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Articles from Actuators (March 1, 2019)

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A Novel Actuator System Combining Mechanical Vibration and Magnetic Wheels Capable of Rotational Motion Using Shape Memory Alloy Coils. Yaguchi, Hiroyuki; Kimura, Izuru; Sakuma, Shun 4215
A Novel, Low-Cost and Reliable Workbench for Optimal Voltage Distribution on Piezoelectric Array Actuators. Schinaia, Lorenzo; Scorza, Andrea; Botta, Fabio; Rossi, Andrea; Maiozzi, Roberto; Orsini, Francesco; 4143
A Review on the Control of the Mechanical Properties of Ankle Foot Orthosis for Gait Assistance. Adiputra, Dimas; Nazmi, Nurhazimah; Bahiuddin, Irfan; Ubaidillah, Ubaidillah; Imaduddin, Fitrian; Ra 14316
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Actuators in 2018. 609
An Electro-Thermal Actuation Method for Resonance Vibration of a Miniaturized Optical-Fiber Scanner for Future Scanning Fiber Endoscope Design. Ahrabi, Aydin Aghajanzadeh; Kaur, Mandeep; Li, Yasong; Lane, Pierre; Menon, Carlo 8838
Asynchronous Control of a Prototype Inchworm Actuator: Control Design and Test Results. Shields, Joel Report 9704
Condition Monitoring of Active Magnetic Bearings on the Internet of Things. Pesch, Alexander H.; Scavelli, Peter N. Report 6230
Condition Monitoring with Prediction Based on Diesel Engine Oil Analysis: A Case Study for Urban Buses. Raposo, Hugo; Farinha, Jose Torres; Fonseca, Inacio; Ferreira, L. Andrade Case study 6669
Conductive Fabric Heaters for Heat-Activated Soft Actuators. Cartolano, Mark; Xia, Boxi; Miriyev, Aslan; Lipson, Hod 11434
Correction: Persoons, T.; Cressall, R.; Alimohammadi, S. Validating a Reduced-Order Model for Synthetic Jet Actuators Using CFD and Experimental Data. Actuators 2018, 7, 67. Persoons, Tim; Cressall, Rick; Alimohammadi, Sajad Correction notice 339
Design and Analysis of Novel Actuation Mechanism with Controllable Stiffness. dos Santos, Erivelton Gualter; Richter, Hanz 5809
Design and Fabrication of a New Dual-Arm Soft Robotic Manipulator. Wang, Yaxi; Xu, Qingsong 5394
Design of Soft Origami Mechanisms with Targeted Symmetries. Gillman, Andrew; Wilson, Gregory; Fuchi, Kazuko; Hartl, Darren; Pankonien, Alexander; Buskohl, Phili 8194
Distributed Cooperative Avoidance Control for Multi-Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Huang, Sunan; Teo, Rodney Swee Huat; Liu, Wenqi 8759
Finite Element Model of Vibration Control for an Exponential Functionally Graded Timoshenko Beam with Distributed Piezoelectric Sensor/Actuator. Harti, Khalid El; Rahmoune, Mohammed; Sanbi, Mustapha; Saadani, Rachid; Bentaleb, Mouhcine; Rahmoune 5110
Improving the Performance of Pump-Controlled Circuits for Single-Rod Actuators. Imam, Ahmed; Rafiq, Moosa; Zeljko, Tomas; Sepehri, Nariman 6582
Instability and Drift Phenomena in Switching RF-MEMS Microsystems. Mulloni, Viviana 4535
Measurement of a Temperature Field Generated by a Synthetic Jet Actuator using Digital Holographic Interferometry. Dancova, Petra; Psota, Pavel; Vit, Tomas 6077
Modified U-shaped Microactuator with Compliant Mechanism Applied to a Microgripper. Vargas-Chable, Pedro; Tecpoyotl-Torres, Margarita; Cabello-Ruiz, Ramon; Rodriguez-Ramirez, Jose Alfr 4968
Multi-Objective Design Optimization of a Shape Memory Alloy Flexural Actuator. Haigh, Casey D.; Crews, John H.; Wang, Shiquan; Buckner, Gregory D. 5060
On-Board Pneumatic Pressure Generation Methods for Soft Robotics Applications. Adami, Momme; Seibel, Arthur 20513
Optimal Magnetic Spring for Compliant Actuation--Validated Torque Density Benchmark. Mrak, Branimir; Lenaerts, Bert; Driesen, Walter; Desmet, Wim 6717
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting with an Ultrasonic Vibration Source. Li, Tao; Lee, Pooi See 4732
Piezoelectric Vibration-Based Energy Harvesting Enhancement Exploiting Nonsmoothness. Ai, Rodrigo; Monteiro, Luciana L.S.; Monteiro, Paulo Cesar. C., Jr.; Pacheco, Pedro M.C.L.; Savi, Ma 5434
Simultaneous Enhancement of Bending and Blocking Force of an Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite (IPMC) by the Active Use of Its Material Characteristics Change. Tamagawa, Hirohisa; Okada, Kazuki; Mulembo, Titus; Sasaki, Minoru; Naito, Keishi; Nagai, Gakuji; Nit 8770
Stability and Performance Analysis of Electrodynamic Thrust Bearings. Van Verdeghem, Joachim; Kluyskens, Virginie; Dehez, Bruno 7372
Stabilization of Magnetic Suspension System by Using Only a First-Order Reset Element without a Derivative Element. Ishino, Yuji; Mizuno, Takeshi; Takasaki, Masaya; Yamaguchi, Daisuke 4808
The Trade-Off between the Controller Effort and Control Quality on Example of an Electro-Pneumatic Final Control Element. Bartys, Michal; Hryniewicki, Bartlomiej 7329
Time-Stepping FEM-Based Multi-Level Coupling of Magnetic Field-Electric Circuit and Mechanical Structural Deformation Models Dedicated to the Analysis of Electromagnetic Actuators. Abba, Faiza; Rachek, M'hemed 8064

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