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Adam Smith addresses.


1982 Herbert Stein "Conservatives, Economists and Neckties"

AEI and University

of Virginia
1983 Charles P. Kindleberger "Was Adam Smith a Monetarist or
 Massachusetts Institute a Keynesian?"

of Technology

1984 Karl Brunner "The Poverty of Nations"

University of Rochester

1985 Robert M. Solow "The Unemployment of Nations"

Massachusetts Institute

of Technology

1986 Paul W. McCracken "Reluctant to Prosper"

University of Michigan
1987 George J. Stigler "The Effect of Government on
 University of Chicago Economic Efficiency"
1988 James M. Buchanan "On the Structure of an Economy:
 George Mason University A Reemphasis of Some Classical
1989 Milton Friedman "The Suicidal Impulse of the
 The Hoover Institution Business Community"
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