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Adax Announces RTOS Support for HDC/ATM Controllers.

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Adax, the industry leader in high performance wider area communications and telephony signaling infrastructure announces today the addition of VxWorks Real Time Operating System (RTOS) from Wind River Inc., to the range of operating systems currently supporting Adax solutions. Utilizing the WindNet Streams, Adax brings the proven, reliable and high performance STREAMs-based architecture of the Adax ATM and High Density Channelized (HDC) protocol controllers into the RTOS environment.

The decision to provide VxWorks RTOS for its flagship HDC and ATM protocol controllers is in line with Adax' commitment to give its customers competitive advantages in the migration to 3G and VoIP networks. Two features of VxWorks RTOS make it particularly suitable for 3G applications: First, VxWorks supports priority preemption scheduling and fast task context switching which are important for real-time video and voice processing where delays in packet delivery can seriously affect QoS. Second, the flexibility and scalability provided by VxWorks mean that developers can choose from numerous programming options to create configurations that meet their requirements. They can also choose to allocate scarce memory resources to their application, rather than to the operating system.

In the three years since HDC and the ATM protocol controllers made their debut, the Adax product development team has constantly added new features and advanced capabilities to the boards, allowing them to maintain their position as feature-full, top-performing products. With Adax SCTP/T for secured packet delivery over IP networks, AAL2 for voice and video and AAL5 for signaling and IP over ATM, and Classical IP over ATM, Adax HDC and ATM controllers are ideal foundation blocks for SGSN, RNC, Node B, GGSN and Softswitches, or ATM and Frame Relay switches. The boards are available in PCI, cPCI or PMC form factors.

The two Adax protocol controllers complement each other with the HDC providing a powerful narrowband and broadband MTP-2 signaling solution and the ATM, its broadband counterpart. High-speed access to wireless sites, PSTN, VPN and IP networks is provided through T1, E1, OC3 or Ethernet connections. The established Adax Protocol Software product line of SCTP/T, MTP-2, Frame Relay, LAPB/D/V5, SSCOP/SSCF-NNI over ATM or IP, as well as support for SIGTRAN's M3UA, SUA, M2UA, M2PA and other User Adaptation layers are also available on the two protocol controllers.

"The superior design of the Adax HDC and ATM is reflected in the ease with which the Adax product development team has been able to add advanced capabilities to the two protocol controllers," comments Dr. Barry Zuckerman, Ph. D., president of Adax Inc. "With the current uncertainty facing the telecom industry, the large scale software support, integration, and immense flexibility and scalability of the Adax HDC and ATM controllers are important advantages which no serious 3G or VoIP network developer should overlook."

About Adax Inc.

Adax, with a rich legacy of developing signaling solutions for high quality, reliable signaling transmission, is well poised to help telecom companies meet the challenges of Convergence and 3G Networks. The Adax range of hardware and software tools for convergence in signaling networks enables OEMs and Integrators to quickly and efficiently build communications solutions for Wide Area Networks. Typical application areas for Adax products include Signaling Gateways, VoIP systems, Media Gateway Controllers, Media Gateways, GGSN and SGSN nodes for GPRS and 3G/UMTS, Intelligent Networks, Base Station Control, and Billing Mediation.

Adax was founded in Berkeley, Calif. in 1982. For nearly 20 years, Adax products for SS7, ATM, X.25, Frame Relay, HDLC, LAPB/D, LAPV5, and SCTP/TTM technology have been providing foundations for the world's leading telecom companies including Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Hughes and Siemens. For more information, visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 4, 2002
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