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Adam Kessler Has Launched a Wonderful Offer for the Aspirants Wanting To Run Faster - Three Great Products at One Low Price.

Columbus, OH, January 30, 2013 --( Adam Kessler has been an athlete himself for a majority of his life. He has been a player in the past and is now a speed coach. He has been coaching many athletes and team players of various renowned organizations like Columbus Academy School and USA Weightlifting Sport Performance, as his specialty lies in speed.

He has trained the players of all sorts of games including football, baseball, field hockey, basketball, soccer, softball, lacrosse and many other sports. He endorses a product called Run Faster Method, which is actually a program containing training sessions and plans that help in running faster. Run Faster Method contains a book and a video CD made by Adam Kessler that guides the runner towards improving speed and maintaining that speed at all time.

He has now collaborated with Rocket Speed Training Series, so now you can buy two guides of Rocket Speed Training on a Budget Series along with Run Faster Method at one low price. This special offer will benefit those athletes and workout enthusiasts who want to increase their running speed.

Coach Rick Karboviak, has created these guides of Rocket Speed Training on a Budget Series. These guides show how unique training aids can be custom made for you and used during daily drills.

Both of these coaches know that the athletes, trainers, other coaches and even parents from across the nation are searching for an affordable solution that can meet their training needs and at the same time give them exactly what they are looking for to meet their goals.

This special offer will definitely catch attention of these athletes and trainers as they get three products i.e. Run Faster Method and two guides of Rocket Speed Training on a Budget Series at a price as low as $49. The aspirants wanting to increase their running speed will most certainly find this offer helpful and handy.

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Run Faster Method is the guide for the runners and athletes who want to improve their running speed. It practically teaches them how to run faster. There are already many athletes and runners who have benefited from the techniques and speed trainings given in the Run Faster Method. For more information please visit

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Phone: 614-460-5348

Address: Fitness Planning Consultants, Inc.

P. O. Box 20323

Columbus, OH 43220

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The Run Faster Method

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Date:Jan 30, 2013
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