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Adaptive hardware and systems; proceedings.


Adaptive hardware and systems; proceedings.

NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (2008: Noordwijk, The Netherlands) Ed. by Didier Keymeulen et al.

Computer Society Press


521 pages




A June 2008 conference brought together leading researchers from the adaptive hardware and systems community to exchange experiences and share new ideas in the field. Papers from the conference are presented here, touching on themes such as fundamentals and theory, adaptive technology in analog/digital/mixed circuits, optical systems, reconfigurable devices, morphogenetic and cellular adaptive hardware, and fault-tolerant and self-repair systems. Application areas addressed include sensing, image processing, communications, biometrics, forensics and security, and space applications. Some specific topics examined are gate-level evolutionary development using cellular automata, mapping reconfigurable antennas using graphs, and a new system-level reconfigurable lossless image compression system for space applications. Other topics include scalable self-configurable architecture for reusable space systems, distributed adaptability and mobility in space-based wireless pico-satellite sensor networks, and fragile IP watermarking techniques.

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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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