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Articles from Active and Passive Electronic Components (January 1, 2017)

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A New Capacitor-Less Buck DC-DC Converter for LED Applications. Al-Absi, Munir; Khalifa, Zainulabideen; Hussein, Alaa Report 2480
A New CMOS Controllable Impedance Multiplier with Large Multiplication Factor. Al-Absi, Munir A. Report 2367
A Novel Floating Memristor Emulator with Minimal Components. Li, Zhijun; Zeng, Yicheng; Ma, Minglin Report 4917
A Self-Biased Active Voltage Doubler for Energy Harvesting Systems. Tayyab, Umais; Alzaher, Hussain A. Report 4069
All-Pass Filter Based Linear Voltage Controlled Quadrature Oscillator. Mathur, Koushick; Venkateswaran, Palaniandavar; Nandi, Rabindranath Report 3614
Comparative Simulation Analysis of Process Parameter Variations in 20 nm Triangular FinFET. Shukla, Satyam; Gill, Sandeep Singh; Kaur, Navneet; Jatana, H.S.; Nehru, Varun Report 2995
Design Impedance Mismatch Physical Unclonable Functions for IoT Security. Zheng, Xiaomin; Zhang, Yuejun; Zhang, Jiaweng; Hu, Wenqi Report 3825
Design of 0.8-2.7 GHz High Power Class-F Harmonic-Tuned Power Amplifier with Parasitic Compensation Circuit. Cheng, Zhiqun; Xuan, Xuefei; Ke, Huajie; Liu, Guohua; Dong, Zhihua; Gao, Steven Report 2969
Design of a Narrow Bandwidth Bandpass Filter Using Compact Spiral Resonator with Chirality. Li, Weiping; Tang, Zongxi; Cao, Xin Report 2944
Design of a SIW Bandpass Filter Using Defected Ground Structure with CSRRs. Li, Weiping; Tang, Zongxi; Cao, Xin Report 2466
Impact of Band Nonparabolicity on Threshold Voltage of Nanoscale SOI MOSFET. Omura, Yasuhisa Report 3786
Investigation and Analysis of the Simultaneous Switching Noise in Power Distribution Network with Multi-Power Supplies of High Speed CMOS Circuits. Belaid, Khaoula Ait; Belahrach, Hassan; Ayad, Hassan Report 4443
Less-Conventional Low-Consumption Galvanic Separated MOSFET-IGBT Gate Drive Supply. Bikorimana, Jean Marie Vianney; Bossche, Alex Van Den Report 3679
Low-Power CMOS Integrated Hall Switch Sensor. Wei, Rongshan; Guo, Shizhong; Yang, Shanzhi Report 3845
Microwave Impedance Spectroscopy and Temperature Effects on the Electrical Properties of Au/BN/C Interfaces. Khanfar, Hazem K.; Qasrawi, A.F.; Ghannam, Yasmeen Kh. Report 5009
Operational Simulation of LC Ladder Filter Using VDTA. Kumar, Praveen; Pandey, Neeta; Paul, Sajal Kumar Report 3188
Power Device Thermal Fault Tolerant Control of High-Power Three-Level Explosion-Proof Inverter Based on Holographic Equivalent Dual-Mode Modulation. Xu, Shi-Zhou; Wang, Chun-Jie; Peng, Yu-Feng Report 3563
Simultaneous Suppression of IMD3 and IMD5 in Space TWT by IMD3 and 2HD Signal Injection. Zhao, Dongming; Liu, Huijuan; Xia, Kewen; Li, Shi; Shi, Xiaoxu Report 4767
Three-Input Single-Output Voltage-Mode Multifunction Filter with Electronic Controllability Based on Single Commercially Available IC. Klungtong, Supachai; Thanapatay, Dusit; Jaikla, Winai Report 3127
Total Ionizing Dose Effects of Si Vertical Diffused MOSFET with Si[O.sub.2] and [Si.sub.3][N.sub.4]/Si[O.sub.2] Gate Dielectrics. Mo, Jiongjiong; Zhao, Xuran; Zhou, Min Report 3054

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