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Action. (Activist Web).


A clean interface with a clear message: no retaliation abroad in the name of justice at home. Not in Our Name (NION) got its name from the statement made by a September 11 victim's family against the bombing in Afghanistan. NION, which is backed by Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Martin Luther King III, and death row activist Mumia Abu-Jamal, has organized major efforts in New York and San Francisco. You can sign its beautifully articulated "pledge of resistance" in 18 languages. Its parent site offers information on events elsewhere in the country.


Propelled by the Clinton impeachment debacle, a pair of Silicon Valley do-gooders put together an electronic people's campaign to urge congressional leaders to register their grievances and "move on." Since then, the MoveOn PAC has mobilized thousands of people and thousands of dollars with their fairly mainstream, red-white-and-blue, pro-democracy campaigns to untangle the 2000 vote count, to unveil Cheney's role in Enron, and to counter U.S. militarism since 9/11. If you've got the bandwidth, check out their new-fangled version of the Vietnam-era little girl with daisy TV ad. They're geared toward the "exhaust all diplomacy" approach.
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Author:Banks, Gabrielle
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Date:Mar 22, 2003
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