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Action on export controls.

After more than two years of debate, Congress last week approved a four-year extension of the 1979 Export Administration Act, which had expired last September (SN: 12/8/84, p. 358). The legisaltion gives the government authority to control exports for national security or foreign policy reasons.

Although the legislation contains a policy statement affirming the need to keep fundamental scientific research healthy by protecting the ability of scientists to communicate their findings freely (SN: 2/25/84, p. 117), missing is a clear description of the reasoning behind that declaration.

"Congress did not hear strongly from the scientific and academic communities," says Allan Adler of the American Civil Liberties Union. "The hopes that this legislation would put Congress on record that it was very concerned about export controls in this context have been disappointed."
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Title Annotation:legislation to control exports for national security
Publication:Science News
Date:Jul 6, 1985
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