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Acutrak[R] furnace provides alloy flexibility-maximizes power efficiency. (Technology in Action).

USER--TPi Arcade, a modern foundry in Arcade, NY, makes aluminum V-Process castings for the medical, automotive and instrumentation industries.

OPERATION--Melting 356 and 319 aluminum, TPi began operations at its new foundry in 2000 with a 4,500 lb. capacity gas reverbatory furnace. Metal was dipped directly from the reverb, which was recharged after 10 to 15 percent of the metal was removed.

PROBLEMS--The reverb did not provide needed alloy flexibility. Adding smaller furnaces that would take advantage of the area's low electric rates seemed the solution. However, resistance furnaces were not considered an attractive choice because of TPis experience with their high maintenance costs.

SOLUTION--TPi field tested and subsequently purchased two Inductotherm Acutrak[R] direct electric heat crucible furnaces. These 150 kW, 2200 lb. systems provided the alloy flexibility TPi needed while maximizing power efficiency (more than 90% goes into the metal) and minimizing maintenance costs. Acutrak[R] uses induction technology. There are no fragile and expensive heating elements to replace.

BENEFITS--TPi reports that their Acutrak[R] furnaces melt quickly, maintain metal temperature to within [+ or -]5[degrees]F, use minimal power to hold, produce high quality metal, seldom need degassing, and require little or no maintenance. Crucibles are replaced after one year.


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Title Annotation:TPi Arcade
Comment:Acutrak[R] furnace provides alloy flexibility-maximizes power efficiency. (Technology in Action).(TPi Arcade)
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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