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Activities of the SCNA Board of Directors.

August 21, 2015 Meeting:

Adopted new business plan to include a Consent Agenda for each Board meeting to streamline the meetings

Ratified the purchase of a new phone system for SCNA. This was made necessary by the fact of the very outdated system that SCNA was using.

Discussion of Strategic Plan update will take place in early 2016. Each Board member is to review the current plan, make suggestions and send the plan forward to the next member on the list until all have participated in the review.

Motion made and passed to look for new Partner for our Continuing Education Provider unit.

Remainder of Board meeting was work on the Board's participation in the upcoming SCNA meeting in October and deadlines for the next SC Nurse.

October 21, 2015 Meeting:

The Board welcomed the birth of Isabell Nielson to Board Members Tami Nielson and her husband!

Consent agenda items accepted

New item under the Commission on Chapters: motion to support the creation of a new Chapter for Clinical Nurse Leaders. The motion was passed by the Board.

CEO reported that the SCNA and the Tennessee Nurses Association will be partners in sharing services between the two organizations for providing Continuing Nursing Education. This action will replace the current partnership that SCNA has had for many years with the Vermont Nurses Association. Vermont is now a member of the North East Member Division and their CNE is being handled as part of their new partnership.

Board approved sending a proclamation to honor Nurse Practitioners Week, November 8-14, 2015 to the Governor's Office for possible issuing by the Governor. Thanks to Kahlil Demonbreun, Chair of the SCNA APRN Chapter for arranging the copy of this.

Major purpose of this meeting included preparation of the Board of Directors for roles during the Annual Meeting of SCNA to take place on October 23, 2015.

October 23, 2015 Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors as required by SC Corporation Law:

The Board of Directors of SCNA met as required by SC Corporation Law immediately at the close of the SCNA Annual Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to establish the calendar for Board meetings for the upcoming year. The proposed calendar was presented and approved by the members of the Board.

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