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Addressing the hazards of post-flood mold to public health.

Background: The devastation of the Souris River Flood of2011 doesn't stop after the water recedes; dangerous molds grow and spread in structures that have been inundated with flood water. Recovery from the flood requires the recognition and proper treatment of mold infestation in damaged structures throughout the Souris River Basin. The goal of this project is to involve students and community members in research and service in order to elevate the awareness of the risk posed by mold in a post-flood environment. Mindful of the disaster in their community, students will be involved in lab research to evaluate novel fungicides that eventually could mitigate the hazard presented by mold infestation.


1. Collection and preservation of a variety of molds from structures inundated by flood-water.

2. Synthesis of a limited number of novel formamide fungicides. Novel formamide fungicides have an unknown and potentially new mode of anti-fungal action. They may become instrumental in overcoming resistance to the currently used fungicides.

3. Confirmation (verification) of the structures via spectroscopic methods (IR, NMR, MS) and elemental analysis.

4. Biological (antifungal) testing of the newly synthesized compounds in vitro against molds from structures inundated by flood-water.

Results: The results of the research will provide data for mapping structure-activity relationships among novel formamide fungicides. The results may also have some practical value if novel fungicides will be capable of providing a lasting and efficient control of dangerous molds.

Supported by the Great Plains Center for Community Research and Service as funded by the US Department of Education Grant Award P1 16Z100151

Braden A. Burckhard, Luke W. Uran, Lioudmila I. Bobyleva, Mikhail M. Bobylev *

Minot State University, Division of Science, Minot, ND 58707
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Title Annotation:Professional Communications
Author:Burckhard, Braden A.; Uran, Luke W.; Bobyleva, Lioudmila I.; Bobylev, Mikhail M.
Publication:Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science
Article Type:Brief article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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