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Rotork aids production of carbon-free hydrogen with CVL actuators on electrolysis skids. Baset Asaba Oct 30, 2020 254
Over 700 CK modular actuators installed at Chinese wastewater treatment plant. Baset Asaba Oct 4, 2020 245
Smooth Operations: Developments in molding, electronics, and color application are creating highly functional and stylish interior auto surfaces. Giordano, Geoff Cover story Sep 1, 2020 2219
Proposal of an Equal-Stiffness and Equal-Stroke 2D Micro-Positioning Platform Driven by Piezoelectric Actuators. Sun, Feng; Hao, Yansong; Xu, Fangchao; Jin, Junjie; Li, Qiang; Tong, Ling; Zhang, Ming; Zhang, Xiaoy Sep 1, 2020 5877
Design of Tendon-Driven Mechanism Using Geometrical Condition. Takuma, Takashi Sep 1, 2020 5526
Analysis of the Possibilities of Using a Driver's Brain Activity to Pneumatically Actuate a Secondary Foot Brake Pedal. Dindorf, Ryszard; Wos, Piotr Sep 1, 2020 5135
Innovative Actuator Fault Identification Based on Back Electromotive Force Reconstruction. Quattrocchi, Gaetano; Berri, Pier C.; Vedova, Matteo D.L. Dalla; Maggiore, Paolo Sep 1, 2020 6010
A New Type of Rotary Magnetic Actuator System Using Electromagnetic Vibration and Wheel. Yaguchi, Hiroyuki; Kimura, Izuru; Sakuma, Shun Report Sep 1, 2020 4212
Electrostrictive PVDF-TrFE Thin Film Actuators for the Control of Adaptive Thin Shell Reflectors. Wang, Kainan; Godfroid, Thomas; Robert, Damien; Preumont, Andre Sep 1, 2020 5733
A Critical Analysis of Flow-Compensated Hydrostatic Single Rod Actuators: Simulation Study. Costa, Gustavo Koury; Sepehri, Nariman Sep 1, 2020 9066
Experimental Assessment of Corrugated Rectangular Actuators on Supersonic Jet Mixing. T., Thillaikumar; Jana, Tamal; Kaushik, Mrinal Sep 1, 2020 6957
Simplification of the Model of Piezoelectric Actuator Control Based on Preliminary Measurements. Baraniuk, Roman; Drossel, Welf-Guntram Sep 1, 2020 5197
An Open-Source Social Robot Based on Compliant Soft Robotics for Therapy with Children with ASD. Casas-Bocanegra, Diego; Gomez-Vargas, Daniel; Pinto-Bernal, Maria J.; Maldonado, Juan; Munera, Marce Sep 1, 2020 9312
A Hybrid Electromagnetic and Tendon-Driven Actuator for Minimally Invasive Surgery. Wang, Haochen; Cui, Saihui; Wang, Yao; Song, Chengli Sep 1, 2020 4834
The Multi-Parametric Weight Optimization of a Hydraulic Actuator. Solazzi, Luigi; Buffoli, Andrea; Formicola, Raffaele Report Sep 1, 2020 6398
Development of a Piezoelectric Actuator for Separation and Purification of Biological Microparticles. Ostasevicius, Vytautas; Jurenas, Vytautas; Gaidys, Rimvydas; Golinka, Ievgeniia; Kizauskiene, Laura; Report Sep 1, 2020 5099
Improving the Actuation Speed and Multi-Cyclic Actuation Characteristics of Silicone/Ethanol Soft Actuators. Xia, Boxi; Miriyev, Asian; Trujillo, Cesar; Chen, Neil; Cartolano, Mark; Vartak, Shivaniprashant; Li Report Sep 1, 2020 5735
Accurate Motion Control of a Pneumatic Linear Peristaltic Actuator. Carneiro, Joao Falcao; Pinto, Joao Bravo; de Almeid, Fernando Gomes Sep 1, 2020 5108
Aerodynamic Drag Reduction and Optimization of MIRA Model Based on Plasma Actuator. Lai, Chenguang; Hu, Hang Fu Bo; Ling, Zhiwei; Jiang, Li Report Sep 1, 2020 6111
Updated Author Guidance for Papers to Actuators. Tesar, Delbert Sep 1, 2020 1427
A Control Strategy of Actively Actuated Eccentric Mass System for Imbalance Rotor Vibration. Jung, Daeyi Sep 1, 2020 9633
Finite Time Convergence Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion-Based Attitude Control for Flying--Wing Aircraft with Actuator Faults. Zhang, Shaojie; Han, Wuhan; Zhang, Yuemei Sep 1, 2020 7608
Assessment of Short Rectangular-Tab Actuation of Supersonic Jet Mixing. Ranjan, Abhash; Kaushik, Mrinal; Deb, Dipankar; Muresan, Vlad; Unguresan, Mihaela Sep 1, 2020 7234
Pneumatically Actuated Thin Glass Microlens for On-Chip Multi-Magnification Observations. Aishan, Yusufu; Yalikun, Yaxiaer; Tanaka, Yo Sep 1, 2020 4907
Analysis of the Influence of Suspension Actuator Limitations on Ride Comfort in Passenger Cars Using Model Predictive Control. Enders, Erik; Burkhard, Georg; Munzinger, Nathan Sep 1, 2020 14547
A Biomechatronic Device Actuated by Pneumatic Artificial Muscles for the Automatic Evaluation of Nociceptive Thresholds in Rheumatic Patients. Randazzini, Luigi; Capace, Alessia; Cosentino, Carlo; Grembiale, Rosa Daniela; Amato, Francesco; Mer Sep 1, 2020 5961
Soft Controllable Carbon Fibre-based Piezoresistive Self-Sensing Actuators. Pan, Min; Yuan, Chenggang; Anpalagan, Hastha; Plummer, Andrew; Zou, Jun; Zhang, Junhui; Bowen, Chris Sep 1, 2020 6129
Elastic Actuator Design Based on Bending of Cylindrical Beam for Robotic Applications. Murat, Reis; Ebrahimi, Nafiseh; Jafari, Amir Sep 1, 2020 6018
Proof of Principle of a Rotating Actuator Based on Magnetostrictive Material with Simultaneous Vibration Amplitude. Titsch, Christian; Li, Qiang; Kimme, Simon; Drossel, Welf-Guntram Sep 1, 2020 3837
Optimal Force Allocation and Position Control of Hybrid Pneumatic-Electric Linear Actuators. Rouzbeh, Behrad; Bone, Gary M. Sep 1, 2020 5455
Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control Using Piezoelectric Stack Inertial Actuator. Lu, Q.F.; Wang, X.F.; Lu, K.; Huan, R.H. Aug 31, 2020 2874
EKF-Based Actuator Fault Detection and Diagnosis Method for Tilt-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Gao, Jiaxin; Zhang, Qian; Chen, Jiyang Report Aug 31, 2020 5990
Composite Compensation Control of Robotic System Subject to External Disturbance and Various Actuator Faults. Sheng, Hao; Liu, Xia Report Aug 31, 2020 5288
Robust Model-Free Control for Robot Manipulator under Actuator Dynamics. Elleuch, Dorsaf; Damak, Tarak Report Aug 31, 2020 3740
Static Aeroelastic Beam Model Development for Folding Winglet Design. Kidane, Bereket Sitotaw; Troiani, Enrico Technical report Aug 1, 2020 5463
Vibration Analysis of Piezoelectric Composite Plate Resting on Nonlinear Elastic Foundations Using Sinc and Discrete Singular Convolution Differential Quadrature Techniques. Ragb, Ola; Salah, Mohamed; Matbuly, M.S.; Amer, R.B.M. Report Jul 31, 2020 9378
Distributed Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Vehicle Platoon with Uncertain Driving Resistance and Actuator Saturation. Song, Jia-cheng; Ju, Yong-feng Jul 31, 2020 6391
Nonlinear Global Stabilization Control for the Underactuated WAcrobot System. Gong, Shuli; Zhang, Ancai; Liu, Zhi; Li, Zhenxing; Yang, Chengdong; Zhang, Xinghui Report Jul 31, 2020 4082
Extended Dissipative Control for Markovian Jump Time-Delayed Systems with Bounded Disturbances. Poongodi, T.; Saravanakumar, T.; Mishra, Prem Prakash; Zhu, Quanxin Report Jul 31, 2020 6158
Single-Actuator-Based Lower-Limb Soft Exoskeleton for Preswing Gait Assistance. Hsieh, Ming-Hwa; Huang, Yin Hsuan; Chao, Chia-Lun; Liu, Chien-Hao; Hsu, Wei-Li; Shih, Wen-Pin Report Jul 31, 2020 7055
Low-Cost Experimental Methodology for the Dynamic Model Approximation of Multirotor Actuators. Mayorga-Macias, Walter A.; Gonzalez-Jimenez, Luis E.; Meza-Aguilar, Marco A.; Luque-Vega, Luis F. Jul 31, 2020 5035
Discharge and Optical Emission Spectrum Characteristics of a Coaxial Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma-Assisted Combustion Actuator. Liu, Pengfei; He, Liming; Zhao, Bingbing Jul 31, 2020 6827
Structural Health Monitoring of Timber Using Electromechanical Impedance (EMI) Technique. Han, Fang; Zhang, Quanjing; Wang, Chengfeng; Lu, Guangtao; Jiang, Jinwei Jul 31, 2020 4935
Actuator Fault-Tolerant Control Applied to Three-Tank System. Amor, Mondher; Ladhari, Taoufik; Said, Salim Hadj; MSahli, Faouzi Jun 30, 2020 4385
Adaptive Fault Compensation and Disturbance Suppression Design for Nonlinear Systems with an Aircraft Control Application. Yao, X.; Yang, Y. Jun 30, 2020 8625
A Novel Stick-Slip Type Rotary Piezoelectric Actuator. Wang, Yuan; Xu, Minglong; Shao, Shubao; Song, Siyang; Shao, Yan Jun 30, 2020 4763
Adaptive Fault Compensation and Disturbance Suppression Design for Nonlinear Systems with an Aircraft Control Application. Yao, X.; Yang, Y. May 31, 2020 8938
Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of a Capsule-Type Soft Pneumatic Actuator with Large Thrust Force and High-Contraction Ratio. Zhu, Qing; Liu, Qingyun; Yang, Mingxing; Wang, Xingsong May 31, 2020 5678
Multislope PI Modeling and Feedforward Compensation for Piezoelectric Beam. Xu, Ming; Zhang, Jia-Qi; Rong, Cheng; Ni, Jing May 31, 2020 4670
Debonding Performance of CFRP-Strengthened Nanomaterial Concrete Beam Using Wavelet Packet Analysis. Liu, Yang; Zhang, Ming; Yin, Xinfeng; Huang, Zhou; Wang, Lei May 31, 2020 7702
Tolomatic expands hydraulic-class electric actuator force range to 50,000 lbf. Baset Asaba May 12, 2020 350
Tolomatic expands hydraulic-class actuator force range. May 12, 2020 356
Tolomatic expands hydraulic-class electric actuator force range. May 7, 2020 381
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Design of a Piezoelectric De-Icing System for Small Rotorcraft Part 2/3: Investigation of Transient Vibration during Frequency Sweeps and Optimal Piezoelectric Actuator Excitation. Villeneuve, Eric; Volat, Christophe; Ghinet, Sebastian May 1, 2020 6206
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Design of a Piezoelectric De-Icing System for Small Rotorcraft Part 3/3: Numerical Model and Experimental Validation of Vibration-Based De-Icing of a Flat Plate Structure. Villeneuve, Eric; Volat, Christophe; Ghinet, Sebastian May 1, 2020 11518
Design and Structural Analysis of a Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG) Actuator for CubeSats. Gaude, Alexis; Lappas, Vaios May 1, 2020 8270
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Design of a Piezoelectric De-Icing System for Small Rotorcraft Part 1/3: Development of a Flat Plate Numerical Model with Experimental Validation. Villeneuve, Eric; Volat, Christophe; Ghinet, Sebastian May 1, 2020 10528
Model of the Secondary Path between the Input Voltage and the Output Force of an Active Engine Mount on the Engine Side. Zhang, Henghai; Shi, Wenku Apr 30, 2020 7692
Optimization Design of Actuator Parameters in Multistage Reciprocating Compressor Stepless Capacity Control System Based on NSGA-II. Jiang, Zhinong; Zhou, Chao; Wang, Yao; Zhang, Jinjie; Liu, Wenhua; Sun, Xu Apr 30, 2020 6328
Minnesota Manufacturer Responds to COVID-19 Effort with Ventilator Actuation Prototypes. Apr 15, 2020 644
Thrust Ripple Force Minimization and Efficiency Analysis of Electromagnetic Actuator on Active Suspension. Farong, Kou; Yangkang, Li; Chen, Chen; Feng, Hong Mar 31, 2020 7139
Influence of Hysteresis on the Vibration Control of a Smart Beam with a Piezoelectric Actuator by the Bouc-Wen Model. Zhang, Ting Mar 31, 2020 5494
Asynchronous Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for Markov Jump Systems with Actuator Failures and Unknown Nonlinear Disturbances. Li, Jian-Ning; Gu, Kai-Yang; Liu, Xiao; Xu, Xiao-Bin Mar 31, 2020 4942
Research on Chaos Response of the Nonlinear Vibration System of Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator. Yan, Hongbo; Niu, Yu; Gao, Hong; Hao, Hongbo Mar 31, 2020 5956
Rotork electro-hydraulic actuator successfully installed at Spanish mountain range power plant. Baset Asaba Mar 13, 2020 184
Hybrid Robust [H.sub.2]/[H.sub.[infinity]] Fault-Tolerant Control with Random Delay NCS. Wang, Jun; Ling, Miaomiao Mar 1, 2020 5379
Intelligent Manipulator with Flexible Link and Joint: Modeling and Vibration Control. Shao, Minqiang; Huang, Yuming; Silberschmidt, Vadim V. Mar 1, 2020 7554
A Hybrid Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Active Suspension Systems Subjected to Actuator Faults and Road Disturbances. Pang, Hui; Liu, Xue; Shang, Yuting; Yao, Rui Mar 1, 2020 6972
Fractional-Order Predictive Functional Control of Industrial Processes with Partial Actuator Failures. Li, Min-Ying; Lu, Kang-Di; Dai, Yu-Xing; Zeng, Guo-Qiang Mar 1, 2020 10638
Optimal Fault Tolerant Control of Large-Scale Wind Turbines in the Case of the Pitch Actuator Partial Faults. Maati, Younes Ait El; Bahir, Lhoussain El Mar 1, 2020 9879
Energy-Efficient Robust Control for Direct Drive and Energy Recuperation Hydraulic Servo System. Wang, Weiping; Zhao, Jiyun Mar 1, 2020 7989
LMI-Based Robust Stabilization of a Class of Input-Constrained Uncertain Nonlinear Systems with Application to a Helicopter Model. Gritli, Hassene Mar 1, 2020 17120
Stability Analysis of a Proximate Time Optimal Controlled Electrostatic Suspension System Using Piezo Actuator via Lyapunov Functional Approach. Le, T.T. Mar 1, 2020 7706
Detection and Prognosis of Propagating Faults in Flight Control Actuators for Helicopters. Nesci, Andrea; De Martin, Andrea; Jacazio, Giovanni; Sorli, Massimo Mar 1, 2020 4778
Design and Experimental Characterization of an Actuation System for Flow Control of an Internally Blown Coanda Flap. Wierach, Peter; Petersen, Jan; Sinapius, Michael Report Mar 1, 2020 5785
Control of a Supersonic Inlet in Off-Design Conditions with Plasma Actuators and Bleed. Ferrero, Andrea Mar 1, 2020 8463
Rotork electric and pneumatic actuators chosen to deliver fresh water to German towns. Jan 15, 2020 446
Automotive Actuators Market: Ongoing Trends & Recent Developments. Jan 14, 2020 1277
Actuator Market Robust Expansion by Top Key Manufactures / Worldwide Overview By Size, Share, Trends, Segments, Leading Players, Demand and Supply With Regional Forecast By 2025. Jan 8, 2020 1282
Piezoelectric Devices Market 2020/ Global Industry Analysis by Size, Share Leaders, Growth Opportunities, Segmentation, Top Key Players Study and Regional Forecast By 2022. Report Jan 3, 2020 1494
Adaptive 6 DOF Self-Balancing Platform for Autonomous Vehicles. Alkhedher, Mohammad; Younes, Tariq; Mohamad, Omar; Ali, Uzair Jan 1, 2020 3378
Unstructured Uncertainty Based Modeling and Robust Stability Analysis of Textile-Reinforced Composites with Embedded Shape Memory Alloys. Keshtkar, Najmeh; Robenack, Klaus Report Jan 1, 2020 4246
Robust Finite-Time Tracking for Uncertain Linear Systems with Actuator Faults. Fang, Xinpeng; Fan, Huijin; Liu, Lei Jan 1, 2020 6452
Tracking Control of a Galfenol-Actuated Nanopositioning Stage Using Feedforward Control with a Disturbance Observer. Jiang, Shiping; Xu, Bin; Liu, Shuxin; Zhu, Wei Dec 31, 2019 3519
Numerical Calculations on the Unsteady Aerodynamic Force of the Tilt-Rotor Aircraft in Conversion Mode. Chen, Hao Dec 31, 2019 5780
Actuator Fault Estimation for Vehicle Active Suspensions Based on Adaptive Observer and Genetic Algorithm. Jin, Pan; Xue, Wenping; Li, Kangji Dec 31, 2019 6245
Valve actuators are essential to clean energy in 2020. Dec 30, 2019 759
Global Actuators Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025. Dec 13, 2019 928
Global Aircraft Actuator Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025. Dec 12, 2019 767
Global Automotive Actuators Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025. Dec 11, 2019 993
World's largest waste-to-energy plant using Rotork actuators to produce power for China. Dec 11, 2019 394
Nikon releases the C3 eMotion, intelligent actuator unit for robotic joints of collaborative robot; Contributing to more flexible and easier robot design. Dec 11, 2019 862
Nikon releases the C3 eMotion, intelligent actuator unit for robotic joints of collaborative robot. Dec 11, 2019 860
Automotive Actuators Market Growth Analysis, Trends, Forecast by Leading Key Players. Dec 9, 2019 809
Electroactive Polymers (EAP) Market: Actuator application segment is anticipated to grow at an expanding CAGR during the forecast period, 2017-2023 : MRFR. Dec 6, 2019 786
Statistical Modeling of Photo-Bending Actuation of Hybrid Silicones Mixed with Azobenzene Powder. Taniguchi, Takuya; Blanc, Loic; Asahi, Toru; Koshima, Hideko; Lambert, Pierre Dec 1, 2019 7056
Review of Electrothermal Actuators and Applications. Potekhina, Alissa; Wang, Changhai Report Dec 1, 2019 15388
Damage Detection Using d15 Piezoelectric Sensors in a Laminate Beam Undergoing Three-Point Bending. Altammar, Hussain; Dhingra, Anoop; Salowitz, Nathan Dec 1, 2019 9494
High-Bandwidth Active Impedance Control of the Proprioceptive Actuator Design in Dynamic Compliant Robotics. Lund, Simon Hjorth Jessing; Billeschou, Peter; Larsen, Leon Bonde Dec 1, 2019 13485
A Miniature 3D Printed On-Off Linear Pneumatic Actuator and Its Demonstration into a Cartoon Character of a Hopping Lamp. Nall, Christian L.; Bhounsule, Pranav A. Dec 1, 2019 5010
Evaluation of a Combustion-Based Mesoscale Thermal Actuator in Open and Closed Operating Cycles. Burugupally, Sindhu Preetham Dec 1, 2019 4407
A Focus on Soft Actuation. Miriyev, Aslan Dec 1, 2019 6474
Thermal Balance and Active Damping of a Piezoelectric Deformable Mirror for Adaptive Optics. Wang, Kainan; Alaluf, David; Preumont, Andre Dec 1, 2019 4461
Pneumatic Hyperelastic Actuators for Grasping Curved Organic Objects. Galley, Alexandre; Knopf, George K.; Kashkoush, Mohamed Dec 1, 2019 6794
A Comparison Study of a Novel Self-Contained Electro-Hydraulic Cylinder versus a Conventional Valve-Controlled Actuator--Part 2: Energy Efficiency. Hagen, Daniel; Padovani, Damiano; Choux, Martin Dec 1, 2019 6290
A Comparison Study of a Novel Self-Contained Electro-Hydraulic Cylinder versus a Conventional Valve-Controlled Actuator--Part 1: Motion Control. Hagen, Daniel; Padovani, Damiano; Choux, Martin Dec 1, 2019 7968
Performance Analysis of Piezoelectric Actuators in Railway Wheel Squealing Noise Mitigation. Marjani, Seyed Rahim; Younesian, Davood Nov 30, 2019 6683
Event-Triggered Stability Analysis of Semi-Markovian Jump Networked Control System with Actuator Faults and Time-Varying Delay via Bessel-Legendre Inequalities. Lu, Hongqian; Guo, Chaoqun; Hu, Yue; Zhou, Wuneng Nov 30, 2019 7703
Global Aviation Actuator System Market Drivers, Restraints & Opportunities, 2018-2026. Nov 29, 2019 900
Rotork selected for strategic tank farm automation. Nov 29, 2019 434
Rotork adds the Mechanical Position Indicator to IQ Range. Nov 25, 2019 283
Actuators Market is projected to reach USD 74.5 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 8.6%. Nov 22, 2019 782
Global Actuators Market - Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast, 2019-2024. Nov 19, 2019 963
Piezoelectric Devices Market 2019 Sales Strategy, Industry Landscape, Growth Factors, Regional Analysis, Gross Margin, Comprehensive Research to 2027. Nov 13, 2019 1089
Smart Materials Market Size, Share, Industry Segments, Growth, Trends, Demand, Key Player profile, Regional Outlook and Comprehensive Research Analysis by 2023. Nov 13, 2019 1062
Global Robotics and Automation Actuators Markets, 2015-2018 & 2019-2025. Nov 12, 2019 1102
Optogenetics Actuators and Sensors Market Global Outlook 2019, Latest Research Analysis, Size Estimation, Industry Share, Price Trends, Growth Opportunity and Statistics Forecast To 2026. Nov 11, 2019 1117
World Automotive Actuators Market Report, 2019-2027 - Major Manufacturers are Robert Bosch, Continental, Denso Corporation, and HELLA GmbH & Co. Report Nov 8, 2019 757
Innovations in Antimicrobal Dental Fillings, Robotic Actuators and Grippers, Single-photon Emitters, Artificial Intelligence, and Autofocal Lenses, 2019 Report. Report Nov 7, 2019 491
Actuators Market Size to Grow at a CAGR of 5.2% till 2025. Nov 7, 2019 600
According to latest report, HVAC Damper Actuator Market Is Booming Worldwide / Top Leading Vendors l. Nov 6, 2019 705
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Sonotrode for Formation of Piezocomposite Functional Elements. Sodah, Amer; Palevicius, Arvydas; Janusas, Giedrius; Palevicius, Paulius; Patel, Yatinkumar Nov 1, 2019 5846
Interface Debonding Detection of Precast Segmental Concrete Beams (PSCBs) Using Piezoceramic Transducer-Based Active Sensing Approach. Liu, Yang; Zhang, Ming; Yin, Xinfeng; Hei, Chuang; Wang, Lei Oct 31, 2019 5255
Faults Detection Using Sliding Mode Observer and Its Application on Elevating Servo Systems. Tian, Lingfei; Qian, Linfang; Li, Miao; Fu, Jiawei Oct 31, 2019 5724
Engineers develop tool to make soft robots less bulky. ANI Oct 12, 2019 504
Hydraulic Actuator Market To Witness An Exponential Growth Due To Rapid Industrialization And Technological Innovations Till 2023 / Million Insights. Oct 7, 2019 829
Automated Vehicles: the Safety of Controllers, Sensors, and Actuators. Book review Oct 1, 2019 180
Fuzzy Predictive Fault-Tolerant Control for Time-Delay Nonlinear Systems with Partial Actuator Failures. Shi, Huiyuan; Li, Ping; Su, Chengli; Yu, Jingxian Sep 30, 2019 7850
Actuators: Global Market Outlook and Forecast to 2027. Sep 26, 2019 947
Actuators Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2018 2028. Sep 17, 2019 756
Actuators Market Growth, Trends and Value Chain 2018 2028. Sep 16, 2019 770
Actuators Market Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trend, Segmentation, Industry Penetration, Leading Players And Regional Forecast To 2025. Sep 13, 2019 1017
Analysis on the Global Market for Shape Memory Materials (2015-2030). Sep 12, 2019 1298
Electric Actuators Market Forecast Report, 2019-2023. Report Sep 12, 2019 812
Aptar Beauty + Home Launches the Apollo Actuator. Sep 9, 2019 225
Modeling, Identification, and Control of a Discrete Variable Stiffness Actuator (DVSA). Hussain, Irfan; Albalasie, Ahmad; Awad, Mohammad I.; Gan, Dongming Report Sep 1, 2019 7117
Shape Memory Polymer Composite Actuator: Modeling Approach for Preliminary Design and Validation. Ameduri, Salvatore; Ciminello, Monica; Concilio, Antonio; Quadrini, Fabrizio; Santo, Loredana Sep 1, 2019 7064
Structural-Parametric Model and Diagram of a Multilayer Electromagnetoelastic Actuator for Nanomechanics. Afonin, Sergey M. Sep 1, 2019 4499
Artificial Immune Systems: An Overview for Faulting Actuators. Kidd, Robert Sep 1, 2019 14033
Position Control of Pneumatic Actuators Using Three-Mode Discrete-Valued Model Predictive Control. Qi, Haitao; Bone, Gary M.; Zhang, Yile Sep 1, 2019 6669
A Critical Analysis of Valve-Compensated Hydrostatic Actuators: Qualitative Investigation. Costa, Gustavo Koury; Sepehri, Nariman Sep 1, 2019 7762
Scalable Bi-Directional SMA-Based Rotational Actuator. Britz, Rouven; Motzki, Paul; Seelecke, Stefan Sep 1, 2019 3509
Applicability of Shape Memory Alloys in Aircraft Interiors. Weirich, Antonia; Kuhlenkotter, Bernd Sep 1, 2019 7058
Recycling-Oriented Design in Soft Robotics. Nguyen, Anh Minh; Seibel, Arthur Sep 1, 2019 6105
Flexible Shape-Memory Alloy-Based Actuator: Mechanical Design Optimization According to Application. Copaci, Dorin; Blanco, Dolores; Moreno, Luis E. Sep 1, 2019 8951
On the Directivity of Acoustic Waves Generated by the Angle Beam Wedge Actuator in Thin-Walled Structures. Shevtsov, Sergey; Chebanenko, Valery; Shevtsova, Maria; Kirillova, Evgenia; Rozhkov, Evgeny Sep 1, 2019 6413
Comparative Analysis among Single-Stage, Dual-Stage, and Triple-Stage Actuator Systems Applied to a Hard Disk Drive Servo System. Hossain, Alamgir; Rahman, Md. Arifur Sep 1, 2019 5981
Active Control of Bluff-Body Flows Using Plasma Actuators. Konstantinidis, Efstathios Sep 1, 2019 15820
Design and Analysis of a Clutched Parallel Elastic Actuator. Penzlin, Bernhard; Fincan, Mustafa Enes; Li, Yinbo; Ji, Linhong; Leonhardt, Steffen; Ngo, Chuong Sep 1, 2019 6614
Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of a Novel 6-DOF Robotic Crusher Based on Movement Characteristics. Li, Guoguang; Shi, Boqiang; Liu, Ruiyue Aug 31, 2019 4647
HVAC Damper Actuator Market - Global Industry Key Players, Share, Demand, Growth Opportunities - Analysis 2019 to 2025. Aug 26, 2019 817
Scientists develop artificial muscles that bloom, dance, and wave. Aug 25, 2019 390
Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems Market to Witness Steady Growth Based on Comfortable Seating For Passengers in Private & Commercial Aircrafts Till 2024 / Million Insights. Aug 16, 2019 940
Automotive Actuator Market Expected to Experience Bolstering Sales during Forecast Period, 2018 to 2. Aug 9, 2019 714
Automotive Actuators Market Outlook and Opportunities in Grooming Regions with Forecast to 2022. Aug 8, 2019 748
Hundreds of electric actuators supplied to fuel cell power plant. Aug 8, 2019 420
Automotive Actuator Market Expected to Experience Bolstering Sales during Forecast Period, 2018 to 2. Aug 8, 2019 727
Automotive Actuators Market Outlook and Opportunities in Grooming Regions with Forecast to 2022. Aug 7, 2019 763
Piezoelectric Devices Market 2019 Share, Growth, Industry Analysis, Downstream Applications, Development History, Segmentation with Upcoming Trends 2022. Aug 6, 2019 866
Stabilization of Discrete-Time Delayed Systems in Presence of Actuator Saturation Based on Wirtinger Inequality. Pal, Vipin Chandra; Negi, Richa; Zhu, Quanxin Jul 31, 2019 6533
Design and Analysis of a Novel Piezo-Actuated XY0z Micropositioning Mechanism with Large Travel and Kinematic Decoupling. Xiao, Ruijiang; Shao, Shubao; Xu, Minglong; Jing, Zijian Jul 31, 2019 6395
Chattering-Free Sliding Mode Control for Networked Control System with Time Delay and Packet Dropout Based on a New Compensation Strategy. Zhang, Yu; Xie, Shousheng; Zhang, Ledi; Ren, Litong; Zhou, Bin; Wang, Hao Jul 31, 2019 7802
Weight Lifting Trajectory Optimization for Variable Stiffness Actuated Robot. Ji, Chen; Kong, Minxiu; Li, Ruifeng Jul 31, 2019 7091
Multiphysics Model of an MR Damper including Magnetic Hysteresis. Kubik, M.; Goldasz, J. Jul 31, 2019 9027
Ant-Size Vibration-Powered Robots. Jul 21, 2019 904
Malaysian petroleum storage and distribution project to use Rotork control network and electric actuators. Jul 14, 2019 462
Automotive Actuators Market to Catalogue Impetuous Growth Triggered By Prime Manufacturers. Jul 12, 2019 985
Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems Market Insights Covering Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario th. Report Jul 8, 2019 1012
Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems Market Insights Covering Market Dynamics and Competitive Scenario th. Report Jul 8, 2019 999
CK Atronik increases integral control versatility of Rotork modular electric valve actuators. Jul 7, 2019 287
Explosion-proof variable speed actuators. Jul 1, 2019 120
Optimization of Pneumatic Network Actuators with Isosceles Trapezoidal Chambers. Zhou, Fangyu; Yang, Juekuan; Wang, Shuxin Jul 1, 2019 4901
Simulation Analysis of Bionic Robot Fish Based on MFC Materials. Zhang, Chengguang Jun 30, 2019 5147
Sensorless Landing Control Strategy of Bistable Permanent Magnet Actuator. Li, Bo; Tan, Cao; Wang, Geng; Ge, Wenqing; Sun, Binbin Jun 30, 2019 5049
Australian sewage treatment plant using Rotork intelligent actuators to automate penstock gates. Jun 23, 2019 339
Actuator Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 2017 -- 2025. Jun 22, 2019 1059
Actuator Market Size, Share, Trends and Future Growth Predictions and Forecast 2017 -- 2025. Jun 21, 2019 1072
No Need for Water Cooling of Valve-Gate Actuators. Jun 1, 2019 160
Design and Experiment on Aircraft Electromechanical Actuator Fan at Different Altitudes and Rotational Speeds. Wu, Wei; Lin, Y.R.; Gyasi, E.; Kizito, J.P.; Leland, Q.H.; Chow, L.C. Jun 1, 2019 7729
Insect Muscular Tissue-Powered Swimming Robot. Yalikun, Yaxiaer; Uesugi, Kaoru; Hiroki, Minamida; Shen, Yigang; Tanaka, Yo; Akiyama, Yoshitake; Mor Jun 1, 2019 5506
Modeling and System Integration for a Thin Pneumatic Rubber 3-DOF Actuator. Kawamura, Shuhei; Sudani, Mizuki; Deng, Mingcong; Noge, Yuichi; Wakimoto, Shuichi Jun 1, 2019 4791
An Active Vehicle Suspension Control Approach with Electromagnetic and Hydraulic Actuators. Beltran-Carbajal, Francisco; Valderrabano-Gonzalez, Antonio; Favela-Contreras, Antonio; Hernandez-Av Jun 1, 2019 5569
Electromechanical Actuation for Morphing Winglets. Dimino, Ignazio; Gallorini, Federico; Palmieri, Massimiliano; Pispola, Giulio Jun 1, 2019 6141
Semi-Active Vibration Control of a Non-Collocated Civil Structure using Evolutionary-Based BELBIC. Cesar, Manuel Braz; Coelho, Joao Paulo; Goncalves, Jose Jun 1, 2019 8164
Mechanical Simplification of Variable-Stiffness Actuators Using Dielectric Elastomer Transducers. Allen, David P.; Bolivar, Edgar; Farmer, Sophie; Voit, Walter; Gregg, Robert D. Jun 1, 2019 9273
Review of Modeling and Control of Magnetostrictive Actuators. Apicella, Valerio; Clemente, Carmine Stefano; Davino, Daniele; Leone, Damiano; Visone, Ciro Jun 1, 2019 15697
Carbon Nanostructures for Actuators: An Overview of Recent Developments. Giorcelli, Mauro; Bartoli, Mattia Jun 1, 2019 6876
A Vacuum Powered Soft Textile-Based Clutch. Sadeghi, Ali; Mondini, Alessio; Mazzolai, Barbara Jun 1, 2019 6579
A Multistate Friction Model for the Compensation of the Asymmetric Hysteresis in the Mechanical Response of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles. Capace, Alessia; Cosentino, Carlo; Amato, Francesco; Merola, Alessio Jun 1, 2019 4476
Application and Analysis of an Ionic Liquid Gel in a Soft Robot. Zhang, Chenghong; He, Bin; Wang, Zhipeng; Zhou, Yanmin; Ming, Aiguo May 31, 2019 6569
Coupling ATMD System for Seismic Response Control of Two Adjacent Buildings. Park, Kwan-Soon; Ok, Seung-Yong May 31, 2019 9852
A New Scheduling Quantitative Feedback Theory-Based Controller Integrated with Fault Detection for Effective Vibration Control. Jeyasenthil, R.; Lee, Yang-Sup; Choi, Seung-Bok May 31, 2019 5345
Geberit Gulf debuts 2019 product range at glitzy Dubai event. May 22, 2019 2874
Smart Materials Market for Actuators & Motors, Sensors, Transducers, Structural Materials, and Other. Report May 2, 2019 463
Smart Materials Market for Actuators & Motors, Sensors, Transducers, Structural Materials, and Other. May 1, 2019 535
Smart Materials Market for Actuators & Motors, Sensors, Transducers, Structural Materials, and Other. Report May 1, 2019 463
Modal Decoupled Dynamics Feed-Forward Active Force Control of Spatial Multi-DOF Parallel Robotic Manipulator. Niu, Xinjian; Yang, Chifu; Tian, Bowen; Li, Xiang; Han, Junwei Apr 30, 2019 6107
Additive Manufacturing Applications on Flexible Actuators for Active Orthoses and Medical Devices. Antonelli, Michele Gabrio; Zobel, Pierluigi Beomonte; Durante, Francesco; Raparelli, Terenziano Apr 30, 2019 5653
Experimental Approach to Active Mounts Using Electromagnetic Actuator and Rubber with Consideration of Shock Resistance for Naval Shipboard Equipment. Shin, Yun-ho; Moon, Seok-jun; Jung, Woo-jin; Bae, Soo-ryong Apr 30, 2019 4425
Automotive Actuators Market- Development of Electric Technologies to Enhance Deployment. Apr 26, 2019 756
Actuator Market Future Opportunities Recorded for the Period until 2025. Report Apr 17, 2019 1175
Actuator Market Future Opportunities Recorded for the Period until 2025. Apr 17, 2019 876
Automotive Actuator Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2018 to 2027. Apr 12, 2019 906
Automotive Actuator Market to Witness Steady Expansion During 2018 to 2027. Apr 12, 2019 940
Industrial valves, actuators market growing. Apr 6, 2019 467
Rising Production Scale Motivates Actuators Market Growth in the Coming Years. Apr 4, 2019 1030
Motion Simulation of Ionic Liquid Gel Soft Actuators Based on CPG Control. Zhang, Chenghong; He, Bin; Ding, An; Xu, Shoulin; Wang, Zhipeng; Zhou, Yanmin Mar 31, 2019 6030
Preparation, Physicochemical Characterization, and Microrobotics Applications of Polyvinyl Chloride- (PVC-) Based PANI/PEDOT: PSS/ZrP Composite Cation-Exchange Membrane. Ahamed, Mohd Imran; Inamuddin; Asiri, Abdullah M.; Luqman, Mohammad; Lutfullah Mar 31, 2019 5203
Adaptive Backstepping Control for Longitudinal Dynamics of Hypersonic Vehicle Subject to Actuator Saturation and Disturbance. Jia, Zhiqiang; Li, Tianya; Lu, Kunfeng Mar 31, 2019 5015
Dynamic Modeling and Characteristic Analysis of Cantilever Piezoelectric Bimorph. Chen, Heng; Wang, Jun-shan; Chen, Chao; Liu, Shi-xiang; Chen, Hai-peng Mar 31, 2019 4279
Global Synchronization of Delayed Complex Networks with Hybrid Coupling, Control Design of Actuator Saturation, and Stochastic Disturbances with Randomly Occurring Nonlinearities. Ali, M. Syed; Usha, M.; Saravanan, S.; Zhu, Quanxin Mar 31, 2019 4701
Piezoelectric Materials Market -- Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2019 - 2025). Mar 18, 2019 833
Hanbay Develops New Spring Return Electric Actuator for Emergency Shutoff Valves. Mar 16, 2019 409
Automotive Actuator Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2018-2028. Mar 11, 2019 656
Releases New Report on the Global Automotive Actuator Market. Mar 11, 2019 588
Global Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems Market Projected to Touch USD 16.94 Billion by 2021. Report Mar 4, 2019 1009
Global Aircraft Seat Actuation Systems Market Projected to Touch USD 16.94 Billion by 2021. Mar 4, 2019 728
Spider silk could be used as robotic muscle: Study. Mar 4, 2019 441
Design of Soft Origami Mechanisms with Targeted Symmetries. Gillman, Andrew; Wilson, Gregory; Fuchi, Kazuko; Hartl, Darren; Pankonien, Alexander; Buskohl, Phili Mar 1, 2019 8194
A Novel Actuator System Combining Mechanical Vibration and Magnetic Wheels Capable of Rotational Motion Using Shape Memory Alloy Coils. Yaguchi, Hiroyuki; Kimura, Izuru; Sakuma, Shun Mar 1, 2019 4215
Design and Fabrication of a New Dual-Arm Soft Robotic Manipulator. Wang, Yaxi; Xu, Qingsong Mar 1, 2019 5394
A Novel, Low-Cost and Reliable Workbench for Optimal Voltage Distribution on Piezoelectric Array Actuators. Schinaia, Lorenzo; Scorza, Andrea; Botta, Fabio; Rossi, Andrea; Maiozzi, Roberto; Orsini, Francesco; Mar 1, 2019 4143
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Actuators in 2018. Mar 1, 2019 609
Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting with an Ultrasonic Vibration Source. Li, Tao; Lee, Pooi See Mar 1, 2019 4732
Conductive Fabric Heaters for Heat-Activated Soft Actuators. Cartolano, Mark; Xia, Boxi; Miriyev, Aslan; Lipson, Hod Mar 1, 2019 11434
Design and Analysis of Novel Actuation Mechanism with Controllable Stiffness. dos Santos, Erivelton Gualter; Richter, Hanz Mar 1, 2019 5809
Multi-Objective Design Optimization of a Shape Memory Alloy Flexural Actuator. Haigh, Casey D.; Crews, John H.; Wang, Shiquan; Buckner, Gregory D. Mar 1, 2019 5060
Correction: Persoons, T.; Cressall, R.; Alimohammadi, S. Validating a Reduced-Order Model for Synthetic Jet Actuators Using CFD and Experimental Data. Actuators 2018, 7, 67. Persoons, Tim; Cressall, Rick; Alimohammadi, Sajad Correction notice Mar 1, 2019 339
Optimal Magnetic Spring for Compliant Actuation--Validated Torque Density Benchmark. Mrak, Branimir; Lenaerts, Bert; Driesen, Walter; Desmet, Wim Mar 1, 2019 6717
Finite Element Model of Vibration Control for an Exponential Functionally Graded Timoshenko Beam with Distributed Piezoelectric Sensor/Actuator. Harti, Khalid El; Rahmoune, Mohammed; Sanbi, Mustapha; Saadani, Rachid; Bentaleb, Mouhcine; Rahmoune Mar 1, 2019 5110
Asynchronous Control of a Prototype Inchworm Actuator: Control Design and Test Results. Shields, Joel Report Mar 1, 2019 9704
An Electro-Thermal Actuation Method for Resonance Vibration of a Miniaturized Optical-Fiber Scanner for Future Scanning Fiber Endoscope Design. Ahrabi, Aydin Aghajanzadeh; Kaur, Mandeep; Li, Yasong; Lane, Pierre; Menon, Carlo Mar 1, 2019 8838
Time-Stepping FEM-Based Multi-Level Coupling of Magnetic Field-Electric Circuit and Mechanical Structural Deformation Models Dedicated to the Analysis of Electromagnetic Actuators. Abba, Faiza; Rachek, M'hemed Mar 1, 2019 8064
Piezoelectric Vibration-Based Energy Harvesting Enhancement Exploiting Nonsmoothness. Ai, Rodrigo; Monteiro, Luciana L.S.; Monteiro, Paulo Cesar. C., Jr.; Pacheco, Pedro M.C.L.; Savi, Ma Mar 1, 2019 5434
Improving the Performance of Pump-Controlled Circuits for Single-Rod Actuators. Imam, Ahmed; Rafiq, Moosa; Zeljko, Tomas; Sepehri, Nariman Mar 1, 2019 6582
Measurement of a Temperature Field Generated by a Synthetic Jet Actuator using Digital Holographic Interferometry. Dancova, Petra; Psota, Pavel; Vit, Tomas Mar 1, 2019 6077
Modified U-shaped Microactuator with Compliant Mechanism Applied to a Microgripper. Vargas-Chable, Pedro; Tecpoyotl-Torres, Margarita; Cabello-Ruiz, Ramon; Rodriguez-Ramirez, Jose Alfr Mar 1, 2019 4968
Simultaneous Enhancement of Bending and Blocking Force of an Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite (IPMC) by the Active Use of Its Material Characteristics Change. Tamagawa, Hirohisa; Okada, Kazuki; Mulembo, Titus; Sasaki, Minoru; Naito, Keishi; Nagai, Gakuji; Nit Mar 1, 2019 8770
Aviation Actuator System Market in-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth and Forecast. Report Feb 21, 2019 1013
Aviation Actuator System Market in-Depth Analysis with Booming Trends Supporting Growth and Forecast. Report Feb 21, 2019 974
Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) Control Design for Position and Trajectory Tracking of the Ball and Plate System. Umar, Abubakar; Mu'azu, Muhammed B.; Usman, Aliyu D.; Musa, Umar; Ajayi, Ore-ofe; Yusuf, Abdulmumin Report Feb 1, 2019 4470
IOTC Localizes Electric Valve Actuators. Dec 17, 2018 189
Microsoft patent shows wearable device with movable actuators targeted at Parkinson's patients. Dec 16, 2018 315
Kyntronics: Dual Cylinder Actuator System Improves Productivity. Dec 3, 2018 391
Optimization of Axial Magnetic Bearing Actuators for Dynamic Performance. Spece, Henry; Fittro, Roger; Knospe, Carl Dec 1, 2018 6435
Validating a Reduced-Order Model for Synthetic Jet Actuators Using CFD and Experimental Data. Persoons, Tim; Cressall, Rick; Alimohammadi, Sajad Report Dec 1, 2018 8714
Property Investigation of Replaceable PDMS Membrane as an Actuator in Microfluidic Device. Yuan, Yapeng; Yalikun, Yaxiaer; Ota, Nobutoshi; Tanaka, Yo Dec 1, 2018 5615
Modeling and Validation of the Radial Force Capability of Bearingless Hysteresis Drives. Circosta, Salvatore; Galluzzi, Renato; Bonfitto, Angelo; Castellanos, Luis M.; Amati, Nicola; Tonoli Dec 1, 2018 5819
An Approach to the Extreme Miniaturization of Rotary Comb Drives. Veroli, Andrea; Buzzin, Alessio; Frezza, Fabrizio; de Cesare, Giampiero; Hamidullah, Muhammad; Giovi Dec 1, 2018 4115
Enhancement of Biodegradable Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Ionic-Polymer Metallic Composite Actuators with Nanocrystalline Cellulose Fillers. Bass, Patrick S.; Zhang, Lin; Tu, Maobing; Cheng, ZhongYang Dec 1, 2018 5222
Implementation of Soft-Lithography Techniques for Fabrication of Bio-Inspired Multi-Layer Dielectric Elastomer Actuators with Interdigitated Mechanically Compliant Electrodes. Corbaci, Mert; Walter, Wayne; Lamkin-Kennard, Kathleen Dec 1, 2018 5994
Effects of Off-Plane Deformation and Biased Bi-Axial Pre-Strains on a Planar Contractile Dielectric Elastomer Actuator. Zhang, Runan; Iravani, Pejman; Keogh, Patrick Dec 1, 2018 7379
Force-Amplified Soft Electromagnetic Actuators. Doerger, Stanley R.; Harnett, Cindy K. Dec 1, 2018 4956
Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuators for Active Flow Control. Zong, Haohua; Chiatto, Matteo; Kotsonis, Marios; de Luca, Luigi Dec 1, 2018 18756
Mechanical Response of Four-Bar Linkage Microgrippers with Bidirectional Electrostatic Actuation. Botta, Fabio; Verotti, Matteo; Bagolini, Alvise; Bellutti, Pierluigi; Belfiore, Nicola Pio Dec 1, 2018 6375
A Modeling Strategy for Predicting the Properties of Paraffin Wax Actuators. Mann, Arne; Burgel, Christoph Maria; Groche, Peter Dec 1, 2018 5961
A Novel Framework for a Systematic Integration of Pneumatic-Muscle-Actuator-Driven Joints into Robotic Systems Via a Torque Control Interface. Martens, Mirco; Seel, Thomas; Zawatzki, Johannes; Boblan, Ivo Dec 1, 2018 9915
Micromanipulation: A Challenge for Actuation. Belfiore, Nicola Pio Dec 1, 2018 4744
In-Vehicle Characterization of Wet Clutch Engagement Behaviors in Automatic Transmission Systems. Haria, Hiral; Pietron, Gregory M.; Meyer, Jason; Fujii, Yuji; Wang, Pengchuan; Katopodes, Nikolaos Dec 1, 2018 3049
Design and Position Control of a Novel Electric Brake Booster. Chen, Pengcheng; Wu, Jian; Zhao, Jian; He, Rui Dec 1, 2018 6423
Global Piezoelectric Actuators Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during the Forecast Per. Nov 14, 2018 968
Global Piezoelectric Actuators Market Projected to Augment at a Notable CAGR during the Forecast Per. Nov 12, 2018 1001
Electromechanical Actuators and Pillars Optimize Patient Positioning: Designers should consider load capacity, drive play, and speeds when specifying these products. Lotz, Thomas Nov 1, 2018 1396
4 Key Projections on Automotive Actuators for Forecast Period 2017-2022. Oct 4, 2018 657
4 Key Projections on Automotive Actuators for Forecast Period 2017-2022. Oct 4, 2018 657
'Robotic skin' turns stuffed toys into robots. Sep 20, 2018 297
Six out of Ten Automotive Actuators Observe Sales through Aftermarket, reveals Fact.MR. Sep 12, 2018 742
Six out of Ten Automotive Actuators Observe Sales through Aftermarket, reveals Fact.MR. Sep 12, 2018 742
Control Features of 3D Deflector under Different Braking Conditions. Augustaitis, Aistis; Djokoto, Sylvester; Jurenas, Vytautas; Kulvietis, Genadijus Report Sep 1, 2018 2154
ROBOTS MUSCLE UP: "Not only can the artificial muscles move in many ways, they do so with impressive resilience. They can generate about six times more force per unit area than mammalian skeletal muscle can....". Brownell, Lindsay Sep 1, 2018 911
Saudi thermostats market to grow at 2.8pc: study. Aug 15, 2018 520
High-torque rotary voice coil actuators. Aug 1, 2018 228
The Fluid Dynamic Basis for Actuator Disc and Rotor Theories. Book review Aug 1, 2018 111
Assisted Navigation Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Actuator and Robot Networks. Frattolillo, Franco Report Aug 1, 2018 6367
Design and Power-Assisted Braking Control of a Novel Electromechanical Brake Booster. Chen, Pengcheng; Wu, Jian; Zhao, Jian; He, Rui Aug 1, 2018 5705
Electromechanical actuators provide a new spin on tire manufacturing methodology. Schreier, Tom; Curtiss-Wright Jul 1, 2018 1432
Major flow control contracts. Jul 1, 2018 268
A Pump-Controlled Circuit for Single-Rod Cylinders that Incorporates Limited Throttling Compensating Valves. Imam, Ahmed; Rafiq, Moosa; Jalayeri, Ehsan; Sepehri, Nariman Jun 1, 2018 7621
Separation of Microparticles from Suspension Utilizing Ultrasonic Standing Waves in a Piezoelectric Cylinder Actuator. Ostasevicius, Vytautas; Jurenas, Vytautas; Golinka, Ievgeniia; Gaidys, Rimvydas; Aleksa, Algiment Jun 1, 2018 4971
Nonlinearities in Control Description and Design of an Electro Hydraulic Actuator for Flexible Nozzle Thrust Vector Control. Nauparac, Dragan; Prsic, Dragan; Milos, Marko Jun 1, 2018 3778
Levitating Micro-Actuators: A Review. Poletkin, Kirill V.; Asadollahbaik, Asa; Kampmann, Ronald; Korvink, Jan G. Jun 1, 2018 8938
Design of Contactlessly Powered and Piezoelectrically Actuated Tools for Non-Resonant Vibration Assisted Milling. Silge, Martin; Sattel, Thomas Jun 1, 2018 6536
Piezoelectric Plates Distribution for Active Control of Torsional Vibrations. Botta, Fabio; Toccaceli, Federico Jun 1, 2018 4148
A 3D Printed Linear Pneumatic Actuator for Position, Force and Impedance Control. Krause, Jeremy; Bhounsule, Pranav Jun 1, 2018 7016
Evaluating the Reduction of Stress Intensity Factor in Center-Cracked Plates Using Piezoelectric Actuators. Abuzaid, Ahmed; Hrairi, Meftah; Shaik Dawood, Mohd Sultan Ibrahim Bin Jun 1, 2018 5611
Modelling and Operator-Based Nonlinear Control for a Miniature Pneumatic Bending Rubber Actuator Considering Bellows. Sudani, Mizuki; Deng, Mingcong; Wakimoto, Shuichi Jun 1, 2018 4213
Experimental Characterisation of a Flat Dielectric Elastomer Loudspeaker. Rustighi, Emiliano; Kaal, William; Herold, Sven; Kubbara, Ahmed Jun 1, 2018 5274
A V-Shaped Actuator Utilizing Electrostatic Force. Song, Kahye; Lee, Hyeongyu; Cha, Youngsu Report Jun 1, 2018 4556
New Layouts of Fiber Reinforcements to Enable Full Finger Motion Assist with Pneumatic Multi-Chamber Elastomer Actuators. Tarvainen, Tapio Veli Juhani; Fernandez-Vargas, Jacobo; Yu, Wenwei Jun 1, 2018 8270
Performance Optimization of a Conical Dielectric Elastomer Actuator. Cao, Chongjing; Conn, Andrew T. Jun 1, 2018 6700
Explosion-proof actuators. May 1, 2018 144
Linear Actuators with Integrated Ball Screw. May 1, 2018 468
Closed-Loop Linear Actuator. Apr 9, 2018 296
Certified IQ3 valve actuators. Apr 1, 2018 143
Energy Absorption Capacity of Ferroelectrets Based on Porous Polypropylene. Mohebbi, Abolfazl; Rodrigue, Denis Report Mar 1, 2018 4913
Improved Electromechanical Response in Acrylic Rubber by Different Carbon-Based Fillers. Shakun, Alexandra; Poikelispaa, Minna; Das, Amit; Vuorinen, Jyrki Report Mar 1, 2018 5271
Smart actuator. Mar 1, 2018 135
Comprehensive Analytical Approximations of the Pull-In Characteristics of an Electrostatically Actuated Nanobeam under the Influences of Intermolecular Forces. Ouakad, Hassen M.; AlQasimi, Jihad E. Mar 1, 2018 6707
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Actuators in 2017. Mar 1, 2018 279
Survey on Recent Designs of Compliant Micro-/Nano-Positioning Stages. Wu, Zeyi; Xu, Qingsong Mar 1, 2018 9504

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