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AdForce Introduces AdForce EveryWhere: Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Wherever a Digital Signal Can be Sent; AdForce Announces Ad Management Strategy for Wireless Devices.

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CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 2000

AdForce, Inc., a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc. (Nasdaq:CMGI), today announced a new media advertising program to deliver targeted advertising messages to new digital platforms, such as wireless devices. The new service, named AdForce EveryWhere, provides web publishers, advertisers and ad networks with innovative marketing options for delivering advertising and promotional content, thereby creating new opportunities for increasing revenues for its partners, customers and future prospects. Currently, the AdForce EveryWhere program has numerous customers in the beta testing phase.

"AdForce has taken the concept of digital marketing and made it a reality by building out our advertising infrastructure and extending our services to the latest technology devices," said Dee Cravens, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at AdForce. "While others are in the discussion stages of their digital media strategies, we have moved squarely to a leadership position with technology development and global relationships to address the advertising and promotional needs of each component of digital media distribution."

As a leading independent online provider of ad management and delivery services, AdForce has built its reputation on developing a superior Internet advertising infrastructure delivering 650 million online ads daily. AdForce's infrastructure now supports the latest wireless devices outside of traditional desktop Internet access, allowing advertisers to bring information to users based on location and interest.

"Advertising in the wireless media presents three unique challenges - technical, business and creative," said Tim DePriest, Director of Strategic Marketing at AdForce. "We understand the importance of looking at these issues holistically in order for our clients to maximize their ad message effectiveness for each digital device. Our goal is to deliver advertising and promotional messages to devices wherever a digital signal can be sent, beginning with mobile devices and moving into kiosks, point of sale devices, set top boxes and other devices. We are committed, however, to do so responsibly, given that ad delivery to these new digital media is still an immature, but rapidly growing, market."

New Digital Delivery Technology

AdForce has leveraged its experience in ad server technology to build out its ad delivery capabilities and support reliable, real-time transmission to new devices. AdForce is developing new application interfaces unique to each media starting with the wireless market. These application interfaces enable ads to be served via different transmission signals while ensuring the highest degree of delivery performance, reliability and quality. AdForce's targeting technology will also ensure - that ad content is delivered based on several key criteria including geography, user-defined profiles, digital device and operating system requirements in real-time.

Single Solution for Digital Marketing

AdForce intends to provide a one-stop solution for media buyers and advertisers who are looking to reach targeted consumers across a variety of digital media. AdForce EveryWhere will save AdForce customers time, energy and money by enabling them to schedule multiple media campaigns from a single source. In addition to the ad formats currently supported, AdForce will serve MPEG-2 quality video and audio ads, interactive ads and promotions, innovative television ads for set-top boxes, and many others.

Opt-in Advertising and Privacy

In the AdForce EveryWhere program, many ads will be delivered in conjunction with opt-in programs, whereby users will not receive ads unless they specifically request them. As an industry leader, AdForce is committed to protecting the privacy of all users - no matter what device users employ to access content and advertisements.


AdForce EveryWhere is a global solution. AdForce recognizes the tremendous potential of non-PC-based digital marketing within the Asian and European markets. As such, AdForce EveryWhere will extend to the AdForce Asia and ADTECH subsidiaries. AdForce Asia is a leader in mainland China with over 70% market share, and ADTECH provides ad management services for, Netscape, Expedia, Ad Pepper and other major European ad agencies, rep firms and publishers.

About AdForce (

AdForce, a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc., is "The Force in Digital Marketing"(TM) and a leading provider of centralized online advertising services, enabling publishers, rep firms and advertisers to leverage the unique advantages of the Internet as the first fully interactive medium. Deploying advanced scalable technology and backed by robust data centers, the AdForce service delivers billions of impressions monthly for some of the Internet's most prominent advertisers. AdForce provides a comprehensive suite of products which allow advertisers and publishers to target, deliver, measure and analyze Internet advertising programs for the best results. AdForce has offices in Cupertino, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, New York, NY and Hong Kong.

This release contains forward-looking statements which address a variety of subjects including, for example, the expected benefits, functionality and availability of the AdForce EveryWhere service. The following important factors and uncertainties, among others, could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in these forward-looking statements: AdForce's technology and products may not successfully interoperate with those of third parties, the adoption of new laws and regulations affecting the provision of Internet advertising services, including laws and regulations covering privacy, pricing and content, and increased competition and technological changes in the markets in which AdForce competes. For a detailed discussion of these and other cautionary statements, please refer to CMGI's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including CMGI's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the most recently ended fiscal year.
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