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Adaptivity Launches Its Design Studio: Open Data Center Edition.

Adaptivity Supports Intel's Cloud Vision 2015 and The Open Data Center Alliance By Adding Knowledge Module for Intel-based Cloud Computing Solutions to the Design Studio Component of its IT Blueprint 4IT Lifecycle Suite (TM)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Adaptivity, The IT Blueprint Company, provides an IT blueprinting software suite announced today that its Design Studio component of its Blueprint 4IT Lifecycle Suite (TM) will feature a knowledge module containing reference architectures and usage models to create tailored blueprints for building secure and efficient Intel-based applications for the cloud.

Intel has multi-year vision for cloud computing called Cloud Vision 2015. In this vision cloud data centers should be seamlessly and securely connected or federated, should be fully automated-provisioning resources with little or no human interaction, and clouds should be client-aware, providing secure access and optimal experience across a range of devices. To truly realize the promise of cloud computing, Intel believes that open, interoperable solutions that embrace standards are essential.

Intel's Open Data Center initiative ( is a comprehensive engagement with ecosystem and end customers to help speed delivery of technology that enables more secure, efficient, and simplified cloud data centers that preserve IT flexibility and choice. The initiative broadly spans Intel's end user engagements, product and technology development and work with the vendor ecosystem to deliver easy deployable and proven cloud solution on Intel Architecture. Over time, the results of this initiative will deepen the robust offerings along the three key vectors: secure, efficient, and simplified.

"Our Design Studio: Open Data Center Edition is a cloud codified module that brings together Intel's knowledge capital with Adaptivity's ability to enable companies to reduce IT complexity by making the right design decisions to benefit from Intel-based technologies," said, Tony Bishop, CEO and Founder of Adaptivity. "Architects and engineers will be able to create tailored blueprints to ensure a more accurate and precise design is used, resulting in quicker time to market and lower deployment risks."

Adaptivity's Design Studio provides organizations with the precision and automation to create tailored blueprints and prescriptive roadmaps that integrate architecture, engineering and systems operations into business-optimized IT designs. The blueprint development kit, knowledge modules and blueprint library, enable users to embed their organization's knowledge capital into the technology design and deployment process.

"Adaptivity uses Intel Cloud Builders reference architectures and usage models to enhance the knowledge database and enable its clients to develop IT blueprints that include trusted compute pools and policy based power management," said Billy Cox, Director of Cloud Builders Strategy at Intel. "Using Adaptivity's Design Studio: Open Data Center Edition to create tailored blueprints strengthens IT's ability to address security, efficiency, and simplification in the design of cloud based applications."

"Adaptivity will capitalize on the growing, evolving knowledge capital from Intel Open Data Center initiative and use it to build an expanding, 'living', portfolio of Adaptivity Design Studio capabilities and offerings. We believe this provides a strong incentive for IT to consistently visit the Intel Cloud Builders website to track developments that are directly relevant to their organizations," said David Holly, Adaptivity's Chief Marketing Officer.

About Adaptivity

Adaptivity was founded in 2007 to help companies address the complexities associated with IT design and implementation. Adaptivity's Blueprint 4IT Lifecycle Suite (TM) enables intelligent IT design decisions to be integrated into repeatable actions across the technology build and deployment lifecycle. This is accomplished by providing access to a content rich repository consisting of a blueprint library, knowledge database and data contributions from ecosystem partners.

Blueprint 4IT Lifecycle Suite (TM) enables companies to plan and implement with the precision needed to ensure desired system outcomes are achieved. Whether seeking to rationalize an IT portfolio or design a cloud program companies use our tailored blueprints to optimize legacy infrastructure operations and accelerate the delivery of new IT services.

About Intel[R] Cloud Builders

Intel Cloud Builders program brings together industry leaders in systems and software solutions to provide practical guidance on how to deploy, maintain, and optimize a cloud infrastructure. This guidance is available today in the form of detailed reference architectures that can help you improve data center security and efficiency, while simplifying management and operations. Intel Cloud Builders also serves as a portal for information on cloud research and as a community where solution architects can consult on best practices for adoption and enhancement of cloud solutions.
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