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Maternal Supplementation with Dietary Betaine during Gestation to Improve Twin Lamb Survival. Brougham, Billie-Jaye; Weaver, Alice C.; Swinbourne, Alyce M.F.; Baida, Bobbie E. Lewis; Kelly, Jenn Report Oct 1, 2020 8942
Effects of N-acetylcysteine on the energy status and antioxidant capacity in heart and liver of cold-stressed broilers. Li, Chengcheng; Peng, Meng; Liao, Man; Guo, Shuangshuang; Hou, Yongqing; Ding, Binying; Wu, Tao; Yi, Sep 1, 2020 7291
Proline Protects Boar Sperm against Oxidative Stress through Proline Dehydrogenase-Mediated Metabolism and the Amine Structure of Pyrrolidine. Feng, Chengwen; Zhu, Zhendong; Bai, Wenjing; Li, Rongnan; Zheng, Yi; Tian, Xiu'e Report Sep 1, 2020 7056
Micheliolide Attenuates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammation by Modulating the mROS/NF-[kappa]B/NLRP3 Axis in Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells. Lei, Xianghong; Li, Shuting; Luo, Congwei; Wang, Yuxian; Liu, Yanxia; Xu, Zhaozhong; Huang, Qianyin; Aug 31, 2020 5760
Age-Related Deterioration of Mitochondrial Function in the Intestine. Schneider, Anna M.; Ozsoy, Mihriban; Zimmermann, Franz A.; Feichtinger, Rene G.; Mayr, Johannes A.; Aug 31, 2020 9313
Rhubarb-Aconite Decoction (RAD) Drug-Containing Serum Alleviated Endotoxin-Induced Oxidative Stress Injury and Inflammatory Response in Caco-2 Cells In Vitro. Du, Xiao-hong; Chen, Qing-jun; Song, Jian-bo; Xie, Yan; Zhi, Yan; Sun, Ru-ru; Liu, Guo-hui; Kang, Xi Jul 31, 2020 5957
Effects of Early Resveratrol Intervention on Skeletal Muscle Mitochondrial Function and Redox Status in Neonatal Piglets with or without Intrauterine Growth Retardation. Cheng, Kang; Wang, Ting; Li, Simian; Song, Zhihua; Zhang, Hao; Zhang, Lili; Wang, Tian Jun 30, 2020 6074
Placentae for Low Birth Weight Piglets Are Vulnerable to Oxidative Stress, Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and Impaired Angiogenesis. Hu, Chengjun; Yang, Yunyu; Deng, Ming; Yang, Linfang; Shu, Gang; Jiang, Qingyan; Zhang, Shuo; Li, Xi Jun 30, 2020 6580
Analgesic Mechanism of Sinomenine against Chronic Pain. Jiang, Wei; Fan, Weiming; Gao, Tianle; Li, Tao; Yin, Zhenming; Guo, Huihui; Wang, Lulu; Han, Yanxing May 31, 2020 7262
Effects of Hericium erinaceus Mycelium Extracts on the Functional Activity of Purinoceptors and Neuropathic Pain in Mice with L5 Spinal Nerve Ligation. Yang, Pao-Pao; Chueh, Sheau-Huei; Shie, Hua-Lun; Chen, Chin-Chu; Lee, Li- Ya; Chen, Wan-Ping; Chen, May 31, 2020 6691
Exogenous Oleic Acid and Palmitic Acid Improve Boar Sperm Motility via Enhancing Mitochondrial B-Oxidation for ATP Generation. Zhu, Zhendong; Li, Rongnan; Feng, Chengwen; Liu, Ruifang; Zheng, Yi; Masudul Hoque, S.A.; Wu, De; Lu Report Apr 1, 2020 6348
Electroacupuncture Inhibits the Activity of Astrocytes in Spinal Cord in Rats with Visceral Hypersensitivity by Inhibiting [P2Y.sub.1] Receptor-Mediated MAPK/ERK Signaling Pathway. Zhao, Jingming; Li, Hui; Shi, Chong; Yang, Tiezheng; Xu, Baoshi Mar 31, 2020 8054
Effect of GenX on P-Glycoprotein, Breast Cancer Resistance Protein, and Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein 2 at the Blood-Brain Barrier. Cannon, Ronald E.; Richards, Alicia C.; Trexler, Andrew W.; Juberg, Christopher T.; Sinha, Birandra; Mar 1, 2020 8383
Differential RNA editing of ATP complex in different tissues of Catharanthus roseus plastid. Alshammari, Wasimah B.; Alhamdan, Huda; Khan, Thana; Hassanein, Sameh E.; Ramadan, Ahmed M. Report Jan 1, 2020 3859
Thyroxine Alleviates Energy Failure, Prevents Myocardial Cell Apoptosis, and Protects against Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiac Injury and Cardiac Dysfunction via the LKB1/AMPK/mTOR Axis in Mice. Wang, Yuan; Zhu, Shan; Liu, Hongtao; Wei, Wen; Tu, Yi; Chen, Chuang; Song, Junlong; Li, Juanjuan; Su Dec 31, 2019 5016
Differential Effects of Silibinin A on Mitochondrial Function in Neuronal PC12 and HepG2 Liver Cells. Esselun, Carsten; Bruns, Bastian; Hagl, Stephanie; Grewal, Rekha; Eckert, Gunter P. Dec 31, 2019 6807
Design and Synthesis of Ag Nanocluster Molecular Beacon for Adenosine Triphosphate Detection. Li, Xiaoshuang; Zhang, Hao; Zhao, Ying; Lian, Lili; Wang, Xiyue; Gao, Wenxiu; Zhu, Bo; Lou, Dawei Oct 31, 2019 5030
SGK1 Attenuates Oxidative Stress-Induced Renal Tubular Epithelial Cell Injury by Regulating Mitochondrial Function. Jiang, Daofang; Fu, Chensheng; Xiao, Jing; Zhan, Zhenxing; Zou, Jianan; D, Zhibin Ye; Zhang, Xiaoli Sep 30, 2019 6880
Mitochondrial Fusion by Ml Promotes Embryoid Body Cardiac Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells. Lees, Jarmon G.; Kong, Anne M.; Chen, Yi.C.; Sivakumaran, Priyadharshini; Hernandez, Damian; Pebay, Sep 30, 2019 7203
NADPH Oxidase 2-Mediated Insult in the Auditory Cortex of Zucker Diabetic Fatty Rats. Du, Zheng-De; Wei, Wei; Yu, Shukui; Song, Qing-Ling; Liu, Ke; Gong, Shu-Sheng Aug 31, 2019 5766
N-Acetyl-L-cysteine Protects Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells from Oxidative Damage: Implications for Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Terluk, Marcia R.; Ebeling, Mara C.; Fisher, Cody R.; Kapphahn, Rebecca J.; Yuan, Ching; Kartha, Ree Aug 31, 2019 9890
Metabolomic approach to key metabolites characterizing postmortem aged loin muscle of Japanese Black (Wagyu) cattle. Muroya, Susumu; Oe, Mika; Ojima, Koichi; Watanabe, Akira Jul 26, 2019 9331
AKT-GSK3[beta] Signaling Pathway Regulates Mitochondrial Dysfunction-Associated OPA1 Cleavage Contributing to Osteoblast Apoptosis: Preventative Effects of Hydroxytyrosol. Cai, W.J.; Chen, Y.; Shi, L.X.; Cheng, H.R.; Banda, I.; Ji, Y.H.; Wang, Y.T.; Li, X.M.; Mao, Y.X.; Z Jun 30, 2019 8366
Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1[alpha] Knockdown Plus Glutamine Supplementation Attenuates the Predominance of Necrosis over Apoptosis by Relieving Cellular Energy Stress in Acute Pancreatitis. Ji, Liang; Guo, Xiaoyu; Lv, Jiachen; Xiao, Fan; Zhang, Wangjun; Li, Jie; Lin, Zhitao; Sun, Bei; Wang Jun 30, 2019 8364
HPV-16 Infection Is Associated with a High Content of CD39 and CD73 Ectonucleotidases in Cervical Samples from Patients with CIN-1. Mora-Garcia, Maria de Lourdes; Lopez-Cisneros, Sofia; Gutierrez-Serrano, Vianey; Garcia-Rocha, Rosar May 31, 2019 8179
Mitochondria- and Oxidative Stress-Targeting Substances in Cognitive Decline-Related Disorders: From Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Evidence. Lejri, Imane; Agapouda, Anastasia; Grimm, Amandine; Eckert, Anne May 31, 2019 18295
Kinase-Targeted Therapeutics Market Overview and Predictions on Size, Share and Growth Assessment Th. May 29, 2019 1111
Kinase-Targeted Therapeutics Market Overview and Predictions on Size, Share and Growth Assessment Th. May 29, 2019 1124
Very long chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency. A case study. Hancock, Kayleigh E.A.; McKinley, Karen E. Apr 1, 2019 3831
A Modified ATP Assay for Test the Potency of BCG Vaccine. Nafchi, Maryam Ziaei; Hassanzadeh, Seyed Mehdi; Kaghazian, Hooman; Yaghoobi, Ramin Report Apr 1, 2019 2649
ROS Induced by KillerRed Targeting Mitochondria (mtKR) Enhances Apoptosis Caused by Radiation via Cyt c/Caspase-3 Pathway. Li, Xin; Fang, Fang; Gao, Ying; Tang, Geng; Xu, Weiqiang; Wang, Yihan; Kong, Ruoxian; Tuyihong, Ayix Mar 31, 2019 4891
Congenital Hyperinsulinism and Evolution to Sulfonylurea-responsive Diabetes Later in Life due to a Novel Homozygous p.L171F ABCC8 Mutation. Isik, Emregul; Demirbilek, Huseyin; Houghton, Jayne A.; Ellard, Sian; Flanagan, Sarah E.; Hussain, K Report Mar 1, 2019 3773
Impact of Temperature Stress on Oxygen and Energy Metabolism in the Hepatopancreas of the Black Tiger Shrimp, Penaeus monodon (Crustacea: Decapoda: Penaeidae). Report Feb 28, 2019 5334
The effect of micro-sized titanium dioxide on WM-266-4 metastatic melanoma cell line. Zdravkovic, Tanja Prunk; Zdravkovic, Bogdan; Lunder, Mojca; Ferk, Polonca Report Feb 1, 2019 5145
Comparing Human Sperm Quality Preserved at Two Different Temperatures; Effect of Trolox, Coenzyme Q10 and Extracellular Adenosine Triphosphate. Keshtgar, Sara; Bagheri, Shekufeh; Ebrahimi, Bahareh Sep 1, 2018 1928
Effects of high-pressure processing on taste-related ATP breakdown compounds and aroma volatiles in grass-fed beef during vacuum aging. Utama, Dicky Tri; Lee, Seung Gyu; Baek, Ki Ho; Jang, Aera; Pak, Jae In; Lee, Sung Ki Report Aug 1, 2018 5942
Live-Cell ATP Rate Assay Kit. Aug 1, 2018 128
Improving the Reliability of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) Testing in Surveillance of Food Premises: A Pilot Study. Whiteley, Greg S.; Nolan, Mark; Fahey, Paul P. Jul 1, 2018 5069
Scientist who discovered cells' energy machine; ex-Cardinals manager. Jun 10, 2018 1773
Nitric oxide modulates ATP-evoked currents in mouse Leydig cells. de Deus, J.L.; Dagostin, A.L.A.; Varanda, W.A. Report May 1, 2018 4773
Ammonium consequences in athletes' central fatigue and its possible neuroprotection effect thanks to physical activity/Consecuencias del amonio en la fatiga central en atletas, posible efecto neuroprotector del ejercicio/Consequencias do amonio na fadiga central em atletas, possivel efeito neuroprotetor do exercicio. Porras-Alvarez, Javier; Fisica, L. Educacion Apr 1, 2018 3256
Study on the Detection of Total Colony in Medical and Health Environment Based on ATP Bioluminescence. Li, Zhe Report Apr 1, 2018 3240
Shifting Balance of Protein Synthesis and Degradation Sets a Threshold for Larval Growth Under Environmental Stress. Frieder, Christina A.; Applebaum, Scott L.; Pan, T.-C. Francis; Manahan, Donal T. Report Feb 1, 2018 9705
E. coli Bacteriostatic Action Using Ti[O.sub.2] Photocatalytic Reactions. Rojviroon, Thammasak; Sirivithayapakorn, Sanya Jan 1, 2018 6561
Polyphenol Stilbenes from Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) Seeds Improve Insulin Sensitivity and Mitochondrial Function in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes. Li, Gang; Luan, Guangxiang; He, Yanfeng; Tie, Fangfang; Wang, Zhenhua; Suo, Yourui; Ma, Chengjun; Wa Jan 1, 2018 5236
Linezolid Inhibited Synthesis of ATP in Mitochondria: Based on GC-MS Metabolomics and HPLC Method. Ye, Xuemei; Huang, Aifang; Wang, Xianqin; Wen, Congcong; Hu, Lufeng; Lin, Guanyang Jan 1, 2018 5217
Dynamic Changes of Mitochondrial Fusion and Fission in Brain Injury after Cardiac Arrest in Rats. Li, Yi; Tang, Qingqin; Wang, Peng; Qin, Jiahong; Wu, Haidong; Lin, Jiali; Huang, Zitong Jan 1, 2018 4370
Effects of dietary energy sources on early postmortem muscle metabolism of finishing pigs. Li, Yanjiao; Yu, Changning; Li, Jiaolong; Zhang, Lin; Gao, Feng; Zhou, Guanghong Report Dec 1, 2017 6174
Hotel key cards: how clean is the first thing guests touch on their way to their rooms? Park, Haeik; Kim, Jooho; Zhang, Mengyu; Fisher, Jeffrey J.; Ma, Jing Report Sep 1, 2017 3214
Role of Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 in Electroacupuncture Analgesia on Chronic Inflammatory Pain in Mice. Yang, Jun; Hsieh, Ching-Liang; Lin, Yi-Wen Report Jan 1, 2017 5500
Antifatigue Effects of Antrodia cinnamomea Cultured Mycelium via Modulation of Oxidative Stress Signaling in a Mouse Model. Liu, Yange; Li, Lanzhou; An, Shengshu; Zhang, Yuanzhu; Feng, Shiwei; Zhao, Lu; Teng, Lirong; Wang, D Report Jan 1, 2017 6452
Adenosine Triphosphate Promotes Allergen-Induced Airway Inflammation and Th17 Cell Polarization in Neutrophilic Asthma. Zhang, Fang; Su, Xin; Huang, Gang; Xin, Xiao-Feng; Cao, E-Hong; Shi, Yi; Song, Yong Jan 1, 2017 5920
Pluripotent Stem Cell Metabolism and Mitochondria: Beyond ATP. Lees, Jarmon G.; Gardner, David K.; Harvey, Alexandra J. Report Jan 1, 2017 14065
Human Chorionic Plate-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Restore Hepatic Lipid Metabolism in a Rat Model of Bile Duct Ligation. Lee, Yun Bin; Choi, Jong Ho; Kim, Eun Nam; Seok, Jin; Lee, Hyun-Jung; Yoon, Jung- Hwan; Kim, Gi Jin Report Jan 1, 2017 4812
The DEAD-Box RNA Helicase DDX3 Interacts with [m.sup.6]A RNA Demethylase ALKBH5. Shah, Abdullah; Rashid, Farooq; Awan, Hassaan Mehboob; Hu, Shanshan; Wang, Xiaolin; Chen, Liang; Sha Report Jan 1, 2017 5616
The Stimulated Glycolytic Pathway Is Able to Maintain ATP Levels and Kinetic Patterns of Bovine Epididymal Sperm Subjected to Mitochondrial Uncoupling. Losano, Joao D.A.; Padin, Juan Fernando; Mendez-Lopez, Iago; Angrimani, Daniel S.R.; Garcia, Antonio Report Jan 1, 2017 5389
Dahuang Zhechong Pill Combined with Doxorubicin Induces Cell Death through Regulating Energy Metabolism in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells. Wu, Li; Zhao, Jiayu; Cai, Hao; Wang, Jiaqi; Chen, Zhipeng; Li, Weidong; Liu, Xiao Report Jan 1, 2017 4038
Modulation of Central Synapses by Astrocyte-Released ATP and Postsynaptic P2X Receptors. Boue-Grabot, Eric; Pankratov, Yuriy Report Jan 1, 2017 9127
Chemokines (CCL3, CCL4, and CCL5) Inhibit ATP-Induced Release of IL-1[beta] by Monocytic Cells. Amati, Anca-Laura; Zakrzewicz, Anna; Siebers, Kathrin; Wilker, Sigrid; Heldmann, Sarah; Zakrzewicz, Report Jan 1, 2017 6286
The Role of Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase in Inflammatory Disorders of Gastrointestinal Tract. Bilski, Jan; Mazur-Bialy, Agnieszka; Wojcik, Dagmara; Zahradnik-Bilska, Janina; Brzozowski, Bartosz; Report Jan 1, 2017 7363
Imaging adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Rajendran, Megha; Dane, Eric; Conley, Jason; Tantama, Mathew Report Aug 1, 2016 10230
Altered Intracellular ATP Production by Activated CD4+ T-Cells in Very Preterm Infants. Aquilano, Giulia; Capretti, Maria Grazia; Nanni, Francesca; Corvaglia, Luigi; Aceti, Arianna; Gabrie Report Jan 1, 2016 5681
Intestinal alkaline phosphatase: potential roles in promoting gut health in weanling piglets and its modulation by feed additives--a review. Melo, A.D.B.; Silveira, H.; Luciano, F.B.; Andrade, C.; Costa, L.B.; Rostagno, M.H. Report Jan 1, 2016 5134
Effects of tributyrin on intestinal energy status, antioxidative capacity and immune response to lipopolysaccharide challenge in broilers. Li, Jiaolong; Hou, Yongqing; Yi, Dan; Zhang, Jun; Wang, Lei; Qiu, Hongyi; Ding, Binying; Gong, Joshu Report Dec 1, 2015 7405
Effect of Resveratrol on Mitochondrial Activity in Differentiated Mature Adipocytes/Efecto del Resveratrol sobre la Actividad Mitocondrial en Adipocitos Maduros Diferenciados. Noriega-Gonzalez, J. E.; Chirino, Y. I.; Mata-Miranda, M. M.; Vazquez-Zapien, G. J.; Sanchez-Monroy, Sep 1, 2015 4088
Role of mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channel-mediated PKC-[epsilon] in delayed protection against myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in isolated hearts of sevoflurane-preconditioned rats. Wang, C.; Hu, S.M.; Xie, H.; Qiao, S.G.; Liu, H.; Liu, C.F. Jun 1, 2015 6126
Mitochondria play key role in stem cell development. May 11, 2015 461
Sanitary status and incidence of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and clostridium difficile within Canadian hotel rooms. Xu, Changyun; Weese, Scott J.; Namvar, Azadeh; Warriner, Keith Report Apr 1, 2015 5564
Profiling of the Tox21 chemical collection for mitochondrial function to identify compounds that acutely decrease mitochondrial membrane potential. Attene-Ramos, Matias S.; Huang, Ruili; Michael, Sam; Richard, Kristine L. WitAnn; Tice, Raymond R.; Report Jan 1, 2015 6341
Changes in brain metabolites in experimental cerebral malaria infection with plasmodium berghei ANKA: A literature review. Report Oct 31, 2014 5038
Mitochondrial distribution and ATP content of vitrified, In vitro matured mouse Oocytes. Nazmara, Zohreh; Salehnia, Mojdeh; HosseinKhani, Saman Report Oct 1, 2014 3944
Peak ATP increases post-workout blood flow, may assist recovery. Sep 1, 2014 188
Quality of cleaning on surgery room by adenosin triphosfate luminometry/Calidad de higiene en salas de cirugia por luminometria de adenosin trifosfato/Qualidade de higiene em salas de cirurgia por luminometria de adenosina trifosfato. Davila-Ramirez, Fabian Antonio; Diaz-Villamil, Nancy Teresa; Fajardo-Granados, David; Jimenez-Cruz, Jul 1, 2014 2549
Therapeutic Effect of Huangjingzanyu Optimized Formula on Sperm Quality and Activities of Succinic Dehydrogenase and Lactate Dehydrogenase-C4 in Rat Asthenospermia Model. Report Jun 30, 2014 4169
First principles: reasons to always go back. Lambert, Mike Editorial Jun 1, 2014 774
A strategic cleaning assessment program: menu cleanliness at restaurants. Choi, Jinkyung; Almanza, Barbara; Nelson, Douglas; Neal, Jay; Sirsat, Sujata Report Jun 1, 2014 4678
Morphological effects of genistein, thymoquinone, 5-FU, and laser therapy on laryngeal carcinoma cells. Adah, Osasu; Wilson, Gerri; Adah, Felix; Tucci, Michelle; Benghuzzi, Hamed Report Apr 1, 2014 2207
Spectrophotometric determination of the ATP-dependent steady-state kinetic parameters of Escherichia coli caseinolytic peptidase B. Author abstract Apr 1, 2014 263
Therapeutic Effect of Huangjingzanyu Optimized Formula on Sperm Quality and Activities of Succinic Dehydrogenase and Lactate Dehydrogenase-C4 in Rat Asthenospermia Model. Zheng, Yanfei; Liu, Baoxing; Wang, Ji; Chen, Jianxin; Jiao, Zhaozhu; Yuan, Zhuojun; Wang, Qi Report Feb 28, 2014 4098
ATP synthase: the right size base model for nanomotors in nanomedicine. Ahmad, Zulfiqar; Cox, James L. Report Jan 1, 2014 8719
Effect and mechanism of 808 nm light pretreatment of hypoxic primary neurons. Chen, Xin; Wang, Qiang-Li; Li, Shuang; Mi, Xian-qiang Jan 1, 2014 2464
Relative contributions of central and peripheral factors in human muscle fatigue during exercise: a brief review. Shei, Ren-Jay; Mickleborough, Timothy D. Clinical report Dec 1, 2013 7056
Epigenetics glossary. Glossary Mar 22, 2013 1534
Alcohol metabolism and epigenetics changes. Zakhari, Samir Report Mar 22, 2013 6567
ATP is required and advances cytokine-induced gap junction formation in microglia in vitro. Saez, Pablo J.; Shoji, Kenji F.; Retamal, Mauricio A.; Harcha, Paloma A.; Ramirez, Gigliola; Jiang, Report Jan 1, 2013 10197
Immunological aspects in late phase of living donor liver transplant patients: usefulness of monitoring peripheral blood [CD4.sup.+] adenosine triphosphate activity. Mizuno, Shugo; Muraki, Yuichi; Nakatani, Kaname; Tanemura, Akihiro; Kuriyama, Naohisa; Ohsawa, Ichir Jan 1, 2013 4566
Carotenoids reverse multidrug resistance in cancer cells by interfering with ABC-transporters. Eid, Safaa Yehia; El-Readi, Mahmoud Zaki; Wink, Michael Report Aug 15, 2012 5758
Reversing female sexual dysfunction. Clinical report May 1, 2012 3603
Effects of metabolic modulation by trimetazidine on left ventricular function and phosphocreatine/adenosine Triphosphate ratio in patients with heart failure. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 248
Effects of trimetazidine on metabolic and functional recovery of postischemic rat hearts. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 214
Effect of caponization on muscle composition, shear value, ATP related compounds and taste appraisal in Taiwan country chicken cockerels. Lin, Cheng-Yung; Lin, Liang-Chuan; Hsu, Jenn-Chung Report Jul 1, 2011 3770
Mechanisms involved in the antinociception of petroleum ether fraction from the EtOH extract of Chrysanthemum indicum in mice. Shi, Guo-bing; Zhao, Ming-hong; Zhao, Qing-chun; Huang, Ying; Chen, Yu-feng Report May 15, 2011 6159
Effect of the addition of [beta]-hydroxybutyrate to chemically defined maturation medium on the nuclear maturation, sperm penetration and embryonic development of porcine oocytes in vitro. Endo, R.; Ishii, A.; Nakanishi, A.; Nabenishi, H.; Ashizawa, K.; Tsuzuki, Y. Report Nov 1, 2010 4393
Ruhof ATP Complete[R] Contamination Monitoring System. Oct 1, 2010 191
Mito-conundrum: unraveling environmental effects on mitochondria. Schmidt, Charles W. Report Jul 1, 2010 3419
Rapid detection of enterococci in marine beach water by immunomagnetic capture and bioluminescence and its comparison with conventional methods. Lee, Jiyoung; Deininger, Rolf A. May 1, 2010 4162
Skeletal muscle benefits of endurance training: mitochondrial adaptations. Hoyt, Trey Report Sep 22, 2009 2247
V[O.sub.2]max analysis in athletes convoked to the Brazilian team of beach handball/Analise do V[O.sub.2]max de atletas convocadas para a selecao Brasileira de handebol de areia. de Oliveira, Vinicius Carlos; Machado, Diogo Alves; Nunes, Jose Ricardo de Assis; Navarro, Antonio C Sep 1, 2009 2542
Brilliant blue for the spinal cord: rats that get dye after injury show motor improvements. Ehrenberg, Rachel Aug 29, 2009 412
Prodigiosin pigment of the bacterium serratia marcescens may function to spill excess cellular energy. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 238
The effect of the addition and removal of various cryoprotectants on the nuclear maturation and ATP content of immature porcine oocytes. Tsuzuki, Y.; Nozawa, K.; Ashizawa, K. Report Mar 1, 2009 7108
Comparison of viability, ATP and in vitro fertilization of boar sperm stored at 4[degrees]C in the three different diluents. Yi, Y.J.; Li, Z.H.; Kim, E.S.; Song, E.S.; Cong, P.Q.; Lee, S.H.; Zhang, Y.H.; Lee, J.W.; Park, C.S. Report Aug 1, 2008 4772
Decreases in ATP levels of human natural killer cells induced by exposure to penta-chlorophenol. Nnodu, Ugochukwu; Whalen, Margaret Brief article Jul 1, 2008 274
Comparison of motility, acrosome, viability and ATP of boar sperm with or without cold shock resistance in liquid semen at 17[degrees]C and 4[degrees]C, and frozen-thawed semen. Yi, Y.J.; Li, Z.H.; Kim, E.S.; Song, E.S.; Kim, H.B.; Cong, P.Q.; Lee, J.M.; Park, C.S. Report Feb 1, 2008 5416
How genetics and environment contribute to athletic prowess and compensation for disease deficiencies. Sauter, Edward R. Jan 1, 2008 3292
SPORT IN BRIEF. May 6, 2007 1472
A National Humidity Control Service from ATP. Mar 1, 2007 352
TSI Health Sciences. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 80
News you can't use. Peters, Charles Brief article Apr 1, 2006 91
Taste messenger. Sohn, Emily Dec 7, 2005 357
Arbiter of taste: energy molecule transmits flavor to brain. Brownlee, Christen Dec 3, 2005 476
Cardiac biomarkers for detection of myocardial infarction: perspectives from past to present. Rosalki, Sidney B.; Roberts, Robert; Katus, Hugo A.; Giannitsis, Evangelos; Ladenson, Jack H. Nov 1, 2004 7391
Distribution of oxidative and glycolytic enzymes in electrocytes of phylogentically diverse species of fish. (Abstracts). Smetak, Edward, Jr.; Kageyama, Dr. Glenn Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 136
Isolation and properties of the luciferase stored in the ovary of the scyphozoan medusa periphylla periphylla. Shimomura, Osamu; Flood, Per R.; Inouye, Satoshi; Bryan, Bruce; Shimomura, Akemi Statistical Data Included Dec 1, 2001 6414
Harnessing the Energy. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 664
Rapid Determination of Bacteria in Pools. Fleece, Richard M. Jul 1, 2001 3152
Activity of ATP Sulfurylase in Reproductive Soybean. Sexton, P. J.; Shibles, Richard M. Jan 1, 1999 3784
Apparatus for measuring steady-state ATP utilization rates of single muscle fibers. Syme, Douglas A.; Connaughton, Martin A.; Rome, Lawrence C. Oct 1, 1997 1130
Molecular motor spins out energy for cells. Wu, C. Brief Article Mar 22, 1997 394
Stressed-out platelets secrete hazards. Bower, B. Brief Article Dec 18, 1993 451

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