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Fixing HIV spending: leading AIDS advocates agree that a doubling of federal funding could make a dramatic difference in the fight against the disease, though they diverge when asked how they would allocate the additional money. Aug 29, 2006 1409
Bikers fight to own "dyke": it's taken three years and the fight is still not over, but members of the country's most famous group of biking lesbians are finally winning the right to own their own name. Jun 20, 2006 616
Anticipating the once-a-day pill: a new daily anti-HIV pill is likely to become available later this year. Some patients can't wait, some are happy to stick with what they've got, and many won't have an option. Apr 11, 2006 789
Bollywood's gay hit. Brief Article Jul 5, 2005 136
Golden rules for traveling with HIV: key guidelines and precautions for the positive traveler to make vacationing easily enjoyable, not life-threatening. Jul 5, 2005 947
A ruling for equality: a federal court strikes down Nebraska's sweeping restrictions on same-sex relationships, but its marriage ban remains. Jun 21, 2005 435
One! Two pharmaceutical giants team up to find a simpler, better way to fight HIV. Jun 21, 2005 399
HIV and travel: the world may not be your oyster when you roam openly as HIV-positive. Oct 26, 2004 1083
Doctor phobia: even though they're out to family and friends, many gays and lesbians still fear coming out in their doctors' offices. As a result, they're not getting the best care. Aug 31, 2004 1232
Keeping it up: changes in erection function are normal with age--but for gay men these changes are often anything but acceptable. Nov 11, 2003 1633
Smallpox vaccine and HIV: a deadly combination. (Science). Feb 4, 2003 333
Protein power. (HIV). Nov 12, 2002 146
Food for thought. (Breast Cancer). Oct 15, 2002 167
Double trouble. (HIV). Oct 15, 2002 120
Paying to look perfect. (Health). Sep 3, 2002 154
Opting out. (Breast Cancer). Brief Article Jul 23, 2002 168
A rip in the AIDS quilt: ten chapters of the Names Project, which shepherds the AIDS Memorial Quilt, have closed this year in a power struggle between national staffers and local volunteers. Both sides say they're only acting to protect the quilt. (Activism). Jun 25, 2002 1309
New HIV drugs in the pipeline: drug companies have dozens of new anti-HIV drugs under study, with many advantages--and a few drawbacks--compared with existing medications. (Health Update). Statistical Data Included May 28, 2002 1445
Have a talk with your doc. (STD Screening). Brief Article Apr 30, 2002 215
The Great White North pharmacy. (Anti-HIV Drugs). Brief Article Apr 30, 2002 96
The way to a will: because most states don't provide legal recognition of same-sex relationships, careful estate planning is even more critical for gay men and lesbians. (Personal Finance). Apr 30, 2002 1335
Look ma, no heteros: gay and lesbian couples could be giving birth to babies genetically related to both same-sex parents if current research pans out. (Science). Mar 19, 2002 1365
Crusaders against condoms. (HIV). Brief Article Mar 5, 2002 149
Disability as a moving target. (AIDS). Brief Article Feb 19, 2002 124
Salvation Army fatigue: in less than a year's time, the charitable group has faced both scorn for its antigay policies and glory for its recovery work. As with the Boy Scouts, it's the scorn that may endure. (Far Right). Jan 22, 2002 1047
The pope and Mychal Judge. (Religion). Brief Article Dec 25, 2001 153
Reevaluating ecstasy. (Research). Brief Article Dec 25, 2001 184
Dot-com drugs. (Internet). Brief Article Nov 20, 2001 136
Congress in his bedroom. Brief Article Oct 23, 2001 152
Med schools fail lesbian health. Brief Article Aug 28, 2001 96
Typhoid Larry? Brief Article Jun 19, 2001 142
Meds for the morning after. Brief Article May 22, 2001 195
Lost in the smoke. Brief Article May 22, 2001 287
Health. Brief Article Apr 24, 2001 340
Between you and your genes. Brief Article Mar 27, 2001 194
Help for addicts. Brief Article Feb 27, 2001 163

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