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Addiction passes to children.

ADULT children of alcoholics are at an increased risk of becoming addicts and continuing the cycle of abuse themselves, a new report claims.

According to the study, there are over 3.6m adult children of alcoholics in the UK who still bear emotional and behavioural scars after being raised by alcoholic parents.

As a result, the report claims research has shown this group are three to four times more likely to become alcoholics than the general population, and 50% go on to marry alcoholics.

And 70% develop patterns of compulsive behaviour around alcohol, drugs, food, sex, work, gambling or spending.

The Suffer The Children report has been compiled by the Priory group, favoured by many celebrities.

It aims to raise awareness of the millions of people whose lives have been destroyed by parental alcohol abuse.

The report says adult children of alcoholics can be characterised by their confusion of what "normal" is and instead "guess" at how they should behave.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 4, 2006
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