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ActiveTouch Launches WebEx Meeting Center: The First Application Service for Web-Based Multimedia Collaborative Meetings.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 12, 1999--

New Service Enables Companies, Business Portals and Content Providers

to Meeting-Enable their Web Sites for Conferencing, Customer Care

and Commerce

Conducting live, multi-user, Web-based business meetings is now easy and cost effective. Today ActiveTouch, the creator of WebEx, the most popular meeting service on the Web, launched WebEx Meeting Center, a new suite of multimedia collaboration services for business. Since the preview edition was unveiled in February, more than 50 customers and 20 partners worldwide have deployed private branded WebEx Meeting Centers. Companies such as Compaq, Baan and Superior National Insurance are actively using their WebEx Meeting Centers for Conferencing, Customer Care and Commerce. In a separate announcement today, ActiveTouch also announced an equity investment by Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies.

"ActiveTouch is delivering a very innovative, Web-based meeting service for businesses," said Chris Martins, Senior Analyst, Aberdeen Group. "The blend of data and video collaboration with traditional telephony allows a company to meeting-enable its Web presence, greatly enhancing its marketing, sales and service operations."

"The WebEx Meeting Center service allows businesses to build truly collaborative communities on their web-sites," said Subrah Iyar, CEO of ActiveTouch. "With our customers and partners we are building a global Web-based collaboration network built upon the distributed WebEx platform."

"WebEx allows us to participate in the sales cycle without having to constantly hop on a plane," said Darren Peterson product manager at Onyx Software. "Our account executives rave about how much time they are able to save and how much more productive WebEx makes their sales calls."

WebEx is the only service built to support multi-user interactive online meetings. The component services on WebEx provide a complete suite of real-time data collaboration, telephony, video, messaging and calendaring services. With WebEx, multiple users can:

-- schedule meetings and leave messages.

-- demonstrate any application in real-time.

-- collaborate on any file by sharing control of its native


-- remotely control a user's desktop for expert


-- integrate firewall-friendly teleconferencing and video


-- share documents without losing any of the originals'


-- brainstorm with advanced whiteboard capabilities.

-- conduct presentations without any advance posting or


-- keep a group or personal Web-based calendar.

-- keep a directory of offices.

-- brand your front offices to match the company web-site.

-- post public or private files.

About WebEx Meeting Center

The new WebEx Meeting Center has two types of services: WebEx Conference Room Services and WebEx Virtual Office Services. Each service can be private labeled and leverages WebEx's unique ability to deliver real-time data collaboration, audio and video conferencing, application and desktop remote control and one-to-many or many-to-many presentations through a standard browser. WebEx is the only service that can provide this advanced collaboration functionality without requiring pre-installed software or firewall configuration. Join a live demo presentation of the new service today at

WebEx Conference Room Services are designed for conducting spontaneous Web-based meetings. Companies can use a customized WebEx Conference Room for live technical support, product rollout demonstrations, remote training or real-time data collaboration. WebEx Conference Room Services allow companies to easily incorporate interactive Web-based communications into their standard business communications.

WebEx Virtual Office Services add turn-key front office functionality to the WebEx Conference Room Services. Companies can use the WebEx Virtual Office Services' personalized virtual offices and advanced meeting scheduling ability to optimize communications throughout the sales cycle.

Additionally, the WebEx Virtual Office Services has a WebEx Contact Services option that allows large companies to create complete communication hubs for inbound and outbound customer, colleague, partner and reseller communications. With its advanced office directory architecture, the WebEx Contact Services option makes it easy for companies to migrate their existing corporate structure onto the Web.

About Pricing and Availability

Each of WebEx Meeting Center Services is available on a simple subscription basis. Advanced meeting services and seats for concurrent meeting attendees can be added and subtracted as needed. The WebEx Meeting Center is currently available form ActiveTouch.

Basic WebEx Conference Room Services start at $99 a month per concurrent user. WebEx Virtual Office Services require a basic monthly hosting fee starting at $2,499 with concurrent user seats available at $25 per month. The cost of hosting increases as the complexity of the service requirements increase and additional seats can be purchased in an ad-hoc manner.

About ActiveTouch

Founded in 1996, ActiveTouch Inc. is the leading provider of outsourced Web-based collaboration services. ActiveTouch develops and markets and WebEx Meeting Center., the world's most popular Web-based meeting service, requires no pre-installed software or network configuration, just a browser and a telephone. WebEx Meeting Center is a customizable full-service version of available to businesses on a subscription basis. ActiveTouch is leading the drive to seamlessly deliver data, voice and video communications over the Web. Please call 408/980-5200 or visit, or for more information. Editors should contact Colin Smith at Antenna Group 415/977-1912 or

WebEx is a trademark of Active Touch, Inc.

Detailed pricing information is available.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 12, 1999
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