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AdMission Spotlight Ads Delivers 10X Industry Standard Click-through Rate Success; Powerful Advertising Solution Provides Exclusive Promotion Opportunities for Commercial and Private Party Classified Advertisers.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- AdMission Corporation, a provider of classified advertising solutions, today reports that its newest online classifieds advertising solution, Spotlight Ads, has delivered an average of 10X click-through rate success compared with industry standard banner ad performance of 0.1 to 0.3 percent. Results were from a 2-month pilot conducted with five newspaper publishers.

AdMission Spotlight Ads feature classified ad inventory in media-rich banner ads and other rotating ad formats. The ads are populated with relevant classified inventory and are generated dynamically based on user context. By featuring classifieds content in a portable "container," such as an IAB-standard leaderboard or skyscraper, publishers can distribute ads across their entire platform or across a partner's platform to achieve significantly broader reach on behalf of their advertisers.

"The Orange County Register has had private party Spotlight Ads running on our homepage for several months," said Steve Barth, vice president Interactive, Orange County Register. "We've had inquiries on using the product by several local auto dealers who'd like to take advantage of this unique product. Since the basic specs -- VIN, make, model, price -- on most used vehicles for sale already exists in digital form in a dealer's DMS, this content can be easily imported into a Spotlight Ad. It's fast and easy, and our advertisers love the added exposure and results beyond traditional classifieds."

Spotlight Ads can be sold two ways: as an exclusive ad position for professional advertisers, typically car dealers and real estate brokers, delivering branding elements and an inventory showcase, or as a private party offering for additional exposure. The ads can be sold through a newspaper call center or self-service online and have a performance-based pricing model, including CPM, CPC or Pay per Call. Newspaper publishers typically choose to bundle wholesale CPM's into a fixed rate retail package.

"AdMission Spotlight Ads offer greater reach for advertisers and a deeper level of information for consumers, plus they can be placed just about anywhere on a publisher's site or distributed to any network that can display IAB standard ad formats," said Sarah Pate, president and CEO, AdMission Corporation. "Until now, most classified ads were relegated to the classifieds pages with little opportunity for extended exposure or branding. Commercial advertisers can reach more buyers through the Sponsor Box's prominent display of company logo, phone number, website and the premium promotion of chosen inventory in Micro Ads. It's perfect for real estate, automotive and even small retailers who want to promote and sell more merchandise."

Spotlight Ads technology accepts content submitted to the AdMission API or through an RSS feed. Existing AdMission Classifieds customers automatically have access to Spotlight Ads functionality.

Attendees at the NAA Marketing Conference 2006 tradeshow in Orlando, Florida March 19-22 can view a demonstration of AdMission Spotlight Ads in booth #504.

About AdMission Corporation

AdMission Corporation is a provider of patented technology solutions for directional advertising publishers including newspaper classifieds, yellow pages, e-commerce websites and online directories. AdMission is a hosted media platform that provides local advertisers with the means to create rich, visual ads showcasing their businesses, products and services, resulting in more relevant searches for consumers and qualified leads for advertisers. AdMission's powerful competitive advantage provides publishers with one of the most visual, interactive online marketing solutions available. Learn more about AdMission at

AdMission Corporation became a privately held independent company with substantial employee ownership in February of 2005. Prior to that time, it was a fully owned business unit of IPIX Corporation. All directly related customer contracts, operations, hardware, software, intellectual property and business know-how, were acquired by AdMission Corporation.

AdMission Spotlight Ads are a trademark of AdMission Corporation.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 21, 2006
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