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Adaptive toys.

There are many ways to include using technology with standard games that are available. Youngsters can be motivated to communicate and interact when an inviting and favorite toy is paired with software and hardware.

The Unicorn Expanded Keyboard (Unicorn Engineering) can be customized with overlays and phrases to fit any activity using Talking Word Board software for the Apple series, an Echo Speech Synthesizer (Street Electronics) and an Adaptive Firmware Card (Don Johnston Developmental Equipment, Inc.). The Fisher Price Food series can be integrated into an activity that enhances choicemaking, communication and is fun ! One overlay offers the choice of activities by presenting a picture for each (e.g. pizza, hamburger and soup/sandwich). For example, when the youngster presses the square which shows the picture of the pizza, the computer voices the phrase "Let's make a pizza." The overlay for the pizza is then placed on top of the board and another level is selected from the Talking Word Board software. Each square has a picture and a corresponding phrase. The sauce can says "Put some sauce on my pizza." Either the child can place the item chosen onto the pizza, or they can direct another child or adult to comply with their request. Each overlay has a square which indicates that the child wants to do something different. At this point, the overlay with all of the choices is returned to allow the child to select another food activity.

If parents are interested in potential adaptations to particular toys, we would be available and eager to work with them if toys are provided. We can be reached at:

Alice Wershing

c/o DCCG

2095 Rose St., 1st floor

Berkeley, Calif. 94709

(415) 841-3224
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Author:Wershing, Alice
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Date:Jan 1, 1990
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