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Articles from Actuators (September 1, 2020)

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A Biomechatronic Device Actuated by Pneumatic Artificial Muscles for the Automatic Evaluation of Nociceptive Thresholds in Rheumatic Patients. Randazzini, Luigi; Capace, Alessia; Cosentino, Carlo; Grembiale, Rosa Daniela; Amato, Francesco; Mer 5961
A Control Strategy of Actively Actuated Eccentric Mass System for Imbalance Rotor Vibration. Jung, Daeyi 9633
A Critical Analysis of Flow-Compensated Hydrostatic Single Rod Actuators: Simulation Study. Costa, Gustavo Koury; Sepehri, Nariman 9066
A Hybrid Electromagnetic and Tendon-Driven Actuator for Minimally Invasive Surgery. Wang, Haochen; Cui, Saihui; Wang, Yao; Song, Chengli 4834
A New Type of Rotary Magnetic Actuator System Using Electromagnetic Vibration and Wheel. Yaguchi, Hiroyuki; Kimura, Izuru; Sakuma, Shun Report 4212
A Novel Adjustable Damper Design for a Hybrid Passive Ankle Prosthesis. Naseri, Amirreza; Moghaddam, Majid Mohammadi; Gharini, Mohammad; Sharbafi, Maziar Ahmad Report 8978
A Novel Low-Frequency Piezoelectric Motor Modulated by an Electromagnetic Field. Xing, Jichun; Qin, Yong 5656
Accurate Motion Control of a Pneumatic Linear Peristaltic Actuator. Carneiro, Joao Falcao; Pinto, Joao Bravo; de Almeid, Fernando Gomes 5108
Active Mass Damper tor Reducing Wind and Earthquake Vibrations of a Long-Period Bridge. Chang, Seongkyu 5873
Aerodynamic Drag Reduction and Optimization of MIRA Model Based on Plasma Actuator. Lai, Chenguang; Hu, Hang Fu Bo; Ling, Zhiwei; Jiang, Li Report 6111
An Equivalent Circuit Analysis and Suspension Characteristics of AC Magnetic Suspension Using Magnetic Resonant Coupling. Rahman, Arifur; Mizuno, Takeshi; Takasaki, Masaya; Ishino, Yuji 6836
An Open-Source Social Robot Based on Compliant Soft Robotics for Therapy with Children with ASD. Casas-Bocanegra, Diego; Gomez-Vargas, Daniel; Pinto-Bernal, Maria J.; Maldonado, Juan; Munera, Marce 9312
Analysis of the Influence of Suspension Actuator Limitations on Ride Comfort in Passenger Cars Using Model Predictive Control. Enders, Erik; Burkhard, Georg; Munzinger, Nathan 14547
Analysis of the Possibilities of Using a Driver's Brain Activity to Pneumatically Actuate a Secondary Foot Brake Pedal. Dindorf, Ryszard; Wos, Piotr 5135
Analytical Analysis of Magnetic Levitation Systems with Harmonic Voltage Input. Maximov, Serguei; Gonzalez-Montanez, Felipe; Escarela-Perez, Rafael; Olivares-Galvan, Juan Carlos; A 5213
Analytical Approach of a Pure Flow Mode Serpentine Path Rotary Magnetorheological Damper. Satria, Rivananda Rama; Ubaidillah, U.; Imaduddin, Fitrian 5683
Assessment of Short Rectangular-Tab Actuation of Supersonic Jet Mixing. Ranjan, Abhash; Kaushik, Mrinal; Deb, Dipankar; Muresan, Vlad; Unguresan, Mihaela 7234
Design of a New XY Flexure Micropositioning Stage With a Large Hollow Platform. Zhang, Hanlun; Wu, Zehao; Xu, Qingsong 5306
Design of Tendon-Driven Mechanism Using Geometrical Condition. Takuma, Takashi 5526
Development of a Piezoelectric Actuator for Separation and Purification of Biological Microparticles. Ostasevicius, Vytautas; Jurenas, Vytautas; Gaidys, Rimvydas; Golinka, Ievgeniia; Kizauskiene, Laura; Report 5099
Efficiency of Coupled Experimental-Numerical Predictive Analyses for Inter-Story Floors Under Non-Isolated Machine-Induced Vibrations. Bergamo, Enrico; Fasan, Marco; Bedon, Chiara 10112
Elastic Actuator Design Based on Bending of Cylindrical Beam for Robotic Applications. Murat, Reis; Ebrahimi, Nafiseh; Jafari, Amir 6018
Electrostrictive PVDF-TrFE Thin Film Actuators for the Control of Adaptive Thin Shell Reflectors. Wang, Kainan; Godfroid, Thomas; Robert, Damien; Preumont, Andre 5733
Energy Harvesting of Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites Based on Microcellular Foamed Nafion in Aqueous Environment. Kweon, Byung Chul; Sohn, Joo Seong; Ryu, Youngjae; Cha, Sung Woon 4464
Experimental Assessment of Corrugated Rectangular Actuators on Supersonic Jet Mixing. T., Thillaikumar; Jana, Tamal; Kaushik, Mrinal 6957
Experimental Research on the Hysteretic Behaviour of Pressurized Artificial Muscles Made from Elastomers with Aramid Fibre Insertions. Filip, Ovidiu; Deaconescu, Andrea; Deaconescu, Tudor 6152
Finite Time Convergence Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion-Based Attitude Control for Flying--Wing Aircraft with Actuator Faults. Zhang, Shaojie; Han, Wuhan; Zhang, Yuemei 7608
Fractional-Order Surge Control of Active Magnetic Bearings Suspended Compressor. Anantachaisilp, Parinya; Zongli, Lin 7468
Improved Decoupling Control for a Powershift Automatic Mechanical Transmission Employing a Model-Based PID Parameter Autotuning Method. Sun, Zhiqiang; Sanada, Kazushi; Gao, Bingzhao; Jin, Jiaqi; Fu, Jingshun; Huang, Longfeng; Wu, Xiaoli 7484
Improving the Actuation Speed and Multi-Cyclic Actuation Characteristics of Silicone/Ethanol Soft Actuators. Xia, Boxi; Miriyev, Asian; Trujillo, Cesar; Chen, Neil; Cartolano, Mark; Vartak, Shivaniprashant; Li Report 5735
Innovative Actuator Fault Identification Based on Back Electromotive Force Reconstruction. Quattrocchi, Gaetano; Berri, Pier C.; Vedova, Matteo D.L. Dalla; Maggiore, Paolo 6010
Low-Cost, Open-Source Mechanical Ventilator with Pulmonary Monitoring for COVID-19 Patients. Acho, Leonardo; Vargas, Alessandro N.; Pujol-Vazquez, Gisela 5050
Modeling of Attractive Force by Magnetic Wheel Used for Mobile Robot. Noh, Myounggyu; Kwon, Eunsang; Park, So Hee; Park, Young-Woo 2914
Optimal Force Allocation and Position Control of Hybrid Pneumatic-Electric Linear Actuators. Rouzbeh, Behrad; Bone, Gary M. 5455
Piezoelectric Thick Film Deposition via Powder/Granule Spray in Vacuum: A Review. Patil, Deepak Rajaram; Annapureddy, Venkateswarlu; Kaarthik, J.; Thakre, Atul; Akedo, Jun; Ryu, Jung Report 10427
Pneumatically Actuated Thin Glass Microlens for On-Chip Multi-Magnification Observations. Aishan, Yusufu; Yalikun, Yaxiaer; Tanaka, Yo 4907
Proof of Principle of a Rotating Actuator Based on Magnetostrictive Material with Simultaneous Vibration Amplitude. Titsch, Christian; Li, Qiang; Kimme, Simon; Drossel, Welf-Guntram 3837
Proposal of an Equal-Stiffness and Equal-Stroke 2D Micro-Positioning Platform Driven by Piezoelectric Actuators. Sun, Feng; Hao, Yansong; Xu, Fangchao; Jin, Junjie; Li, Qiang; Tong, Ling; Zhang, Ming; Zhang, Xiaoy 5877
Recent Structure Development of Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-Based Piezoelectric Nanogenerator for Self-Powered Sensor. Lee, Cheoljae; Park, Hyosik; Lee, Ju-Hyuck 7738
Robust [H.sub.[infinity]] Control of STMDs Used in Structural Systems by Hardware in the Loop Simulation Method. Aggumus, Huseyin; Guclu, Rahmi 7945
Simplification of the Model of Piezoelectric Actuator Control Based on Preliminary Measurements. Baraniuk, Roman; Drossel, Welf-Guntram 5197
Soft Controllable Carbon Fibre-based Piezoresistive Self-Sensing Actuators. Pan, Min; Yuan, Chenggang; Anpalagan, Hastha; Plummer, Andrew; Zou, Jun; Zhang, Junhui; Bowen, Chris 6129
Static Characteristics of a Tilting Five-Pad Journal Bearing with an Asymmetric Geometry. Dang, Phuoc Vinh; Chatterton, Steven; Pennacchi, Paolo 7446
The Multi-Parametric Weight Optimization of a Hydraulic Actuator. Solazzi, Luigi; Buffoli, Andrea; Formicola, Raffaele Report 6398
Updated Author Guidance for Papers to Actuators. Tesar, Delbert 1427

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