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Additive concentrates for foamed thermoplastics.

A broad line of additive concentrates for physically and chemically foamed thermoplastics is newly available from Polyfil Corp., Rockaway, N.J. They are aimed at products such as packaging, wire insulation, cap liners, profiles, labels, wood composites, and structural foams.

The line includes nine chemical foaming and nucleating agents. Specific grades are intended for wire/cable, polyolefin films, and PE sheet. There are also a low-temperature nucleant for LDPE and a nucleant foaming agent for PE and PS.

UV stabilizer concentrates include several HALS types for PP and PE foams. Other concentrates include PE antistats, flame retardants for PE and PP foams that must meet MVSS-302, antimicrobials, an insect repellent, a cell-control and aging modifier, a processing-aid that raises throughput and prevents plate-out on profile dies and sizers, and a purging compound. Tel: (866) 765-9345,

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Title Annotation:Additives
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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