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Addendum to electronic control systems published.

BSI has published BS EN 6206l:2005+A2:2015 Safety of Machinery--Functional Safety of Safety-related Electrical, Electronic and Programmable Electronic Control Systems.

As industry becomes more automated, electrical control systems are playing a larger role in machine safety, using more complex electronics. The standard provides requirements for safety-related machine control systems and explains the level of risk reduction that can be achieved.

This international standard was developed as a derivative of IEC 61508, which introduced functional safety and applies across all industry sectors. BS EN 62061 takes the provisions, rationale and SIL (safety integrity level) classification system of IEC 61508, and interprets them for machinery control systems.

Since safety-related electrical control systems are intended to help prevent accidents and protect people from harm, any organisation or individual responsible for safety at machinery should be aware of BS EN 62061.

This includes designers, control system manufacturers and integrators, and others involved in the specification, design and validation of safety-related electrical control systems of machinery. In particular it will be of interest where SIL classification is required.

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Title Annotation:Overview
Publication:Environmental Engineering
Date:Feb 1, 2016
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