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Additional Annex 16: Coordination mechanisms.

Coordination mechanisms regarding the MSPP between the GOM through the executive bureau of the National Council, the Partnership through the UNAIDS Theme-group (Groupe elargi), and the MSPP implementation unit

1. National Strategic Plan (NSP): Annual implementation plans for the project are developed in coordination with the BCN to ensure that project interventions fall within the framework of the NSP. As such, the interventions are coordinated within the International Partnership (TP). The MSPP, under the capacity building component, provides financial support to the improvement of the analytical basis of the NSP and the different sector plans. This support falls within the IP agreement between the UNAIDS Theme-group and the GOM.

2. Technical review of sub-projects financed under the Fund: Sub-projects financed under the Fund for an amount of US$25,000 and above will be reviewed on technical content to ensure their relevance within the national strategy. Technical review of a sub-set of projects under US$25,000 may be requested by the financial management agency or the project's implementation unit. The technical reviews will be ensured by the technical agencies of the UNAIDS Theme-group under the IP agreement and bear no additional costs to the GOM. This agreement has the additional advantage of close collaboration and coordination of interventions between the Partners, the MSPP, and GOM, and will help to prevent duplication of efforts at the local level. In order to prevent the technical review from becoming a cumbersome bureaucratic hurdle, the technical agencies will have only 2 weeks to review the proposals, and a list with pre-designated agencies per region and type of project will be developed before the end of 2002. In addition, the technical review results are communicated through the decentralized levels of the financial management agencies, and only for those projects against which strong objections are raised, that the central level will be involved For project proposals with amounts over US$100,000 reviews will be carried out at the central level, (details can be found in the project procedures manual)

Selection of facilitators : Facilitators will be hired by the MSPP project to work with communities, NGOs, and other locally based organizations to: (i) create awareness about HIV/AIDS; (ii) inform about the Fund facilities; and (iii) assist with the writing of proposals. The Terms of Reference for the Facilitators and the establishment of a short list will be coordinated with the UNAIDS Theme-group with the objective to use existing knowledge and receive multiple inputs. The facilitators can be independent consultants, NGOs and other organizations (details can be found in the procedures manual).
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Publication:Madagascar - Multisectoral STI/HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
Date:Nov 1, 2001
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