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Addressing verification challenges; proceedings. (CD-ROM included).


Addressing verification challenges; proceedings. (CD-ROM included)

International Safeguards Symposium on Addressing Verification Challenges (2006: Vienna, Austria).



278 pages



Proceedings series


Held in October 2006, the international symposium on Addressing Verification Challenges was convened with the aim of assessing the challenges to the International Atomic Energy Agency's nuclear safeguards system that have emerged or intensified since the previous IAEA safeguards symposium in 2001. The printed proceedings contains the eight addresses from the opening plenary, six papers from the technical session providing different national and organization perspectives on the safeguards mission, and the four presentations from the closing plenary. The CD-ROM contains electronic versions of all of these materials, plus the papers from the sessions concerned with current challenges to the safeguards system, improving collection and analysis of safeguards information, future technology, further strengthening safeguards approaches, advances in neutron techniques, safeguards approaches and integrated safeguards, spent fuel verification, enrichment, reprocessing and spent fuel transfer, environmental sampling, and containment and surveillance.

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