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Adler, David A.: Heroes of the Revolution.

Adler, David A. HEROES OF THE REVOLUTION. Il. by Donald A. Smith. ISBN 0-8234-1471 X. New York: Holiday House, 2003. 32 pp. $16.95. The 12 heroes of the American Revolution, both well known and little known, described in this book include women and minorities. The facts are briefly and simply stated, offering just enough of a glimpse that children might be inspired to look further into the life of each hero. A teacher could use this book as a stimulating introduction to research. The author's notes and a time line of important dates and facts are helpful. A good bibliography completes the book. Ages 8-11. Reviewed by MaryLouise Burger, Professor Emerita, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago
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Author:Burger, MaryLouise
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Aug 6, 2004
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