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Acupressure OptiMaskPro Has Been Launched Recently.

London, United Kingdom, December 04, 2015 --( Acupressure can treat many eye diseases which sometimes cannot be treated with medicines. It is proven that acupressure has been successful in treating short-sightedness, long sightedness, cataract, glaucoma and other eye ailments and by using the acupressure points correctly one can treat these disorders.

Recently, an American based company launched an acupressure eye mask. OptiMaskPro is a mask with multilateral effects. Along with relieving the eyes and headache, it gradually decreased diopters. The device combines magnetic and mechanical action on the important acupuncture points around the eyes and in this way it helps to normalize the functions of the organs of vision.

Thanks to significant inventions and development in biophysics, which combines physics with classic medicine, the effect of magnetic field on humans and neural system, has been confirmed. OptiMaskPro works on the following principal - the external magnetic field affects acupuncture points and can therefore influence metabolism, blood circulation, oxygenation, nutrition of tissues and organs. Lately, the effects resulting from the magnetic field were used for treating diseases more and more frequently.

15 minutes daily use of the mask improves blood circulation, boosts eye health, enhances cellular metabolism and reduces diopters. The massage time could be adjusted, therefore the massage period could be controlled. The device is suitable for anyone who excessively use eyes - working in front of the computer, writing, reading or driving.

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Date:Dec 4, 2015
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