and contemporary convergences. Peters, Clark M. Report Oct 1, 2011 8175
Where now for youth justice? Smith, Roger Report Sep 22, 2011 5813
Examining the social, emotional and behavioral needs of youth involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Neely-Barnes, Susan; Whitted, Katheryn Report Sep 22, 2011 8028
Keeping kids outside the system: alternatives to juvenile detention are cheaper and more effective. Sullivan, Irene Jun 7, 2011 890
Spending too much on too few too late. May 1, 2011 423
Restorative justice and dialogue: impact, opportunities, and challenges in the global community. Umbreit, Mark S.; Armour, Marilyn Peterson Mar 22, 2011 7704
Adolescents with disabilities in the juvenile justice system: patterns of recidivism. Zhang, Dalun; Hsu, Hsien-Yuan; Katsiyannis, Antonis; Barrett, David E.; Ju, Song Mar 22, 2011 7988
The cycle of reform and retrenchment in juvenile justice. Loughran, Edward J. Editorial Feb 1, 2011 1391
New practices in juvenile justice. Townsend, Cheryln K. "Cherie" Column Feb 1, 2011 879
Focusing on juvenile justice reform in Minnesota. Driessen, Jerome Report Feb 1, 2011 2687
Closed circuit: could opening juvenile court hearings and records help uncover systemic abuse and corruption? Potts, Monica Jan 1, 2011 1639
A critique of measures that assess community efforts to reduce disproportionality and disparities in child welfare and juvenile justice agencies. Barbee, Anita P. Dec 22, 2010 3018
Humpty dumpty child: it's hard work to help heal the lives of broken children. But what could be more important? Spears, Ronald D. Nov 1, 2010 988
Accountability in teenage dating violence: a comparative examination of adult domestic violence and juvenile justice systems policies. Zosky, Diane L. Essay Oct 1, 2010 7054
"We've had three of them": addressing the invisibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and gender nonconforming youths in the juvenile justice system. Irvine, Angela Sep 22, 2010 8374
Professional education in youth justice: mirror or motor? Hester, Richaid Report Sep 22, 2010 5172
Weighing opportunity cost. Kelly, Kimbriell Editorial Sep 1, 2010 543
The urgent need for juvenile justice reform: our costly juvenile justice system too often does more harm than good. Fortunately, there's a better way. Here's what the ISBA is doing - and what you can do - to help. Hassakis, Mark D. President's page Aug 1, 2010 1413
Left behind: the paternalistic treatment of status offenders within the juvenile justice system. Kim, Julie J. Jul 1, 2010 12173
Damaged daughters: the history of girls' sexuality and the juvenile justice system. Pasko, Lisa Jun 22, 2010 13602
Confidence and credibility: magistrates and youth offending teams within the youth courts in England and Wales. Ivankovic, Lucy Report Mar 22, 2010 5932
'What have we done right?' Targets and youth crime prevention. Smyth, Graham Report Mar 22, 2010 4009
Setting the record "straight": girls, sexuality, and the juvenile correctional system. Pasko, Lisa Essay Mar 22, 2010 8564
Juvenile Court Rules Committee out-of-cycle amendment. Brief article Feb 15, 2010 126
Amendments to the cover sheet for family court cases. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 283
Juvenile Justice: DOJ Is Enhancing Information on Effective Programs, But Could Better Assess the Utility of This Information. Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives. GAO-10-125. Larence, Eileen R. Report Dec 1, 2009 385
Prosecution: Jail Minor Girls Who Demonstrated Against Officer. Brief article Oct 30, 2009 82
Juvenile Court Rules amendment. Brief article Oct 15, 2009 120
Teen pregnancy in the courtroom. Parker-Sawyers, Paula Oct 1, 2009 823
Two decades of juvenile justice reform have reduced youth detention, improved public safety and saved taxpayers millions of dollars. Gormsen, Lia Sep 22, 2009 384
Court Releases Minor Suspected of Assisting Arab Murderers. Brief article Aug 16, 2009 82
Communication and coordination make the difference. Livers, Mary L. Aug 1, 2009 924
LMA continues to answer the ABA's call to service. Stickel, Amy I. Aug 1, 2009 719
The U.S. needs to reduce its overreliance on incarceration and detention of juveniles, and instead redirect resources into proven strategies that cost less, enhance public safety and increase the success of youths who come in contact with the juvenile courts. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Jun 22, 2009 178
Risk, youth and moving on. Kemshall, Hazel; Boeck, Thilo; Fleming, Jennie Report Jun 22, 2009 6976
A research basis for addressing youth offending on the broadland 'stairway out of crime' programme. Boswell, Gwyneth; Poland, Fiona; Killett, Anne; Cross, John Report Jun 22, 2009 4898
Learning to C: visual arts education as strengths based practice in juvenile correctional facilities. Oesterreich, Heather A.; Flores, Sara McNie Report Jun 1, 2009 6683
Professional development: a capacity-building model for juvenile correctional education systems. Mathur, Sarup R.; Clark, Heather Griller; Schoenfeld, Naomi A. Report Jun 1, 2009 6994
'These are our children': new models are transforming juvenile justice. Rozzell, Liane Gay Jun 1, 2009 742
Illinois redeploy program amended. PA 095-1050: (Effective 1/1/10). Jun 1, 2009 593
Court to consider juvenile life sentences. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Jun 1, 2009 238
Service to youths brings extraordinary results. St. Gerard, Vanessa Jun 1, 2009 743
A "new beginning" for adolescents in our criminal justice system. Kaye, Judith S. Jun 1, 2009 4368
The Inculcation of Generic Skills among Juveniles through Technical and Vocational Education. Wan-Mohamed, Wan Azlinda; Yunus, Mohamed Hafis Report Apr 1, 2009 349
Racial and ethnic disparity and disproportionality in child welfare and juvenile justice: a Compendium. Hall, Chapin Brief article Apr 1, 2009 245
Waiving juveniles to criminal court: court officials express their thoughts. Urbina, Martin Guevara; White, William Sakamoto Report Mar 22, 2009 8259
Initiative addresses truancy in Washington state. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Mar 22, 2009 145
Corrections must lead the fight against youth gangs: the goal of the juvenile justice system should be to turn youthful offenders into responsible, law-abiding, productive citizens and to diminish the influence of gangs. Parry, Brian Feb 1, 2009 715
The Link: Connecting Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare. Volume 7, Number 3, Spring/Summer 2009. Williams, Meghan, Ed. Report Jan 1, 2009 151
Using Media Advocacy to Promote Detention Reform: A Practice Guide to Juvenile Detention Reform. Report Jan 1, 2009 224
Two Decades of JDAI: From Demonstration Project to National Standard. A Progress Report. Mendel, Richard Author abstract Jan 1, 2009 216
A Need For Correction: Reforming New York's Juvenile Justice System. Child Welfare Watch. Vol. 18, Fall 2009. White, Andrew; Hemphill, Clara; Hurley, Kendra Author abstract Jan 1, 2009 197
Reform the Nation's Juvenile Justice System. Issue Brief. Author abstract Jan 1, 2009 277
Juvenile justice. Mody, Susan Dec 22, 2008 800
Parity in Juvenile and adult corrections: a Juvenile Justice update from ACA's Congress. Gadow, Dianne Dec 1, 2008 694
National Partnership for Juvenile Services: welcome to the path less traveled. Jones, Michael A. Oct 1, 2008 975
Back to school: recommendations to assist mentally ill, post-incarcerated youth return to school. Wood, Ralph J.; Wood, Angela R.; Mullins, Daniel T. Report Sep 1, 2008 2326
California bill advances rights for foster children. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 181
Proposed amendments to the juvenile procedures rules deal with foster kids. Aug 1, 2008 449
Colliding presumptions. Mitchell, Teresa Jul 1, 2008 866
By 2011, California should house all its juvenile offenders in county-run, regional rehabilitation facilities. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Jul 1, 2008 186
Hard time out: five-year-olds in handcuffs, eighth-graders detained for doodling: The prison boom comes to the schools. Goodman, David Jul 1, 2008 909
Stepping forward, stepping back: the Alaska DJJ copes and succeeds with change. Newman, Tony Jun 1, 2008 1489
Conference workshops address a variety of topics. Gormsen, Lia Apr 1, 2008 2542
Character education in juvenile detention. Martinez, June Yvonne Apr 1, 2008 1481
Committee takes up the shackling of children in court. Pudlow, Jan Mar 1, 2008 1011
Time to reverse the school-to-prison pipeline. Tulman, Joseph B. Mar 1, 2008 904
Get tough on crime, not on kids. Meyer, Edward Jan 1, 2008 795
America's juvenile justice system is not broken. Backstrom, James C. Jan 1, 2008 855
Mental health issues burden the juvenile justice system. Kennedy, Patrick J. Dec 1, 2007 1598
Youths who are transferred to the adult criminal system are approximately 34 percent more likely than youths retained in the juvenile court system to be rearrested for violent offenses or other crimes,. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Nov 1, 2007 163
The Federal Advisory Committee on Juvenile Justice (FACJJ) has called for the reauthorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Nov 1, 2007 100
Jena 6 case highlights injustice: Louisiana investigation found a juvenile justice system in trouble. Hutchinson, Earl Ofari Oct 5, 2007 855
New Report On Juvenile Detention Reform Released. Brief article Oct 1, 2007 153
Fitness to stand trial in juvenile court: the worst of both worlds? Juveniles who may be unfit to stand trial because of mental disability or developmental unfitness arguably enjoy neither procedural protection nor increased care and treatment. Menninger, Karl; McMahon, Thomas R. Jun 1, 2007 4029
Turning the tide of juvenile justice. Asquith, Christina Feb 22, 2007 538
Fatal injustice: rampant punitiveness, child prisoner deaths, and institutionalized denial--a case for comprehensive independent inquiry in England and Wales. Goldson, Barry Report Dec 22, 2006 7466
The National Juvenile Corrections and Detention Administrators' Forum: an opportunity to collaborate, network and learn. Bechtel, Jennifer Dec 1, 2006 1094
Adolescent mental health and the juvenile justice system. Bonham, Elizabeth Nov 1, 2006 4755
Court approves amendments to the Juvenile Court Rules. Brief article Nov 1, 2006 261
Proposed rules of juvenile procedure. Nov 1, 2006 624
New approach to juvenile justice ends the revolving door. Bamberger, Thomas Column Oct 13, 2006 891
"It is his first offense. We might as well let him go": homicide and criminal justice in Chicago, 1875-1920. Adler, Jeffrey S. Sep 22, 2006 9300
You've got the right? It might be hard to believe you have any rights at all when you can get totally grounded for something your little brother did. Brutal. But teens do have rights, and here are some you should know about. Ryan, Sandy Fertman Aug 1, 2006 1565
Gender equivalence: in the provision of health services in juvenile justice residential facilities. Douds, Anne S.; Gallagher, Catherine; Dobrin, Adam Jul 1, 2006 2780
Hell or high water. Jul 1, 2006 726
Juvenile justice education, No Child Left Behind, and the National Collaboration Project. Blomberg, Thomas G.; Blomberg, Janine; Waldo, Gordon P.; Pesta, George; Bellows, Jon Apr 1, 2006 2962
The Link: Connecting Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare. Volume 4, Number 3, Winter 2006. Report Jan 1, 2006 200
National Implications in Education and Juvenile Justice: Bridging the Gap between Court Ordered Juvenile Mentoring Programs and Secondary Educators. Belshaw, Scott H.; Kritsonis, William Allan Report Jan 1, 2006 235
Reforming juvenile justice: a century ago, reformers proved that prisons don't help wayward children. Now America is learning that lesson all over again. Krisberg, Barry Sep 1, 2005 2717
Adolescents, maturity, and the law: why science and development matter in juvenile justice. Fagan, Jeffrey Sep 1, 2005 2265
Communities helping kids: why diversion, outreach, and counseling programs serve troubled children--and society--better than prisons. Marcus, David L. Sep 1, 2005 3252
A culture of caring with an inspired leader at the helm, Missouri shows the rest of the nation an effective--and cost-effective--reform model for young offenders. McGarvey, Ayelish Sep 1, 2005 2438
Bayou betterment: in Louisiana, a new juvenile justice system is emerging, with the governor's strong support. If reform can happen here, it can succeed anywhere. Reckdahl, Katy Sep 1, 2005 3281
Race and redemption: reform is coming to juvenile justice. But except in pioneering communities, it still comes too slowly for black and Latino youths. Cose, Ellis Sep 1, 2005 1483
Detention redemption: in one California county, progressive leaders and law-enforcement officials are transforming a troubled juvenile-justice system. Townsend, Peggy Sep 1, 2005 1487
Cruel convergence: the era of get-tough juvenile justice is also the era of managed care, and children with mental-health needs are caught in the crossfire. Rosenfeld, Sam Sep 1, 2005 1484
The 2005 National Juvenile Corrections and Detention Administrators' Forum: an opportunity for professional development. Dobrzanska, Ania Aug 1, 2005 1195
The evolution of juvenile justice: community-based partnerships through balanced and restorative justice. DeAngelo, Andrew J. Aug 1, 2005 1543
Making the case for youth courts. Crosby, Keshia May 16, 2005 1095
Update on death penalty for juveniles: Supreme Court decides Roper v. Simmons. Williams, Charles F. Apr 1, 2005 1905
"The evils with which we are called to grapple": elite reformers, eugenicists, environmental psychologists, and the construction of Toronto's working-class boy problem, 1860-1930 *. Hogeveen, Bryan Mar 22, 2005 15221
NIH panel concludes that Scare tactics don't stop youth violence. Tucker, Miriam E. Feb 1, 2005 393
State Ombudsman Programs. Juvenile Justice Practices Series. Juvenile Justice Bulletin. NCJ 204607. Jones, Judith; Cohn, Alvin W. Abstract Feb 1, 2005 310
Juvenile Firesetting: A Research Overview. Juvenile Justice Bulletin. Putnam, Charles T.; Kirkpatrick, John T. Report Jan 1, 2005 231
Criminal neglect: "... a top-to-bottom overhaul of the nation's juvenile justice systems is mandatory if these [troubled youngsters] ever are to avoid becoming adult crime statistics.". Califano, Joseph A.; Colson, Charles W. Jan 1, 2005 1691
Applying the principles of effective intervention to juvenile correctional programs. Pealer, Jennifer A.; Latessa, Edward J. Dec 1, 2004 2092
Restorative conferencing in Belgium: can it decrease the confinement of young offenders? Vanfraechem, Inge; Walgrave, Lode Dec 1, 2004 2764
The Santa Barbara Assets and Risks Assessment to predict recidivism among male and female juveniles: an investigation of inter-rater reliability and predictive validity. Jimerson, Shane R.; Sharkey, Jill D.; O'Brien, Kathryn M.; Furlong, Michael J. Nov 1, 2004 8585
The retention and attrition of juvenile justice teachers. Houchins, David E.; Shippen, Margaret E.; Cattret, Jack Nov 1, 2004 8583
U.S. v. Patrick V. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 132
Implementing an MST program. Bell, Carl C. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 310
Abitrary lines: the movement to treat teens as adults when they commit crimes loses steam. Dumke, Mick Oct 1, 2004 5474
Taking juveniles off death row: this year the Supreme Court will hear arguments over whether the juvenile death penalty is unconstitutional. If it decides so, the Court will be on the cutting edge of death-penalty reform. Abramsky, Sasha Jul 1, 2004 2343
New Hampshire institutes a strength-based perspective. Jensen, Egon; Vance, Eric Jun 1, 2004 1251
Manitoba's program for under 12 offenders to continue. Brief Article May 17, 2004 250
Juvenile justice: how the youth correctional system hurts the very people it's supposed to help. Abood, Maureen May 1, 2004 1182
Juvenile justice: speakers at California parish strip away illusions of fairness of U.S. system. Jones, Arthur Cover Story Apr 23, 2004 1597
Testimonies. Apr 23, 2004 1230
Kids are kids, not adults. Gondles, James A., Jr. Feb 1, 2004 1250
Juvenile corrections: why would anyone want to work in this business? Alarcon, Francisco "Frank" J. Feb 1, 2004 1179
Working collaboratively: addressing the needs of federally sentenced juvenile offenders. Escarcega, Alex Feb 1, 2004 2062
The challenges of juvenile corrections in a rural state. Gibson, Steve Feb 1, 2004 2266
Victims of juvenile offenders: an important component of the juvenile justice equation. Seymour, Anne Feb 1, 2004 1909
Placement of state-committed juveniles. Callicutt, Larry W. Feb 1, 2004 2731
Systems change & shrinking budgets: improving a juvenile justice system despite declining resources. Stephani, Cheryl Feb 1, 2004 2743
Promoting continuous improvement and accountability in community corrections. Criswell, John; Davis, Eleese Feb 1, 2004 2203
ACA accreditation in juvenile corrections. McKenzie, Glen E., Jr. Feb 1, 2004 2132
Show & Tell: Missouri's Division of Youth Services acts as a national model. Mendel, Dick Feb 1, 2004 2917
Juvenile justice collaboration in Idaho. Olsen, Matt; Callicutt, Larry W. Feb 1, 2004 2266
Assessing and tracking youthful offenders with the Web-based Global Risk Assessment Device. Gavazzi, Stephen M.; Novak, Matthias; Yarchek, Courtney M.; DiStefano, Lawrence T. Feb 1, 2004 3100
The many benefits of training direct care staff as life-skills instructors. Zeegers, Bert Feb 1, 2004 2024
Double jeopardy: the modern dilemma for juvenile justice. Anderson, Christina L. Jan 1, 2004 16767
Out of lock-up: now what? A large number of youthful offenders released from confinement end up back in the system. Helping kids re-enter the community can help them stay out of trouble and save states money. Christian, Steve Dec 1, 2003 2474
The Girls' Assets Program: providing therapeutic mentoring. Eells, Stephanie Oct 1, 2003 1734
Alberta program opens communication between communities and young offenders. O'Brien, Kevin; Rodziewicz, Paulette Jul 1, 2003 1417
Shame and the adolescent. Eyck, Clare Ten Jul 1, 2003 1981
Providing the help needed to activate juvenile facilities. Halley, Dee Jul 1, 2003 2011
Attention: open hearing. Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 195
Meeting the needs of juvenile female offenders. LeMaster, Leslie S.; Maniglia, Rebecca Jun 1, 2003 1486
Sentencing youths to adult correctional facilities increases public safety. Smith, Lamar Apr 1, 2003 695
Sentencing juveniles to adult facilities fails youths and society. Bilchik, Shay Apr 1, 2003 893
FamilyTRACS revolutionizes child welfare and Juvenile Justice Services. McCoy, Jeffery; Higdon, Lori Apr 1, 2003 1349
Juvenile justice practitioners add value to communities. Townsend, Cheryln K. "Cherie" Feb 1, 2003 2789
Improving the odds: for incarcerated youths. O'Rourke, Tom Feb 1, 2003 3529
South Carolina can try juveniles for murder. (State News). Harry, Jennifer L. Brief Article Dec 1, 2002 255
"Give him a doing": the birching of young offenders in Scotland (1). Mahood, Linda Dec 1, 2002 9943
More cities using teen courts for young offenders. Johnson, Alicia Oct 21, 2002 1009
The California experience: we know we cannot afford to become insular in our profession; there are best practices that exist in the smallest of our states. (Commentary). Harper, Jerry Oct 1, 2002 1015
Youthful offenders: today's challenges, tomorrow's leaders? (CT Feature). Bryant-Thompson, Kathy; Glymph, Deloris; Sturgeon, Wm. Oct 1, 2002 2858
New Hampshire raises the age of majority in juvenile/criminal statutes. (CT Feature). Diament, Joseph Oct 1, 2002 2245
Incarcerating Connecticut's youthful offenders. Evelich, Brian Oct 1, 2002 2353
Youthful Offender System: Colorado Department of Corrections. (CT Feature). Ploughe, Pam; Medina, Angel Oct 1, 2002 3993
California's juvenile transfer process: from antiquated to complicated. (CT Feature). Kumli, Kurt E. Oct 1, 2002 2375
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