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Acupuncture ..but without the needles; THE HEALING POWER OF TOUCH.

AS a complementary therapist Vivienne Hamilton Shields is by definition open to the benefits of alternative medicines but, there's one technique in particular that she is a champion of - Jin Shin Jyutsu.

The Llanfairfechan woman describes this in simple terms as the "grandmother of acupuncture" and for those with a phobia of sharp pointed objects, the beauty of it is there's no needles involved.

Jin Shin Jyutsu, pronounced "gin shin jitsoo", is an ancient relaxation technique: according to practitioners, they use their hands to stimulate energy flow around the body.

It was rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century in Japan by a man called Jiro Murai, who in the 1950s taught the principles to an American Mary Burmeister. She started teaching it in the USA in the 1970s from where it spread around the globe.

To its adherents it uses the body's energy to heal any number of ailments, from a bad back to arthritis.

Vivienne swears by it - she was taught it in the early 1990s and is one of the few practitioners of the technique in the whole of North Wales: she offers it from her Therapy Wales clinic in Llanfairfechan, along with better-known alternative therapies like reflexology and aromatherapy.

"I had an American customer who's sister-in-law was a friend of some of the teachers. She asked me to come on a course so I could do it to her. That was back in 1994 and I feel so lucky to have had such a great introduction to it."

But, she accepts it is not for every one: "Some people love it, and others don't feel it has very much benefit but those who love it, really love it."

"For example I have a low thyroid problem and by doing the treatment for this condition I am able to keep thyroid levels within the normal range."

The treatment itself works with Vivienne taking the pulse on each of the wrists to get an idea of the state of the energy flow of the organs on the body. She then puts her hands on two parts of the body to stimulate the movement of energy.

"It's just like jump starting a car," she laughed. "Sometimes you get strange sensations in unrelated areas of the body and often people go either hot or cold. Mostly people drift off into a deep healing state of relaxation which is when the body starts to heal itself."

According to her Jin Shin Jyutsu is easy to do - either in bed or watching TV, at meetings or on the bus.

"We just need to understand that our own healing is within our own hands."

To find out more contact Vivienne on (01248) 680369, or e-mail or visit


Healing hands: Vivienne Hamilton Shields
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 22, 2010
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