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Acute Pain, Crisis, and the Hospital Setting.

Patterson, David R. (2010). Acute Pain, Crisis, and the Hospital Setting. In Patterson, David R. (Ed.), Clinical Hypnosis for Pain Control, (pp. 131-150). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

This book generally divides pain into acute and chronic categories, each of which requires markedly different approaches with respect to medical and psychological treatments, including hypnotic analgesia. Acute pain, in turn, can be further subdivided into different categories that are useful when considering specific hypnotic approaches. The acute pain settings addressed in this chapter include settings in which patients are already experiencing acute pain (typically in as hospitalized inpatients) at the time clinicians choose to use hypnotic techniques. Such inpatient treatment settings can also include the intensive care unit (ICU). Not only is the ICU an environment in which patients experience frequent acute pain and anxiety, but it also presents unique environmental and cognitive challenges (and opportunities) for the use of hypnosis. The chapter also discusses procedural pain--acute pain that occurs in response to medical procedures. Such procedures are a common source of acute pain and anxiety and are particularly amenable to hypnosis because of their predictable timing. The approaches in this chapter have been discussed in a number of earlier publications (M. P. Jensen & Patterson, 2008; Patterson, 1996, 2009; Wiechman Askay & Patterson, 2007), although none of them has addressed this topic in the detail put forth here.

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Title Annotation:Pain control
Author:Hartman, David
Publication:Journal of Heart Centered Therapies
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 22, 2010
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