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Activists Protest Ford's Lack of Emissions Reduction Programs.

Environmental organization Jumpstart Ford organized a "Day of Intervention" last week during which activists held demonstrations at Ford dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada to protest the company's lack of fuel efficiency improvement efforts and the elimination of its natural gas and all-electric vehicle programs.

According to Jumpstart Ford, the protests are designed to highlight the company's role in global warming, public health, national security, economic stability and human rights.

"It is unconscionable that Ford's fuel efficiency continues to fall at a time when the Arctic icecap is melting and over 100 million Americans are living in major auto markets that exceed federal health guidelines for clean air," said Rainforest Action Network Zero Emissions Campaign director Jennifer Krill. "In light of mounting evidence that deadly tailpipe emissions are a leading cause of everything from asthma to global warming, Ford's addiction to oil is a crime against humanity that must end."

Contact: Paul West, Wildlife Trust, phone 415-398-4404, e-mail

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Date:Nov 23, 2004
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