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Articles from Actuators (December 1, 2018)

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A Driftless Estimation of Orthogonal Magnetic Flux Linkages in Sensorless Electrical Drives. Strinic, Tomislav Report 9675
A Modeling Strategy for Predicting the Properties of Paraffin Wax Actuators. Mann, Arne; Burgel, Christoph Maria; Groche, Peter 5961
A Novel Framework for a Systematic Integration of Pneumatic-Muscle-Actuator-Driven Joints into Robotic Systems Via a Torque Control Interface. Martens, Mirco; Seel, Thomas; Zawatzki, Johannes; Boblan, Ivo 9915
Active Control of Regenerative Brake for Electric Vehicles. Lin, Chun-Liang; Hung, Hao-Che; Li, Jia-Cheng 5294
Adaptive Control Design and Stability Analysis of Robotic Manipulators. Wei, Bin 6335
An Approach to the Extreme Miniaturization of Rotary Comb Drives. Veroli, Andrea; Buzzin, Alessio; Frezza, Fabrizio; de Cesare, Giampiero; Hamidullah, Muhammad; Giovi 4115
An Image Analysis Approach to Microgrippers Displacement Measurement and Testing. Orsini, Francesco; Vurchio, Federica; Scorza, Andrea; Crescenzi, Rocco; Sciuto, Salvatore Andrea Report 4649
Analysis of a Shaftless Semi-Hard Magnetic Material Flywheel on Radial Hysteresis Self-Bearing Drives. Circosta, Salvatore; Bonfitto, Angelo; Lusty, Christopher; Keogh, Patrick; Amati, Nicola; Tonoli, An 8917
Application of a Nonlinear Hammerstein-Wiener Estimator in the Development and Control of a Magnetorheological Fluid Haptic Device for Robotic Bone Biopsy. Shokrollahi, Elnaz; Goldenberg, Andrew A.; Drake, James M.; Eastwood, Kyle W.; Kang, Matthew Report 10949
Car Soundproof Improvement through an SMA Adaptive System. Ameduri, Salvatore; Brindisi, Angela; Ciminello, Monica; Concilio, Antonio; Quaranta, Vincenzo; Bran 8770
Design, Analysis and Testing of a New Compliant Compound Constant-Force Mechanism. Zhang, Xiaozhi; Wang, Guangwei; Xu, Qingsong 5816
Directional Stiffness Control Through Geometric Patterning and Localized Heating of Field's Metal Lattice Embedded in Silicone. Allen, Emily A.; Swensen, John P. 4050
Effects of Off-Plane Deformation and Biased Bi-Axial Pre-Strains on a Planar Contractile Dielectric Elastomer Actuator. Zhang, Runan; Iravani, Pejman; Keogh, Patrick 7379
Enhancement of Biodegradable Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Ionic-Polymer Metallic Composite Actuators with Nanocrystalline Cellulose Fillers. Bass, Patrick S.; Zhang, Lin; Tu, Maobing; Cheng, ZhongYang 5222
Force-Amplified Soft Electromagnetic Actuators. Doerger, Stanley R.; Harnett, Cindy K. 4956
Implementation of Soft-Lithography Techniques for Fabrication of Bio-Inspired Multi-Layer Dielectric Elastomer Actuators with Interdigitated Mechanically Compliant Electrodes. Corbaci, Mert; Walter, Wayne; Lamkin-Kennard, Kathleen 5994
Mechanical Response of Four-Bar Linkage Microgrippers with Bidirectional Electrostatic Actuation. Botta, Fabio; Verotti, Matteo; Bagolini, Alvise; Bellutti, Pierluigi; Belfiore, Nicola Pio 6375
Micromanipulation: A Challenge for Actuation. Belfiore, Nicola Pio 4744
Modeling and Validation of the Radial Force Capability of Bearingless Hysteresis Drives. Circosta, Salvatore; Galluzzi, Renato; Bonfitto, Angelo; Castellanos, Luis M.; Amati, Nicola; Tonoli 5819
On Hirth Ring Couplings: Design Principles Including the Effect of Friction. Croccolo, Dario; De Agostinis, Massimiliano; Fini, Stefano; Olmi, Giorgio; Robusto, Francesco; Vince 7583
On Modeling the Bending Stiffness of Thin Semi-Circular Flexure Hinges for Precision Applications. Melgarejo, Mario Andre Torres; Darnieder, Maximilian; Linss, Sebastian; Zentner, Lena; Frohlich, Tho 6922
Optimization of Axial Magnetic Bearing Actuators for Dynamic Performance. Spece, Henry; Fittro, Roger; Knospe, Carl 6435
Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuators for Active Flow Control. Zong, Haohua; Chiatto, Matteo; Kotsonis, Marios; de Luca, Luigi 18756
Preparing and Mounting Polymer Nanofibers onto Microscale Test Platforms. Shrestha, Ramesh; Shen, Sheng; de Boer, Maarten P. 6909
Property Investigation of Replaceable PDMS Membrane as an Actuator in Microfluidic Device. Yuan, Yapeng; Yalikun, Yaxiaer; Ota, Nobutoshi; Tanaka, Yo 5615
Recursive Least Squares Filtering Algorithms for On-Line Viscoelastic Characterization of Biosamples. Giamberardino, Paolo Di; Aceto, Maria Laura; Giannini, Oliviero; Verotti, Matteo 5407
Validating a Reduced-Order Model for Synthetic Jet Actuators Using CFD and Experimental Data. Persoons, Tim; Cressall, Rick; Alimohammadi, Sajad Report 8714

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