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Articles from Actuators (June 1, 2019)

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A Multistate Friction Model for the Compensation of the Asymmetric Hysteresis in the Mechanical Response of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles. Capace, Alessia; Cosentino, Carlo; Amato, Francesco; Merola, Alessio 4476
A Soft Master-Slave Robot Mimicking Octopus Arm Structure Using Thin Artificial Muscles and Wire Encoders. Furukawa, Shota; Wakimoto, Shuichi; Kanda, Takefumi; Hagihara, Hiroki 4573
A Vacuum Powered Soft Textile-Based Clutch. Sadeghi, Ali; Mondini, Alessio; Mazzolai, Barbara 6579
An Active Vehicle Suspension Control Approach with Electromagnetic and Hydraulic Actuators. Beltran-Carbajal, Francisco; Valderrabano-Gonzalez, Antonio; Favela-Contreras, Antonio; Hernandez-Av 5569
Carbon Nanostructures for Actuators: An Overview of Recent Developments. Giorcelli, Mauro; Bartoli, Mattia 6876
Design and Analysis of a 1D Actively Stabilized System with Viscoelastic Damping Support. Passenbrunner, Josef; Jungmayr, Gerald; Amrhein, Wolfgang 6825
Electromechanical Actuation for Morphing Winglets. Dimino, Ignazio; Gallorini, Federico; Palmieri, Massimiliano; Pispola, Giulio 6141
Experimental Investigations on Self-Bearing Motors with Combined Torque and Electrodynamic Bearing Windings. Kluyskens, Virginie; Van Verdeghem, Joachim; Dehez, Bruno 7760
Insect Muscular Tissue-Powered Swimming Robot. Yalikun, Yaxiaer; Uesugi, Kaoru; Hiroki, Minamida; Shen, Yigang; Tanaka, Yo; Akiyama, Yoshitake; Mor 5506
Mechanical Simplification of Variable-Stiffness Actuators Using Dielectric Elastomer Transducers. Allen, David P.; Bolivar, Edgar; Farmer, Sophie; Voit, Walter; Gregg, Robert D. 9273
Modeling and Optimization of an Indirect Coil Gun for Launching Non-Magnetic Projectiles. Gies, Valentin; Soriano, Thierry 4367
Modeling and System Integration for a Thin Pneumatic Rubber 3-DOF Actuator. Kawamura, Shuhei; Sudani, Mizuki; Deng, Mingcong; Noge, Yuichi; Wakimoto, Shuichi 4791
Performance Enhancement of a Magnetic System in a Ultra Compact 5-DOF-Controlled Self-Bearing Motor for a Rotary Pediatric Ventricular-Assist Device to Diminish Energy Input. Osa, Masahiro; Masuzawa, Toru; Orihara, Ryoga; Tatsumi, Eisuke 5645
Review of Modeling and Control of Magnetostrictive Actuators. Apicella, Valerio; Clemente, Carmine Stefano; Davino, Daniele; Leone, Damiano; Visone, Ciro 15697
Semi-Active Vibration Control of a Non-Collocated Civil Structure using Evolutionary-Based BELBIC. Cesar, Manuel Braz; Coelho, Joao Paulo; Goncalves, Jose 8164
Shape Memory Activated Self-Deployable Solar Sails: Small-Scale Prototypes Manufacturing and Planarity Analysis by 3D Laser Scanner. Boschetto, Alberto; Bottini, Luana; Costanza, Girolamo; Tata, Maria Elisa 4085
Space Vector Modulation Strategies for Self-Sensing Three-Phase Radial Active Magnetic Bearings. Wimmer, Dominik; Hutterer, Markus; Hofer, Matthias; Schrodl, Manfred 6088
Stochastic Effects on the Dynamics of the Resonant Structure of a Lorentz Force MEMS Magnetometer. Bagherinia, Mehrdad; Mariani, Stefano 8196
Thermal Behavior of a Magnetically Levitated Spindle for Fatigue Testing of Fiber Reinforced Plastic. Franz, Daniel; Schneider, Maximilian; Richter, Michael; Rinderknecht, Stephan 9012
Variable Preloading Force in an Archetypal Oscillator. Cveticanin, Livija; Rakaric, Zvonko; Zukovic, Miodrag; Cveticanin, Dragan 4165

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