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Adacel to Showcase Advanced ATM and ATC Simulation at ATC Global 2012.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Adacel (ASX:ADA) announced today that the Company will showcase its ICAO 2012 compliant Aurora ATM System at the 22nd edition of the ATC Global Exhibition and Conference. The conference opens tomorrow and runs through the 8th of March at the Amsterdam RAI. Also featured will be elements of the Company's ATC Unified Training Solution, which includes an innovative tool designed to prepare aviation personnel for ICAO Level 4 aviation English proficiency.

Adacel's Aurora ATM is an integrated system for oceanic, en route, terminal and tower operations that is fully compliant with Amendment 1 to PANS ATM, DOC 4444. This Linux based system is scalable to meet all operational requirements and features functionality to support NextGen and SESAR initiatives including 4D profile protection, automated conflict detection, monitoring & control by exception, separation based on individual aircraft performance and equipage, dynamic airspace allocation, controller pilot data link communications (CPDLC) and automatic dependent surveillance contract and broadcast (ADS-C and ADS-B).

Adacel continues to expand their world class ATC simulation and training offerings. The Company's ATC Unified Training Solution (UTS) is a cost effective, holistic family of hardware and software tools that match the level of simulation to the stage of training to better prepare students and reduce failure rates. This system allows students to consolidate skills and phraseology on individual task trainers and advance through team training on full immersion simulators as their skills progress. The complementary tools maximize hands-on learning and practice to build fundamentally stronger understanding and proficiency while enabling instructor resources to be focused where they add most value.

The ICE (Intelligent Communications Environment) application for aviation English training provides a computerized, context relevant learning environment that is offered within Adacel's UTS packages or as a standalone training device. The ICE system is deployed on standard laptops or desktops and provides self-paced learning and portability that allows students to practice anytime, anywhere. The ICE system monitors the student's progress without "over the shoulder" supervision and provides immediate audio, visual and textual feedback. Adacel's ICE is quickly becoming the tool of choice for phraseology and communications training. For example, ICE has been accredited in Portugal for use by NAV Portugal for English language radiotelephony assessment. It has also been accredited by Italy's regulatory body ENAC and is now used extensively by Italy's ENAV to prepare controllers for ICAO level 4 English certification with more than 350 seats deployed at ATC facilities throughout the country.

Adacel will perform product demonstrations routinely throughout the ATC Global event, but interested parties can reserve special viewings directly at the venue or by contacting an Adacel representative.

About Adacel

Adacel was established in 1987 and develops critical aviation, speech recognition, and advanced simulation systems for military and commercial use. The Company's ATC simulators lead global efforts to safely optimize controller training. Adacel's operational Aurora ATM includes capabilities envisaged for FAA NextGen and EUROCONTROL SESAR programs; providing enabling technology for initiatives to promote airspace efficiency and reduce aviation related carbon emissions. Adacel technology is pioneering speech applications for operational direct voice input control systems and interactive control of computer generated entities in training systems.

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Date:Mar 5, 2012
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